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  • The annual BT-PeopleStrong survey finds that companies such as Amazon and Flipkart, are moving up the aspirational ladder.
Mar 13, 2016
Focus MAT is here to stay for some more time?

MAT is here to stay for some more time?

There have been calls for removal of minimum alternate tax, levied on book profits of companies whose tax liabilities as per the income tax laws are either zero or very low.

Reducing the Cash Pie

Cash reserves of Indian companies dipped in 2015, mostly due to debt repayment efforts.

Manufacturing is not equal to Jobs

Indian policymakers should not assume that all manufacturing industries will generate lots of jobs.
Technology Must-have gadgets to help a CEO perform better

Must-have gadgets to help a CEO perform better

Whether accessing secondary computer remotely during overseas travel, scanning important documents on the go, or just building a style statement, here's what a company head could invest in.
Corporate Time for Indian pharma companies to brace up

Time for Indian pharma companies to brace up

Many believe that it is pressure from a section of the US pharma giants who see their market shrinking that has prompted the USFDA's excessively suspicious approach towards them.

Can new CEO Abidali Neemuchwala restore Wipro's past glory?

Among the big five of IT companies, Wipro has slipped from No. 2 to No. 4 in the past decade.

The 'Complete Man' undergoing changes

In a burst of action, the 90 year old organisation is being restructured to make it more nimble. A digital initiative is meant to counter the threat from e-tailers.
Features India needs to leverage untapped talent of its women

India needs to leverage untapped talent of its women

The changes in the global economy can be positive provided India focuses on two key areas - boosting the competitiveness of its manufacturing and services sectors, and leveraging women's talent.

Think Beyond E-commerce

To propagate more start-ups, the government does not need to come out with schemes geared only towards a class of companies called start-ups, but for all companies.

Reddit a powerful tool as well as a destroyer of reputation

Its popular 'Ask Me Anything' interview format has seen biggies like Barack Obama and Bill Gates subject themselves to scrutiny from the Internet populace.

Is India a classic example of a soft tax regime?

Even if we add the tax revenues of central and state governments, India has one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world.

Accenture Programmed To Deliver

Pande, Managing Director, HR, Accenture India knows that he has struck the right chord with the employees.

Bridging the Gap

The authors present an unconventional approach, based on real-life examples, to close the strategy-execution gap.

Rip Apart the Current System

To realise its true potential and gain rapid in-market acceptance Indian pharma must have capable leaders with unimpeachable record to head its regulatory body.

"Technology is the top end of our focus"

Gautam Hari Singhania and Raymond could be the models for the theory of Core Competency. Though he has many interests in life, Singhania is clear that the focus of his business has to be the growth of Raymond.

The valuations are completely unsustainable, says Romesh Wadhwani

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist Romesh Wadhwani likes to talk about wealth creation. He spoke to Goutam Das on India's jobs crisis and the skilling challenge.


Events to look forward to in the coming days.


Though impressive, this number fell short of the Rs 25 lakh crore of investment pledges that the three-day Vibrant Gujarat summit had attracted a year ago.

Mounting Woes

A sluggish economy, high borrowing costs and the rupee depreciation has taken its toll on India Inc.

Pilot, Fail or Conquer

The freedom to pursue your dream to make a difference to humanity keeps Google a vibrant organisation.

How We Did It

This is the 14th edition of the annual BT 'The Best Companies to Work for in India' survey.

And the Leaders Are...

Companies set high benchmarks in nurturing talent.

Talent Incubators

Companies that made it to the top 25 have been focusing on inclusive growth and nurturing future leaders.
Event Can attrition be looked at positively?

Can attrition be looked at positively?

Entrepreneurs and HR practitioners descended in droves to witness two scintillating panel discussions on: (a) Analyse IT: Is HR Analytics a boon or a curse?, and (b) Attrition: Can it be a good thing?

The Chennai Challenge

Corporate heads come together over golf at the Madras Gymkhana Golf Course.
Editors note Creating a Great Workplace

Creating a Great Workplace

There are no standard prescriptions for creating a great workplace. And over the years, the benchmark for what constitutes a good workplace as opposed to a bad one has gone up many times.
Letters Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.
People People Business

People Business

There are reports that Mittu Chandilya, the young boss at low-cost airline AirAsia India, has decided to call it quits in less than three years after joining the carrier.
Columns What Women Want

What Women Want

Best employers for women will strive to have 40 per cent women in the total workforce, spread across levels.

Building a Dynamic Digital Workforce

The 'start-up' buzzword has created a positive circle of influence in the overall ecosystem.