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  • Rajeev Jain has transformed a small auto finance business into a well-diversified financial services company.
  • Between April 1 and December 10, 2015, 3,141 villages have been electrified, while work is on in 1,691 others. "We are trying to make the entire process both transparent and dynamic," says Rajeev Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Rural Electrification Corporation. 
  • Salil Singhal of agri products' major PI Industries believes it is important to be the best and not necessarily the biggest.
  • Developed markets together now contribute 48% to Lupin's revenue (the bulk, no doubt, coming from the US) and emerging markets another 19%, while the domestic market's share has shrunk to 26 per cent from 31 per cent five years ago.
  • The company has taken a two-pronged approach. One is improving product quality. Earlier, it would consider refreshing a product after three years. This was gradually cut to 18 months and then to less than a year. The other is an attempt to bring down costs.
  • For better comparability, we revisited our groupings this time. Companies were split into four categories based on their total income - super large, large, mid-sized and small - within each sector and overall.
  • N Chandrasekaran has snatched a first mover advantage for TCS in the digital space, but has to contend with competition that is fast getting its act together.
  • Idea Cellular MD Himanshu Kapania has transformed the telco from a pure-play voice operator to one with a more balanced portfolio between voice and data. Over the past three years, Idea has built its data capabilities.
  • The longest-serving CEO of any bank in India, is laying the foundation for transformation of the 21-year-old institution.
  • Vineet Nayyar's strategy to bulk up and diversify the offerings of Tech Mahindra through mergers and acquisitions has transformed the company, but there are big challenges ahead.
  • Now, SBI, which was often labelled as old-fashioned, has an aggressive social media strategy, providing Internet and mobile banking solutions with ease to cater to the Gen Y customers.
  • You would think an average CEO spends a disproportionate amount of time worrying about that fierce archrival! Not really. What about shareholder activism? No way. Then, it must be the quarterly results! Absolutely not.
  • India is on the cusp of economic growth; the onus is on the government and its citizens to walk the path towards sustainable prosperity.
  • Jayadev Galla is readying his flagship company Amara Raja Batteries for market leadership in India and to go beyond exports with plans to build physical presence aboard.
  • KBS Anand is taking Asian Paints on a journey to consumers' kitchens and bathrooms, in a bid to future-proof its paints business.
  • S Varadarajan, who rose up the ranks from a junior officer to head one of India's leading oil marketing companies, will leave behind a well-oiled legacy when he retires next year.
  • After a 15-year wait and watch game, Sanjay Sagar-led JSW Energy is uniquely positioned to explore organic and inorganic growth opportunities in the power sector.
  • Shikha Sharma's stint at Axis Bank has yielded dramatic results.
  • Eicher under Siddhartha Lal is getting ready to conquer more and more frontiers.
  • The Genomals have become trusted partners of Jockey all across Asia, becoming billionaires in the process.
  • Sunil Duggal's success lies in creating a template for transition of family business into a professionally-run growth company.
  • Presenting the BT-PwC India list of India's Top 100 CEOs.
Jan 03, 2016
Focus The Tax Tangle

The Tax Tangle

The overall magnitude of tax disputes in the Indian corporate sector is even higher. Arrears for customs and service tax were Rs 21,021 crore and Rs 83,112 crore, respectively, as on March 2015.

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'New bankruptcy law is necessary for reviving economy'

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'Should have given more space to CEO'

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