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  • The face of the real estate sector is expected to change with implementation of GST and the RERA Act. But will these revive demand?
Sep 25, 2016
Features That Personal Touch

That Personal Touch

Indians, say remodelling experts, are the most conscious about their vehicle's interiors. Also, almost every buyer wants a height-adjustable suspension so that he can have a smooth ride while off-roading.

No Small Matter

The future of luxury in India depends on how fast it can penetrate the hinterland. The good news is that small-town consumers are no longer afraid to flaunt their dough

Luxury's Royalty

The business of luxury retailing is being shaped by a handful of first and second generation entrepreneurs. They are influencing the shoes that members of India's glitterati wear, the bags they carry, the watches that strategically pop out of their cuffs and the cars they drive.

Super Ride!

Almost all the leading global superbike makers sell in India as well: Ducati, Triumph, Indian, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson. Indeed there are more brands of luxury bikes available in the country than the run-of-the-mill commuter ones.

The Global Challenge

While PM Modi's attempt to build a global luxury brand so far has been bang on, and he is confident of being profitable by the end of year three, the big question, however, is, whether the global connoisseurs of luxury take him as seriously. Will they prefer a Nirav Modi jewel to a Cartier or a Tiffany?

Dismal Affair

How long will it take for India to create a luxury high-street like Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue in New York? It is definitely a distant dream at the moment. The country has just two luxury malls - DLF Emporio in Delhi and The Collection (UB City) in Bangalore.

The Rich and Their Uncommon Desires...

Luxury hotels capture the minutest of details about guests. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, for instance, records each detail of guests, including food/beverage preferences, allergies, housekeeping needs and preferred room temperature. Still, there are demands that leave them stumped.

Sparkling Milk

Sarda has used design to convey a sense of tradition and heritage, rendering a premium look. The milk is packaged in glass bottles much like it used to be in the good old days, before the poly-pack milk trend began.

The Regional Connection

In the world of auctions, prices for works are dependent on what a collector is willing to pay for them and how far they are driven to bid when competing against other bidders, with new world records broken as a result and benchmark prices established.

Living in Luxury

The high-ceilinged baroque mansions surrounded by acres of manicured lawns shaded by leafy oak trees, which spelt luxury in the colonial era, have given way to a more modern, urban culture of smaller functional spaces defined by gadgets and speed.

Tech Royale

Indulge in these top-of-the-line gadgets to pamper all your five senses.

iDesire Luxe

There's a lot to wear, drink, hear, and keep. Here's a curated list from new launches this year.

Draped in Wellness

From aloe vera-treated apparel to anti-microbial bedsheets, wellness moves beyond food and beauty.

Luxury and Wealth

Over the past couple of decades, the continuing liberalisation of the Indian economy has ensured that the population of rich Indians keeps growing, despite the fluctuations in the global and domestic economic growth rates.

Exotic Fare

A new generation of farms promises to shape the food that top-end restaurants dish out

Still a long haul

Knowledge of western art is lacking among Indian collectors.

"Luxury is experiences money cannot buy"

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO, Pernod Ricard, talks to Anilesh S. Mahajan about the art of wooing consumers with high expectations.

The Life and Times of a Fashionista

The book is a fascinating account of how Aldo Gucci built a solid fashion empire, even as his life was mired in controversies.

From Utility to Art

Chandeliers are an interesting example of luxury in the original sense of the term. They went through a phase of becoming common and even old fashioned, but which, in the past 10 years, have regained their artistic and timeless features.

Got it, Flaunt it

The Rich Kids of Instagram have a lavish and ostentatious lifestyle

Passport for a price

Government's across the globe offer residency rights or citizenship for a sizeable investment in their economies.

A Touch of Decadence

Spa therapy has become the big trend in the wellness industry for a few years now. What distinguishes a true luxury spa from plain vanilla ones are the special ingredients, trained masseurs and exotic detox packages sourced and offered from around the world.
Focus Game Changer

Game Changer

The Unified Payment Interface, or UPI, takes the payments experience a notch higher. Unlike digital wallets, where money was first loaded to make payments, UPI will allow direct transfers from your savings bank account without disclosing the account details.

That's rich

Indians are growing their wealth faster than the world average.

The New World of Luxury

Consumers' desire is spurring huge growth in luxury travel - globally as well as in India.

Baloch Bargain

There's more to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Balochistan gamble than just political posturing.

Hitting the Hurdle

The Centre's move to address the liquidity crisis in the construction sector fails to address key issues.

Sounding the Bugle

The launch of Reliance Jio's cheap data plans will set off a price war. But will it be at the cost of the industry's profitability?

No Escape Route

After Unitech, Parsvnath Developers tells court about its inability to refund buyers for delayed projects.
Expert Speak Real estate law: Renewing Hope

Real estate law: Renewing Hope

RERA will lead to a big shift in the coming yearsbut a lot more needs to be done

Tax Benefits of Buying and Selling a House

Buying a house is a big purchase, but can reduce your tax outgo in a big way

"This 7-year cycle is getting over"

Sanjaya Gupta, Managing Director, PNB Housing Finance, talks to Teena Jain Kaushal and Priyadarshini Maji about the real estate market, interest rate movements and his expectations from the festive season

Real Estate: Gearing For the Festive Beat

The real estate sector has seen a rise in postive sentiment this year. Will the fervour continue this festive season?
Real Estate Things to Look For While Buying Property

Things to Look For While Buying Property

We bring you a list of checks you must do before zeroing in on a property, whether online or offline.

How to register your property?

Getting possession of a property is great, but you will not own it as long as you do not register it in your name.

Prime Concerns of Second Hand Deals

If you are considering buying a property from the secondary market you can steal a great deal, but be wary of sales hounds.
Stocks Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking

Can real estate stocks yield profits? Yes, provided you bet on the less risky ones
People People Business

People Business

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, got a glimpse of Indias infrastructural problems when his convoy was stuck in traffic for almost two hours in New Delhi owing to heavy rains.
Letters Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.