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  • Business and economic leaders write on what India can hope to achieve over the coming years
Sep 05, 2021
Network ITC’s Tech Enthusiast

ITC’s Tech Enthusiast

ITC Chairman and MD Sanjiv Puri

Walk at Your Own Pace

Sampath Reddy, Chief Investment Officer at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Lessons From Tennis

Manos Nikolakis, General Manager, BIC Cello India
Taxes Taxing Blues

Taxing Blues

Unable to file ITR? Take screenshots of errors, send mails to assessing officer to avoid penal proceedings
Columns Rurban Approach Will Yield Riches

Rurban Approach Will Yield Riches

Portfolio, reach, relevance, price point and convenience must resonate well with consumers in Bharat, but this doesn’t mean urban consumers should be off the radar

Scripting a Smart Growth Story

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses are run. It is allowing companies to take more risks and pursue newer opportunities to evolve

Towards Greener Pastures

India's 450 GW renewable energy target is ambitious, but the pace of reforms and incentives is spurring the country to a greener future

India Can Shape the Future of the Internet

If you look across the technology sector - from travel, food-tech, ed-tech, agri-tech, healthcare, transportation, and fintech - India's Internet is defined and shaped by proudly Indian companies

Energy Will See Biggest Disruption

Infrastructure is overdue for change. And, the digital revolution will further redefine the sector

Building a 'Just in Case' Supply Chain

India has an incredible opportunity to define the digital supply-chain standards for a new world order

Low-cost Housing to Drive Growth

there will be a structural long-term demand for housing and, therefore, housing finance in India

Crypto Can Build Billion Dollar Markets

Blockchain and crypto innovations are transforming the global economy for good. With a clearer regulatory framework on the horizon, India can play a leading role in this emerging market

Go for a Vibrant Bond Market

Innovations can double the supply of corporate bonds in the domestic market to `65-70 lakh crore by March 2025

5G: Let the Change Begin

5G will serve as the critical infrastructure to transform consumer experiences and kickstart the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digital Super Cycle Will Power Us Ahead

The other growth engines will also fire, but digital transformation will create momentum to take GDP growth from 7 per cent to 15 per cent

Target: A $120 Billion Industry

Innovation and universal healthcare can make the Indian pharmaceutical industry a force to reckon with by 2030

Insurers to Turn Fintech Players

Covid-19 may be a black swan event, but health insurers are preparing by casting a wider net by using technology to expand their reach

Mining Local Demand

As pent-up demand keeps the economy poised for a bounce-back, pragmatic policy reforms and a vibrant disinvestment process can ensure that the metals and mining industry helps India and its citizens prosper

Rural Will Drive New Biz Models

Bringing the next 30 million businesses online can put India on the path of explosive economic growth

The Next Chapter in the Start-up Growth Story

As the start-up investment ecosystem evolves post-pandemic, angel investors, global players and entrepreneurs-turned-investors want to be part of the next big market

Making a Global Impact

Young entrepreneurs are not only creating solutions to serve the needs of their domestic environment but also ones that cater to two-thirds of the global population

Ready, Click, Learn

Online learning is emerging as the 'next big thing,' with many calling it the new e-commerce sector. The challenge is to ensure the momentum continues post Covid

Calling Capital

Changes in the ease of doing business can give a push to start-ups and rev up growth engines

We Will Get Much More Out of Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has become the catalyst for a radical rise in productivity of India’s cities, firms and people in the next few decades

The Tectonic Shift in India's Economic Policy

The new economic thinking is based on three key principles: growth and efficient welfare; ethical wealth creation; and a virtuous cycle for economic development. Together, these would lead to a decade of inclusive growth
Leadership Spotlight "Solutions Are in the Marketplace and Not in the Boardroom"

"Solutions Are in the Marketplace and Not in the Boardroom"

Kalpesh R Parmar, General Manager, Mars Wrigley, India
Editors Note Chronicling the India Story

Chronicling the India Story

We are in a new India. An India defined by the power of enterprise and ambition, where even the most ordinary Indian is unafraid to dream of a better life and knows it can well become a reality