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Infosys' AI touch at French Open 2020

As part of its 3-year strategic technology partnership with French Tennis Federation, Infosys has made specific innovations to cater to all stakeholders amidst pandemic

Rukmini Rao | September 29, 2020 | Updated 03:46 IST
Infosys' AI touch at French Open 2020

At this year's clay court grand slam, Infosys with its latest set of innovations is set to enhance the digital experience, resulting in greater access for millions of fans, better training, and analysis among players and coaches. Connecting remotely and relying heavily on cloud-based services, several AI-based innovations have been brought to this year's French Open experience integrating numerous specific solutions for the year, said Infosys in a statement.

"2020 has introduced new challenges for how we consume sports and entertainment, and we're excited that our partnership with Roland-Garros once again reinvents the digital landscape for fans, players and the media alike," said Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys.

For fans of the sport, artificial intelligence powered analytics in the Infosys Match Centre on and on the official app has been redesigned with a new interface. It will provide tennis fans with many options of visualising a match. Fans can dive into MatchBeats for point-by-point play, stroke-summary to understand the go-to-strokes of players, rally-analysis to look at how tactics change, and CourtVision to understand serve, return, and rally based insights.

Also what's new this year is the AI coaching on the Roland-Garros players app. Developed in collaboration with FFT's players and coaches, the app incorporates sophisticated and fast match analysis, rally replay and stroke analysis. All of this is powered by Infosys AI and enabled by cloud architecture. This results in an almost instant match replay and assessment, enabling coaches to leverage data-driven insights and share tailored video summaries with players to support them on the court.

"From the all-new player app AI features to the enhanced Match Centre, we have leveraged powerful technologies and toolsets across the board to ensure fans, players, coaches have the best experience possible, wherever they are." Pravin Rao added.

For post-match analysis, AI driven highlights will be completely automated, where technology will pick the most interesting, crucial and dramatic points by using various cues including player emotion, crowd noise, and match-context. This solution will leverage cloud-based AI/ML services on audio, video, and statistical data of a match, to create and deliver powerful highlights across digital platforms.

In 2019 Infosys had announced a strategic three-year technology partnership with the French Tennis Federation to use digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, mobility, virtual and augmented reality to help coaches and players with analytics and amplify the engagement of fans at Roland-Garros with augmented and virtual reality.

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