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  • The 2016 edition of the BT-MDRA Best B-schools survey comes in the backdrop of renewed faith in traditional sectors such as consulting, FMCG, marketing and manufacturing, and offers deep insights.
Dec 04, 2016
Cover Story Playing The Stock Game

Playing The Stock Game

Experts say we are in the early stages of a bull run. We tell you how you can make the most of it.
Whats In Fine Asian at Your Doorstep

Fine Asian at Your Doorstep

While the Delhi market is chock full of Asian options, the home delivery segment has limited quality restaurants catering to it.
LATEST Are the new IIMs as good as the old ones?

Are the new IIMs as good as the old ones?

The new IIMs are born with a silver spoon, but attaining adulthood that matches the standards of their older cousins is likely to be painful.

Here are 5 questions on demonetisation that need to be answered

It will inflict a one-time shock only for people who have unaccounted cash on that day, not those who have already moved to other asset classes.

Star Power

Brands are roping in influencers on social media to connect better with consumers.
Features India's best B-schools 2016: Full List

India's best B-schools 2016: Full List

Check out a complete list of India's best management schools based on different parameters.

"Recession is the easiest time to hire talent"

Jaswinder Chadha, Co-founder and CEO of Axtria, and the erstwhile co-founder of MarketRx, which was acquired by Cognizant for $134 million in 2007, talks to Joe C. Mathew about the trends in the data analytics space.

The Specialists

MBA programmes are increasingly becoming specialised to cater to an array of new realities.


How B-schools fare on key performance metrics in India

The New Influencers

The book hails the countries of the Global Southern Belt as game changers that will challenge the Western worldview and reshape the world.

Learning from Mistakes

The author deftly explains that in acknowledging and accepting failure lie the secret to success.

Tata Trusts Should Look Beyond Tata Companies

It would make all stakeholders - Tata Trusts, Tata Sons and group companies - act according to their best interests


Indian B-schools dont attract students from abroad, in stark contrast to the trend globally.

Build A Curated Marketplace for Disrupting B-schools

On Shaky Ground

Some international arbitration cases that have gone against India highlight the uncertainty in the country's policy and regulatory framework.

Readying for Tomorrow

Equipping students with skills to work in diverse environments and handle dynamic situations is becoming increasingly important.

Global Indian

Chennai-based Great Lakes Institute of Managements course curricula are ahead of the curve, yet rooted in Indian traditions.

Perched at the top

Recognised globally for excellence in management education, IIM Ahmedabad is now reaching out to the world of research and practice.

Flexi Lessons

IIM-B's focus on online courses, published research and customised learning sets it apart from others.

Thrice Crowned

Armed with prestigious international accreditations and a bevy of tie-ups with foreign schools, IIM Calcutta aims to be among the very best globally.

When Boards Forget Their Custodianship Role

The development at Tata Sons raises questions about the role of board of directors in companies

Managing Change

As companies increase their investments in training, B-schools up the ante in their offering of management development programmes.

How we did it

The key pillars of the survey (objective data 100%)

Blurry Good

Honor 8, the new smartphone from Huawei, packs in a solid dual-lens camera, and multitasks with ease.

The Great Indian Vanishing Trick

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shock announcement to demonetise the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency overnight was primarily aimed at catching those who hoard black and illegitimate money in these denominations off-guard. The sudden announcement and its implementation within four hours of the speech may have prevented flight or conversion of such money into other asset classes, but it has also resulted in a lot of collateral damage.

Monsanto's Adversary

The global agri-biotech major's plans for India are being thwarted by M. Prabhakara Rao, promoter of the country's biggest seed firm Nuziveedu. How the battle plays out will have major ramifications on the seeds industry.

"The Planning Commission was useless. At NITI Aayog, Centre and states work together"

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for the past 11 years, is trying hard to woo investors, global and domestic, to his state. Chauhan speaks to Anilesh S. Mahajan on national- and state-related business issues.


Bond Market: India's New Financial Order


"Trump's victory is not good for the world markets."
Focus Cracker of a Deal

Cracker of a Deal

This will open the doors for Japan to share technology and forged steel, and allow US-based companies with substantial Japanese investments, including Westinghouse Electric, to build six nuclear reactors in the country.

A compliance nightmare

A six-tier GST could not only thwart the government's effort to weaken the black economy, but also derail ease of doing business.

Fast Forward

Bypassing BS V emission standards to meet the stringent BS VI by 2020 will make India the best-in-class.

Right-Pricing Drugs

Any change in the drug price control regime purely for ease of doing business can have serious ramifications.

Will India be Trumped?

The US President-elect's campaign rhetoric has fathered some queasy questions.
Expert Speak "Local Triggers to Drive Indian Markets"

"Local Triggers to Drive Indian Markets"

While valuations appear stretched in some stocks and sectors, investors should have a longer time horizon.

"We are planning to reduce the 10-year period for partial withdrawals"

"NPS in Tier II, it is probably better than what mutual funds offer"

"Agency has to be big in life insurance"

"Low persistency in the 61st month is a problem for the industry. It was less than 20 per cent because 80 per cent policies go off the books in five years."
Real Estate Speed Up The Sale

Speed Up The Sale

A handy guide to ensure that the sale of your property does not become a long-drawn process.
Technology Rebooting the PC

Rebooting the PC

As PC shipments plummet, manufacturers are introducing upgrades, new form factors, and enhancing the user experience to lure consumers.
Letters Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.


Top corporate honchos Tee off at the LLOYD BT PRO AM in Pune.
Editors note A 'Happening' Week

A 'Happening' Week

We live in interesting times. First, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed the button on demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 (high-denomination notes) on Tuesday, November 9, in an 8 pm speech, effectively rendering the old currency useless from midnight the same day.
Investment Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

 We tell you where these investments are headed in the next Samvat and what are the possible avenues that you can look at for growing your money.

Should You Invest in Tier-II NPS?

Tax rules negate whatever advantages NPS has over mutual funds.
Banking Be Fraud Safe

Be Fraud Safe

We tell you ways to protect yourself from debit card frauds

Cash on a platter

Lenders are queuing up to disburse instant credit - through ATMs, apps and online services. Here's what you can expect.
Top Story "Low Rates Bode Well for Markets"

"Low Rates Bode Well for Markets"

With a stable government and overall decline in twin deficits, our macros have shown strong improvement.
Food Belling the Right Flavours

Belling the Right Flavours

Now chances are that when someone suggests Taco Bell for a meal, the fine dining lover in you will turn up your nose at the prospect.