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Jan 31, 2016
Features Year 2016 will be about awakening of virtual mind

Year 2016 will be about awakening of virtual mind

If 2015 was the year of innovations in the hardware space, with fancy gadgets hitting the stores every other day, 2016 promises to showcase what these innovations are capable of.

How to keep the buzz going through social media

It is a no-brainer when you think about it really. Any event you plan, whether it is a global conference or a small networking mixer, is social by design, right? gearing up to make a splash in pet products

The pet products market may still be small, but fresh infusion of funds in the company from Ratan Tata may make a big difference.

Requiem for a Code

While some proposals of the abandoned Direct Taxes Code are already in force, its wider objectives seem to have been abandoned.

The Final Bet

Reliance Communications' plan to become India's second-largest telecom player looks promising, but is difficult to put into practice.

Need to inject demand into the economy, says India's Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramaniam

Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian's mid-year analysis of the Indian economy indicates that while the country has done well in macroeconomic stability, a lot more needs to be done to boost growth and investments.

Oiling the Economy's Wheels

What is worrying is that this unexpected boost has not produced any buoyancy in the economy. Alongside declining exports, domestic demand also remains low, undermining corporate appetite for investment.

What it requires to be a delightful consumer brand

R.S. Sodhi, MD, Amul, talks about giving adequate value to the 3.6 million farmers feeding milk to his organisation.

Next Union Budget an opportunity to get economy on track

While pre-budget meetings with the FM happen every year, industry leaders were never so anxious to put out a list of things that they wanted to see in Budget 2016.

Fighting the import menace

Import of steel grew by a staggering 71 per cent last fiscal and has continued unabated in the first half of the current financial year. Imports are up 31.2 per cent now, and at 7.45 million tonne, it has already exceeded the full year 2013/14 tally.

Corporate Wisdom on Tap

The book is an incisive guide, though not comprehensive, to creating winning businesses and forging fulfilling careers.

Lessons in Managing Family Businesses

The book provides insights on how to overcome stiff challenges in managing family businesses.

Venezuela: A New Beginning?

India needs to watch the political developments in Venezuela closely and enhance its engagement with the eventual dispensation.

Japanese Warrior

Hybrids seem to be the future of computing devices and Toshiba's Z20t comes with a detachable 12.5-inch screen, which allows it to work in a true-tablet mode.


The government drops Aamir Khan as brand ambassador of Incredible India campaign. His supporters perceive this as the backlash to his intolerance comments.


CEOs of some of India's largest retail companies will deliberate on the future of retail, new trends, including omni-channel.
Corporate Luxury banned in Delhi

Luxury banned in Delhi

Analysts tracking the automotive industry say that the ban may change the buying cycles in the largest market. Companies are evaluating options to bring new fuels like biodiesel as a lesser polluting option.

Sun's Eclipse

Since the past eight months the merged entity has been trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange, nervous investors have been asking two questions - is Shangvi's magic fading? Or, is the slump just a small hitch in Sun's glorious journey over the past one decade?
Focus Drowning in Losses

Drowning in Losses

One of the worst affected is the automotive industry on Chennai's outskirts, where factories of top companies such as Hyundai, Ford, BMW, Renault-Nissan, Daimler, Royal Enfield and Apollo Tyres are located.

Where Angels Fear to Trade

As is the case every year, the forthcoming Budget will impact the market, with the extent of government spending playing a key role in reviving sectors such as infrastructure.

CAG report points to the need for transparency in fund utilisation

The report says Rs 64,000 crore was collected as cess on secondary and higher education between 2005/06 and 2014/15. "Neither was a fund designated nor were schemes identified for the same," it says.

Bears on the Prowl

Bears had the upper hand on Dalal Street in 2015.

There Are No Free Lunches

Facebook is projecting its Free Basics service as a purely altruistic exercise. It is anything but...
Editors note That Grocer Online

That Grocer Online

The grocery delivery business in India is somewhat more complicated than it is in the US.
People People Business

People Business

Mary Barra, the Chief Executive of General Motors, was elevated as the Chairman of the Board on January 5, making her the first woman ever to head a global auto company.
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