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Aug 08, 2021
Leadership Spotlight "Never Waste a Crisis...transform Every Single One Into an Opportunity"

"Never Waste a Crisis...transform Every Single One Into an Opportunity"

Milind Kothari, Managing Partner, BDO India
Network Ranganathan's Match Point

Ranganathan's Match Point

Four years ago, at 56, Ranga started learning to play the flute along with his wife. The couple normally plays a mix of Carnatic music and film songs and takes weekend lessons

Jatia's Life Lessons

Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Westlife Development, which owns the McDonald's franchise for West and South India, was able to maintain the much-needed calm and composure by reading verses from the Bhagavad Gita every day

Adhia's Yogic Side

Three years since his retirement, Adhia has been pursuing his passion, yoga and meditation, which he has been practising even during his North Block days, and learning scriptures, including the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita
Editors Note The Vanishing Billions

The Vanishing Billions

The advent of the IBC, clearly one of the most important reforms witnessed in Corporate India in recent times, has meant that errant promoters of business groups could end up losing control of their companies altogether
Finance Cash Splash

Cash Splash

Why the cash in the system remains stubbornly high despite the rising number of digital payment options
Industry Small Business, Big Stress

Small Business, Big Stress

Government relief measures for MSMEs have benefited only a few players. A large number may be unable to survive the pandemic

A Long Shot

The race to meet the December 31 deadline for vaccinating the country's 94-crore adult population against Covid-19 is fraught with challenges such as production-supply risks and vaccine hesitancy
Corporate Champ in the Making

Champ in the Making

PharmEasy's deal to buy Thyrocare is the first-ever acquisition of a listed company by an Indian unicorn. Here is the story behind the miracle
Management Welcome to the Team, Remotely

Welcome to the Team, Remotely

With the pandemic stretching on, companies are experimenting with ways to help new hires fit into the company culture in a virtual environment
Money Today Investing for a Rainy Day

Investing for a Rainy Day


Be Your Own Investment Advisor

Nobody understands your situation better. So take charge of your finances, now