Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 may support lossless audio

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 may support lossless audio

This would make the AirPods Pro 2 the first model to support Apple’s Lossless Audio Codec.

None of the AirPods models support lossless audio yet None of the AirPods models support lossless audio yet

After launching the AirPods 3 in 2021, Apple is expected to launch the AirPods Pro 2 this year. And reports have it that the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro might support Apple Lossless Audio codes (ALAC).

Additionally, these new buds might come with a sound-emitting case that will make it easier to find, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's note sent to investors. Currently, none of the AirPods models support lossless audio.

Lossless audio is a form of file compression that can preserve all of the data of the original audio file allowing for better sound quality. All the current AirPods models, including the AirPods Max, use Bluetooth for audio and can only support Advanced Audio Codec (AAC), which is a “lossy form of audio compression”.

The only Apple devices that can take advantage of true lossless audio on Apple Music and other places are the iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple TV 4K, and Apple HomePod.

While lossless audio makes for better sound quality, the downside is that it takes up a lot more space on the device and streaming it means eating up a lot of mobile data.

Now, if the upcoming AirPods Pro 2 is going to support ALAC, the company will have to drop Bluetooth or figure out a way to “jump over some of the technology’s hurdles to accomplish that”.

The issues and limitations of Bluetooth were discussed by Gary Geaves, Apple’s Vice President of Acoustics, during a recent interview. Geaves said in the interview that Apple needs to work hard to get the most out of Bluetooth tech and also added that “there’s a number of tricks we can play to maximise or get around some of the limits of Bluetooth”. He added that in a situation like this, “more bandwidth” would be ideal. This serves as an indication of what Apple might do to fix the issue.

Also, the new AirPods Pro 2 might get a charging case that emits sound to make it easier to find. Currently, the AirPods make a sound only when you are trying to locate them by using the Find My app.

Kuo has also suggested that the new AirPods Pro might sport a redesign and could be more fitness-focussed. Also, these new buds are going to probably launch in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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