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Leadership Spotlight

Oct 03, 2021
Luxury & Lifestyle The Wellness Jaunt

The Wellness Jaunt

Earlier the niche of foreigners, wellness tourism is gathering pace among Indians who are turning to ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy for holistic health
Network Adventure Calling

Adventure Calling

Ronak Sheth, Co-founder, Opium Eyewear

Reading to Lead

Kanika Agarrwal, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Upside AI
Industry Stopped in Its Tracks

Stopped in Its Tracks

The Indian Railways' plan for private passenger trains garnered only two bids, thwarting its plans to shore up its finances. What went wrong and what is the way ahead?

Home Is Where the Money Is

Residential home sales have bounced back strongly due to the new normal of work from home and online education. However, builders have to contend with the changing needs and even demographics of the customer
Book Book Review: Harsh Truths, Hard Journey

Book Review: Harsh Truths, Hard Journey

Harsh Mariwala and Ram Charan trace Marico's rise from relative obscurity to a company taking on multinational Goliaths, and winning
Editors Note The Storyteller's Tale

The Storyteller's Tale

As the Reed Hastings-founded streaming service works through its sixth year in India, the landscape has changed dramatically
Columns The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

The digital revolution will give Indian stock indices their own new-age powerhouses
Interview "When You Have the Best Content, You Can Grow a Lot"

"When You Have the Best Content, You Can Grow a Lot"

Netflix Founder and Co-CEO Reed Hastings talks to BT’s Global Business Editor Udayan Mukherjee about streaming, competition, movies and the India journey, among other things
Stocks Belling the Bull

Belling the Bull

Investing in high-risk stocks for quick gains during a bull run may worsen your financial health. Here's a guide to investing in a bull market.