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  • For any finance minister, preparing a Budget is all about trade-offs. It has to meet many different objectives simultaneously, and some of them might be in conflict with one another.
Feb 28, 2016
Features Agriculture, Infrastructure and Taxes to be the Focus

Agriculture, Infrastructure and Taxes to be the Focus

A slowing world economy, two consecutive bad monsoons and a political logjam in Parliament, apart from a host of other domestic challenges, have created a challenge of greater proportions for Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

This factory in Dharavi is run by women, for women

Rashmi Bansal visits the sanitary napkin factory in the slums. She found women with new-found dignity and confidence who believe their product is as good as any.

Job creation in the country still remains sluggish

It is a cause for concern. Indeed, creating job opportunities has to be top priority for the government to ensure that the rapid economic growth is inclusive and equitable.

The Whole BIT

The revised model text for bilateral investment treaties has addressed many concerns, but to avoid litigations, India should renegotiate existing treaties on the basis of the new norms.

Entertainment On The GoEntertainment cos betting big on digital platforms

The digital entertainment story is also going the e-commerce way. Every media company is trying to get its pound of digital flesh.

Prefabricated homes gaining in popularity

Prefabricated construction, beginning in Europe after World War II, has been commonplace in many parts of the world for decades. But it is only now catching on in India.

India Inc feeling the heat as rural consumption dips

The rural economy is reeling under erratic monsoons and unfriendly government policies. The crisis is so deep that its spillover has made the whole economy anaemic.

Twitter Troubles

The one-time darling of the social media world, Twitter, just cannot catch a break these days, and the last couple of weeks have been particularly rough.

Revenue Roadblock

The core of government's economic strategy is investment-led, and not consumption-led, growth. However, its plan to invest heavily in infrastructure is being hit by country's extremely low tax base.

Wheels Of the Future

All major automakers, from global giants to Indian poster boys, showcased a host of trendy yet environment-friendly options for the Indian roads at the biennial event.


Skills and HR Conclave 2016 to be held in Jaipur on February 9.

Taxman at the Door

The country's mushrooming e-commerce sector - a $17-billion industry that is expected to be $100 billion in five years - appears terrified at the act of "tax terrorism".


The enormous costs of becoming an unstable country far outweigh any small growth benefits that can be obtained through aggressive policies, says RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan.

Still a long haul

The global economy may be slowing but the Indian growth story appears intact.
Event From IT to High TeeCorporate honchos at the LLOYD-Business Today golf event

From IT to High TeeCorporate honchos at the LLOYD-Business Today golf event

On a sunny Saturday afternoon 84 golfers teed off at Eagleton Golf Resort to participate in the Bangalore leg of the 20th edition of the LLOYD-Business Today Pro-Am of Champions event.

Decoding the art of hiring for start-ups

Leading entrepreneurs and HR practitioners debated on how start-ups should deal with HR issues and what the freelance marketplace holds for them.
Technology BlackBerry adopting Android for its hardware

BlackBerry adopting Android for its hardware

The first-ever Android-run BlackBerry, the PRiv, comes with the legendary BlackBerry features the company is known for, but is priced too high.
Focus Shifting Goalposts

Shifting Goalposts

It has been just one-and-a-half year since the new Companies Act came into force. Already, around 100 amendments have been either made or proposed.

Rajan wants govt to bite the bullet on fiscal consolidation

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, a celebrated economist, believes any deviation from fiscal deficit target would damage the government's credibility overseas and also impact the macro-economic stability.

Aluminium firms looking for safeguards from cheap Chinese imports

With the northern neighbour sitting on huge excess capacity in steel and aluminium, it is looking at ready markets, and India happens to be one such market.

The Shoe Is Pinching

Experts say that the government should be cautious in phasing out these exemptions as the revenue losses arising from many of these incentives are not significant.
Editors note Hope vs Expectation

Hope vs Expectation

In the first two Budgets he presented after the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley trod a cautious and conservative path.
Book Trials and Errors

Trials and Errors

The author's account of his experiences as a practising lawyer in the Indian legal system is both revelatory and entertaining.
Leadership Spotlight LEADERSPEAK: Y.K. Koo


Y.K. Koo, the new Managing Director of Hyundai Motor India, talks to Chanchal Pal Chauhan about the initiatives that kept both its factories in Chennai up and running during the massive floods.
Letters Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.
People People Business

People Business

Having seen various ups and downs in his life, Sahara Group founder, Subrata Roy, has decided to write his life experiences from within the walls of Tihar jail.