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Cover Story

  • With India firmly in the grip of the second Covid wave, the much-expected catapult from a buoyant Q1 is unlikely. How should the Centre steer a slowing economy?
May 16, 2021
Network Mustafa's Offside Lessons

Mustafa's Offside Lessons

Just like in football, every team member contributes to the success of his business, says Mustafa. "Your team wins because of everybody's efforts," he added

Mariwala's Right Click

Photography expeditions have taken Mariwala places, literally. He has been to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Very recently, he went to Palayarpatti, Sivaganga District in Chettinad to capture the Jallikattu festival

Call of the Mountains

"There is no one-upmanship in hiking. Your group mates are not your competitors. The entire group has to reach its destination. It is teamwork," says Om Manchanda, Managing Director, Dr Lal PathLabs
Management Mediation on the Table

Mediation on the Table

Mediation is yet to become the preferred choice for corporate dispute resolution, but perspectives are changing
Interview "We Will Soon Have Autonomous Trains Running on Mainlines"

"We Will Soon Have Autonomous Trains Running on Mainlines"

Ling Fang, President, Alstom Asia-Pacific, speaks about Alstom becoming the largest overseas mobility player in India and why the country is going to be a crucial market for the company
Editors note Shaky Quarters, Stalled Recovery!

Shaky Quarters, Stalled Recovery!

As unsuspecting Central and state governments wound up the massive emergency Covid-care hospitals across the country in January and February, they had no inkling that Covid-wave II was already building up across the country
Economy Asset Monetisation: The Missing Model

Asset Monetisation: The Missing Model

Centre hopes to monetise public sector assets such as land, roads and railways to finance an infrastructure push. But where is the model to achieve the Rs 2.5-lakh-crore target?
Banking New Stress Pockets

New Stress Pockets

Unsecured personal loans, credit cards, business banking, and MSME loans are emerging as new breeding ground for banks NPAs. How serious is the problem?
Industry Uncertainty Returns

Uncertainty Returns

Industrialised states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi have been the most affected in the second Covid wave, resulting in large-scale migration of labour and posing a bumpy road ahead for businesses
Corporate Sprint to Finish

Sprint to Finish

Corporate earnings growth is likely to accelerate in the last quarter of FY21, but resurgence of Covid cases could cloud the outlook for FY22

The New Titan

Titan Company's new leadership team is trying hard to morph the Rs 20,000-crore legacy lifestyle company into a young, edgy organisation
Leadership Spotlight "Important to Manage Intent and Impact During Transformation"

"Important to Manage Intent and Impact During Transformation"

Manish Bhatnagar, MD, SKF India