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Lenovo introduces Smart Clock and Smart Display

Claimed to be the must-have in the bedroom, Lenovo Smart Clock features voice and touch control on a 4-inch screen, with a full fabric soft-touch cover

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Last Updated: August 26, 2019  | 22:14 IST
Lenovo introduces Smart Clock and Smart Display
Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant \ Image Source:

It's raining smart displays these days. Just days after Amazon announced the Echo Show 5 and hours after Google announced the Nest Hub in India, Lenovo has debuted Google Assistant compatible smart home portfolio. This includes the Lenovo Smart Clock starting at Rs 5,999 and Smart Display starting at Rs 14,999.

In line with its vision of driving intelligent transformation and ushering in an era of smart living, Rahul Agarwal, CEO & MD, Lenovo India, says, "While the smart home concept is not very new, the ascent of AI enabled technology is opening up new possibilities and leading to greater adoption of smart devices in households. We are committed to bringing smarter technology for all and the launch of the smart home devices is a step in this direction. It marks our foray into IoT and new age devices. We will continue to expand this portfolio with innovative products and solutions, enabling smart living in India."

Lenovo Smart Clock: Claimed to be the must-have in the bedroom, Lenovo Smart Clock features voice and touch control on a 4-inch screen, with a full fabric soft-touch cover. It is optimized to help users develop healthy sleep habits. With Lenovo Smart Clock, users can cut down on disruptive screen time throughout the evening and help improve the sleep routine. The Google Assistant makes it easier to set up sleep routines, such as dimming lights and displaying the first calendar event with a single command, such as "Ok Google, Good Night".

The touchscreen display of the Smart Clock serves as a Google Home Assistant screen that used to display information like time & alarms, upcoming meetings, calendar events, weather information, Album information when playing music. A 6W speaker has been added for accessing music, audiobooks, podcasts and radio, which can be used to play relaxing music or guided meditation track via Google Assistant. It even works with Chromecast, helping users' stream shows and music on the TV or speakers with a voice command. It has an optional setting for continued conversation that lets users have a natural back-and-forth conversation with Google Assistant (starting in English).  It also works with most cameras that work with the Google Assistant, helping user view who is at the door.

Lenovo Smart Display: Lenovo also launched Smart Display with Google Assistant that features a 10-inch touch display. It can be used to fetch information such as calendar, reminders, and shopping list at a glance. Lenovo claims that it makes multitasking a breeze, bringing step-by-step recipe instructions, helpful answers powered by Google Search and YouTube, and a single hub to control smart home devices - hands-free. It also supports video calling on Google Duo. While using video calls, the Smart Display can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It is available in natural bamboo, matching most interiors.

When not in use, both can be used as a digital photo album. The screen displays photo albums that can be fetched from Google Photos. Both devices can be used to control the smart home, and support over 10,000 products and 1,000 partners and brands.

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