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  • Business Today-Money Today Financial Services Awards honour the best in mutual fund, insurance and pension sectors
Apr 04, 2021
Cover Story The New-age Organisation

The New-age Organisation

India Inc. has not just institutionalised working from anywhere, it is also revisiting hiring strategy, performance management and office space to become agile and nimble
Company Stock HCC share hits upper circuit on winning Rs 1,259 crore order from NHAI

HCC share hits upper circuit on winning Rs 1,259 crore order from NHAI

HCC share has gained 102.26% in one year but fallen 10.73% since the beginning of this year
India's Coolest Workplaces Mastering Nuts and BOLTs

Mastering Nuts and BOLTs

Bajaj Auto's AI-powered learning platform has been instrumental in upskilling of employees

The Digital Bank

SBI helpline played a key role in boosting employee morale

Ahead of the Curve

IBM India managed a 20% rise in time spent by employees on learning

A Woman Friendly Workplace

ACC Ltd ensured focus on equal opportunities for all

A Healthy Bank

A consistent emphasis on employee wellness and customised adoption of online tools made Citibank rise on productivity charts

A Lifelong Connection

The company gives top preference to internal candidates while hiring leaders

Putting Health first

HCL Tech scaled up health benefit programmes, added to employee-first policies such as flexi timing and pandemic leaves

More Cash in Hand

From financial support for work from home to 'Covid leaves' that can be used for care-giving responsibilities to paid sick-time for oneself, Facebook has been offering it all

Rapid action

The company came up with dashboards for tracking adherence to norms, customised knowledge-sessions and offered medical support to employees

Inclusive And Diverse

Transitioning to WFH much before the lockdown, Apple's medical benefits helped employees cope better, physically and mentally

Safety First

An inclusive hiring strategy across the employee ecosystem helped Flipkart meet the varied needs of employees

Team Building

Over 150 interventions that addressed specific employee needs were critical in keeping morale high

Easing WFH

Tata Motors physically delivered 1,518 desktops and 800 laptops from its various offices to employees

Developing Local Talent

An HR chatbot is among the several initiatives Abbott India has taken to give its hires a fast path to career growth

The Humane Tech

Accenture decided to train every staffer in latest technology and deployed AI-based chatbot to guide employees

Diversity Champions

Amazon used tech to shift to hybrid model of working and build a diverse, agile workforce during the lockdown

Creating Banking Geeks

Axis Bank has experimented, reskilled and upskilled employees to create a technological workforce, offering virtual roles or project-based contracts to people from diverse backgrounds and geographies

How Cool Art Thou?

Factors that make a company an ideal place to work

Widening Diversity

As job description and roles across sectors transform based on digital goals of companies, diversity and inclusion have become more holistic

In Its Own League

From a relaxed leave allowance policy to numerous perks for working from home and a peer-to-peer mental health community, Google surely knows how to pamper Googlers

Dwarfing Adversities

An off-job learning series, including cookery and fitness classes; wellbeing sessions for employees; picking up additional expenses beyond medical insurance for the Covid-positive - it was employee-first for HDFC Bank

Healthy Office Space

Companies are going beyond physical health and taking care of employees' wellbeing

How We Did It

Business Today-Taggd survey identifies workplaces that stand out from the rest due to their cool factor

Future Ready Workforce

A mother app and digital townhalls are among the several steps ICICI Bank has taken to transform its work culture

Being Connected

Microsoft has focused on communication and wellbeing to keep employee morale up

Learning From Mistakes

Besides calling up employees personally to ensure they were safe, DTDC allowed them to take their own decisions

The X Factor

Empathy, job security, flexibility, financial support and medical plans that catered to the needs of employees made companies cool

Ranking India's Coolest Workplaces

Companies were judged on the basis of four parameters - People Growth Initiative; Going Beyond Business; Wellbeing Initiative and Engagement & Connect

Holding Together

Scaling up of the Secure Borderless Work Space platform helped TCS shift its entire workforce to the WFH mode, without even a single day of delivery failure during the pandemic

Driving Change

Wipro has reinvented its culture and business, leading to changes in people processes, promotions and hiring
Network Vagadia, The Time Traveller

Vagadia, The Time Traveller

"When my children were growing up, I used to travel 21 days a month. Now, I travel with family," says Rajen Vagadia

Keswani's Dog Employees

"Sparky had this habit of sitting in my office the whole day. She would come with me from home, and occupy one chair. Sparky also used to join our board meetings," says Keswani

The Marathon Runners of Hyderabad

The 67-year-old Krishna Prasad Chigurupati, along with his wife, holds the record of being the only couple to have participated in marathons in both North Pole and South Pole, in the same year
Event Beating COVID-19 Blues

Beating COVID-19 Blues

How Business Today-Money Today Financial Awards identified winners across mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds
Editors note The Coolest Ones

The Coolest Ones

The Coolest Workplaces have gone out of their way to protect and comfort workforce in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak
Columns A Mars Shot for India's B-schools

A Mars Shot for India's B-schools

Scoring higher on research will be critical to be among the worlds Top 10 B-Schools
Leadership Spotlight "Have the Mindset of a Founder... It Changes Perspective"

"Have the Mindset of a Founder... It Changes Perspective"

Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company