Apple might borrow some screen tech from the Kindles for foldable iPhones

Apple might borrow some screen tech from the Kindles for foldable iPhones

The foldable iPhone’s cover might have an E Ink display as we see on Kindles.

(Photo: Apple) (Photo: Apple)

Rumours about a foldable iPhone being in the works have been doing the rounds for a while now. While we know nothing about when it might finally see the light of day or what it might look like, it is expected to look very different from the other foldable devices that are available in the market already.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, when Apple does roll out the foldable iPhone, it could have an E Ink cover display, like what we’ve seen on Kindles.

Kuo is of the opinion that Apple is testing E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) to use as the secondary screen on the foldable smartphone. But then, even if Kuo is right, just because Apple is testing this, it does not mean that we might see this tech on the final product.

As TechRadar points out, an EPD display makes sense though. EPD tech is similar to Kindle screens and is designed to look like paper while being very low power. This way the out screen can be always on without affecting the battery much. But of course, the particular tech Apple is testing is going to go a step beyond what Amazon uses for the Kindle currently, because it is going to be a colour screen.

A colour screen that can be always on without draining the battery could ideally be widely used as secondary screens on other foldable phones, Kuo suggests, so Apple might not be the only ones using it. We might see other companies following suit if Apple manages to successfully use it.

Kuo pointed out that Apple is testing an EPD with “tablet-like applications”, so it is not totally clear if Apple is indeed testing this for foldable phones or if it is working on an e-reader or drawing tablet of sorts.

While EPDs do have their advantages, the disadvantages include very low refresh rates. So, while they are great for reading ebooks, they won’t work as well as full-features smartphone interfaces that require constant inputs for animations and videos.

If Apple does use an EPD screen on its foldable, it is going to be more like the outer screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and not what we see on the Z Fold 3. But of course, only time will tell how Apple plans to go ahead with this.

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