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  • The yoga guru Ramdev says he also spends time on Ayurveda research. “I also play sports when I get time. That’s not too frequent though. I play kabaddi and even cricket”
  • It all started when Nanda inherited coins of his greatgrandfather. However, he soon fell in love with the rich heritage of the coins and the historic legacy they carried with them
  • Gardening has been a way of life for Bahl right from childhood. He had won seven gardening competitions in school
  • An active Twitter user, Parekh loves to provide simple and practical investing fundas to his followers on social media. Sometimes, his tweets include investment lessons from Amitabh’s movies as well
  • “I love trekking as it gives an opportunity to experience beauty in its raw form. It takes you out of your comfort zone," says Rahul Gupta, CEO of Avanti Finance
Aug 22, 2021
Leadership Spotlight "It Is Okay to Get Into Unchartered Territory and Look Foolish Because That’s Where the Learning Starts"

"It Is Okay to Get Into Unchartered Territory and Look Foolish Because That’s Where the Learning Starts"

Kulmeet Bawa, President and MD, SAP, Indian subcontinent
Columns Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

The way capitalism tackles the unhealthy trend of wealth concentration, made worse by the pandemic, will decide its future
Economy Cooperatives 2.0

Cooperatives 2.0

The National Cooperative Policy, funding support and legislative measures to turn cooperatives more transparent and professional can boost growth in a big way
Editors Note Financial Advisor on a Screen

Financial Advisor on a Screen

Investors are flocking to financial influencers — popularly known as finfluencers — in droves. These finfluencers aren’t only based in the big cities. Some of the most popular ones — with millions of followers — are from the smaller cities and towns
Industry China's Giant Shadow

China's Giant Shadow

The severely strained ties between the two governments and a massive backlash against goods made in China notwithstanding, the dragon remains India’s biggest trade partner. The elephant may find it difficult to disentangle itself from the dragon

A Temporary Blip

With solar PVs and modules becoming expensive, local manufacturing initiatives may save the day for India's long-term solar energy plans
Technology Bypassing the Password

Bypassing the Password

Rising cybersecurity threats have opened up a huge market for companies offering passwordless authentication services