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  • 'Housing for all' has been at the top of the agenda of the government. Budget 2017 had introduced certain measures to boost the real estate sector and achieve the target by 2022.
Jan 14, 2018

Mixed Bag

As we bid adieu to 2017, here is a snapshot of the year we are leaving behind.

'The Best Management Lesson I Learnt'

Top corporate honchos share their success stories

'Critics Make You a Better Performer'

We must learn to take criticism positively as it signifies people's concern and it is our responsibility to allay their fears.

'Values Create Value'

With a purpose of Doing Well and Doing Good, Piramal Foundation drives initiatives in the areas of youth leadership, education, healthcare and drinking water.

'You Must Lead by Example'

Courage is the topmost trait of leadership, which means you refuse to back down, come what may.

'It's Still Day 1...'

Working backwards from customer needs is key to True Customer Obsession.

'The Power of Focus'

It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that focussing on fewer things will help one grow faster, but that is what happens.

Popular Reads

Five inspiring books for leaders

Social Bubble

The perils of instant gratification on social media.

'People Are All That Matter'

Creating a passionate team with a strong sense of vision and purpose can make a world of difference.

'Earn Trust, Build Bonds'

The potential of people comes out when you give them challenging assignments, empower them and give them the space to make mistakes.

10 Predictions for 2018

Making predictions about the future is a risky business.

Seek Sunshine

A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet may lead to loss of vitamins and vital minerals. here is what you should do.

'Follow Your Customer'

Sifting through each order tells you all about customer behaviour, trends and the larger story at play.

'Thrive Through Change'

Adversity builds resilience. It also helped me discover my reason for being - which was to create a self-sustaining high-performance organisation.

'Face Challenges, Work Hard'

There is no substitute for hard work, self-discipline and commitment to your job and those alone will make people believe in you.

'Build on Trust'

More than the dotted lines that link up the hierarchy, it is the invisible lines of trust that are the cornerstone of all people policies.

Deep Breaths Boost Productivity

Different breathing patterns engage specific parts of the brain.

high life

latest luxury offerings in home decor, spa, food and art.

'Use Data, Facts for Decisions'

Articulate and value-based people have no heroes. Their only hero is data. They have self-confidence, dignity... To them, merit, honesty, transparency and fairness are important.

'Make Believers Part of Your Team'

When the going gets tough, set clear, even bold, targets, and align people's efforts to transform the organisation.

'Track Your Growth Driver'

The sooner you identify the KPI that matters, the saner your business will be and the faster it will grow.

'Meet Expectations'

Every decision & investment must be dictated by the wishes of the consumer, and how our actions will deliver on his/her expectations.

'Grit Wins the War'

We all need to be that ideal job candidate who has a passion for the work he is doing and the determination to carry on.

'It's All About People'

Culture is vital to institution building. It requires relentless communication to ensure that purpose, vision and values of the firm are internalised.

'Be Long-term Greedy'

Building a stable and sustainable organisation requires a very long-term outlook and focus on the bigger picture.

'Give More to Earn More'

The planning process is a holistic bottom-up approach that ensures everybody is involved... Its where strategic goals are decided collectively and drive action and progress at every level.

'Take Your Decision and Stick to It'

Conflict is inevitable, but the determination to stand by one's decision and see it through is the key to success.

'Be Learning Agile'

Learning from the new kids on the block is one way to keep yourself in sync with the all that's changing and evolving in the world today.

Log 9 Materials: Successful Experiment

The nanotechnology company is creating a viable business out of graphene.

'Build a Great Team & Win'

You need bright people around you; you must also take a leap of faith and work on a shared vision to build a winning team.

'Trust Is the Key'

As a CEO, you need to be able to build trust with all stakeholders - customers, suppliers and with your board and your employees.

'Build Trust, Take Ownership, Stick to Values'

Values are important because they allow us to empower our people...If a leader practises certain values, there is no way that the team won't.

'Honesty Is the Best Corporate Policy'

Building a bond of trust between all stakeholders, be it employees, clients or investors, helps tide over crises and generate goodwill.

'Persistence Overcomes Resistance'

There is no quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes everything...even nature.
Anniversary Special 2018 'It's All About Culture'

'It's All About Culture'

When a manager or a leader makes culture his lodestar, he gives his people a proud identity and values to live by.

'No Authority Needed to Influence People'

Authority could be used well or abused, but influence is earned and so is respect.

'Be Patient'

Putting the right team together is a challenging task, but being diligent pays in the longer term.
Technology Smartphones of Tomorrow

Smartphones of Tomorrow

Brace yourself for smarter processors, intelligent chipsets, superior cameras and more.

End of Storage Woes

For those of us who struggle for storage space on the smartphone every now and then, the recently launched Files Go app by Google brings good news.
Editor-in-Chiefs note The Wisdom of Leaders

The Wisdom of Leaders

As we get ready to welcome 2018, we are passing through an era of unprecedented disruption at every level - technology, business, society, politics and globalisation.
The Buzz A New Chapter in EV Story

A New Chapter in EV Story

The government is looking to buy as many as 10,000 electric vehicles for its fleet.

India seeks to join Australia Group

After being inducted in the Wassenaar Arrangement Export Control Regime, India is set to seek membership of Australia Group as well.

Airtel Payments Bank Fined for Aadhaar Misuse

The department of telecom mandates operators to verify each mobile number with Aadhaar.

Ola Promises Dinner En Route

Cab aggregator Ola acquiring Foodpanda's India business in exchange for stock is only a hint of more consolidation to come.

Hospitals for self-policing

Recent interventions by Central and state governments have put pressure on private hospitals to come out with self-regulatory norms

Enterprise Value Row

Bankers and prospective bidders of distressed assets are slugging it out over the valuation of businesses under the bankruptcy code.

The Great 2G Puzzle

Why the scam will continue to make headlines

Booster Shot for Broadband

Rolling out the optical fibre network across the country is costly and time consuming.

Existential Crisis for WTO

The biggest challenge for the World Trade Organization, or WTO, is its own existence.
The Break-Out Zone VR Class in Progress

VR Class in Progress

The future of training and development could lie in VR experiences that one can't replicate in real life.