Snapchat is going to introduce revenue sharing on ads in creators’ stories

Snapchat is going to introduce revenue sharing on ads in creators’ stories

The app is looking to go beyond being just a messaging app to something creators can focus on for profit.

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When Snapchat launched, its main focus was the ephemeral messaging experience that got very popular with users. Then, of course, there were the multiple fun filters on offer with new ones being added ever so often. Now, the company is looking to move forward and solidify its place as a platform for creators, one that they can get on to make a profit.

Snapchat has announced plans to add mid-roll advertisements during Snapchat stories for Snap Stars. In case you did not know, Snap Stars are Snapchat’s biggest and most popular creators, and people have to apply to get this ‘distinction’.

As a Snapchat spokesperson told TechCrunch, these new advertisement features have been rolled out in early beta to a very small bunch of creators based in the US. The company plans to give more Snap Stars access to this in the coming months.

With this feature, creators will see mid-roll ads in their stories and they will be able to earn a share of the ad revenue. How much money the Snap Star is going to make is going to be determined by a payment formula. This payment formula takes account of the creator’s posting frequency and audience engagement. The company has not shared any information about how these payouts are going to happen yet.

Snapchat has been working on making its platform profitable for creators for a bit now. Its TikTok-clone, called Spotlight, saw Snapchat pay creators $250 million last year, according to reports. Creators can also “profit on Spotlight through in-app gifting and Snap’s creator marketplace, which allows brands to more easily collaborate with AR developers and influencers”.

This is essentially Snapchat’s second attempt in trying to make its platform lucrative for creators. But it remains to be seen how much sense it is going to make once they explain how the payouts are going to happen.

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Published on: Feb 16, 2022, 1:00 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, Feb 16, 2022, 12:56 PM IST