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  • Barring exceptional circumstances, Subrahmanyan is likely to be anointed by L&T's board as the next managing director & CEO. But the company he will inherit and run until it's time to pass on the baton will be a vastly different entity from the one he takes over from Naik.
Jul 03, 2016
Cover Story Safeguard Against Money Fraud

Safeguard Against Money Fraud

Cyber criminals and skimmers are always on the prowl to rob you of your money, but a little prudence will help you stand in good stead.
Focus Tough Call

Tough Call

With the telecom regulator issuing guidelines for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs, or VNOs) earlier this month, India is set to herald an era of no-frills telecom services. Consider them the low-cost airlines of the telecom industry.

Energy Booster

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who finished his five-nation tour on June 9, secured assurances from Mexico and Switzerland, and also stitched a strategic alliance with the US to help persuade other members not to oppose India's membership.

Split Wide Open

Sceptics have been correlating GDP growth with other parameters, such as sluggish job growth, weak private investments, muted bank credit uptake and agrarian distress in large parts of India, to cast doubts over the growth numbers.

Time for a Haircut

Many believe that Mallya's offer for a one-time settlement has set the ball rolling for working out a mechanism for commercially prudent loan settlements for PSBs. Private banks, as well as non-bank finance companies (NBFCs), are known for taking haircuts and moving on.

Earnings Respite

Experts say the earnings cycle has started turning because interest costs are lower and commodity prices have bottomed out. The International Monetary Fund's primary commodities price index has declined 19 per cent since August 2015.

The Real Picture

India may be the fastest growing major economy in the world but it needs to sustain high growth rates over the next few decades to substantially raise standards of living in the country.

No Devil in Devolution

Higher devolution to states is expected to add substantial spending capacity to the state governments' budgets, says a study.
Features Home Smart Home

Home Smart Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making this possible by allowing objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. Connected devices can be accessed using a smartphone or a PC app.

Social media networks offering targeted advertising is emerging

A new crop of social media networks offering targeted advertising is emerging.

Table for All

"EazyDiner was set up to solve one key problem: to help diners make reservations at restaurants, and for restaurants to be able to offer and take bookings," says Deepak I. Shahdadpuri, Founder & Managing Director, DSG Consumer Partners, an investor in the company.

A Bid Too Far

From oil and gas blocks to coal blocks to spectrum bandwidth, auctions have become the preferred mode of sale to both ensure transparency and generate substantial revenue.

"Emerging technologies have been driving the payments space"

Rishi Gupta, MD & CEO, FINO PayTech says each player will bring its own strengths, ultimately benefiting the customer and helping the market evolve. Emerging technologies and business models have been driving the payments space.

Savoury Success

This is the story of a man who scaled many boundaries, fuelled by his relentless pursuit to make it big.

Dreamer, Doer

The book is a biography of the man who built a successful company, with passion and self-belief.

"Decrease in revenues not a sign of decrease in economic activity"

Cargill Inc, the US-based agricultural trading behemoth, has had a presence in India since 1987. It owns leading consumer brands such as NatureFresh (edible oil, wheat flour) and Sunflower (Vanaspati) and is expanding its operations in the country.

Downgrade Spiral

Mutual funds and private insurers are gradually emerging as big players in corporate bonds. But it is not without credit risk.

Port Of Call

India is keen to build bridges and do business with Iran after the lifting of US sanctions. But it will not be easy as Indian companies will have to compete with Chinese and Russian conglomerates, along with the Europeans.

Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.

Sleek and Sturdy

This Windows 10 hybrid from HP is almost on par with Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.


Raghuram Rajan, Reserve Bank of India Governor, in response to speculations over whether he would get a second term in office.
Corporate Going for Broke

Going for Broke

The Bankruptcy And Insolvency Act, passed in the Budget session of Parliament this year, is meant to change this by mandating a new framework for debt recovery and time-bound resolution of cases, limiting the scope for judicial review, and laying a clear roadmap for how such cases are to be handled.

End of Call

Since spectrum is limited and costly, the operators have to continuously upgrade their networks, which means putting up more towers when certain utilisation is reached. That involves both operational and capacity expansion costs.

Growth On A Platter

Aquaculture gains momentum on the back of meteoric rise in shrimp exports to the West and steady increase in domestic consumption of packaged fish.
Event Calendar


Regional Roundtable: Macroeconomic and Structural Policy Challenges on July 14 - 15, 2016 in Tokyo.
Mutual Funds Big gains

Big gains

Mid-cap and small-cap funds do well in spite of a fall in benchmark indices. This may continue for some more time.
Investment Discipline Will Be Key

Discipline Will Be Key

The Kumars have managed their expenses well but the need is to invest their money wisely.

Essential Documents That You Must Have

Apart from proving your identity, these documents have other benefits that you may not know about. Read on to find out.

Will gold return with its shimmer?

Gold emerges as a better performing asset in the past one year in comparison to other investments. Will it continue to shine?
Insurance "Raising awareness key against frauds"

"Raising awareness key against frauds"

Certain population is looking for some kind of guarantee, while there are others who are looking at wealth optimisation
People peoplebusiness


Amazon's Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon will invest another $3 billion (about Rs 20,000 crore) in its Indian operations to take its overall investment in the country to over $5 billion (around Rs 33,500 crore).
Editors note The Successor

The Successor

In 1965, Anil Manibhai Naik joined L&T as a junior engineer. He rose through the ranks and became CEO and MD of the company in 1999. In 2003, he became the chairman. He fended off at least a couple of takeover bids, and vastly expanded the company.