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  • Digitisation has reached a level where you can manage your entire financial world with clicks and taps. Here is what all you can do and how you can manage personal finance digitally.
Sep 09, 2018
Cover Story Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

How Jaguar Land Rover went from contributing half of the Tata group's profits to recording a huge loss. And whether it can turn around quickly.
The Break-Out Zone Feature-rich Powerhouse

Feature-rich Powerhouse

Apple fans need not be worried, though, as the new Mac, available in 13-inch and 15-inch, has been built as an ambitious powerhouse.

Simple, Yet Stunning

In terms of performance, this device can handle e-mail, video streaming, (basic) image and video editing, and gaming with ease.

The 'Secret Public'

A close look at the new-age clan that has to cope with unique challenges underlying a thriving services economy.

A Taste of Splendour

A journey through opulence as we turn the spotlight on ethnic watches, haute hotel, limited edition pens, luxe smartphone and more.

A New Breed, With Many Boons!

These new-age hybrid devices are lithe, chic and top performers.

Master of the Game

What happens when the technology that humans have created begins to manipulate them? We are on the brink of finding out.

When the Head Aches

Understanding the triggers or the underlying cause could be the first step towards a cure.
The Buzz Reflection of Honesty

Reflection of Honesty

In his speech, he said in 70 years the country had only 40 million people paying direct taxes, but now under his regime it increased to 65 million.

Fares Going Down

There are four culprits, in no particular order: high Aviation Turbine Fuel price, rupee depreciation, rising maintenance costs, and elevated competition.

Economics of Eco-protection

Initial estimates of economic losses - damaged buildings, roads washed away, and destroyed agricultural crops - place the figure at over Rs 8,000 crore.

Keeping Track of Spending Violations

Two issues that commonly crop up when enforcing CSR rules have been the quantum of spending, and the quality of spending.

Saving Power Projects

The government, banks, and power producers are all working together to save stressed power loans from bankruptcy.

Decoding a Disruptive Tax Reform

A quick look at the new tax act's key implications for businesses in the US-India context.

Sminq: The Queue Cracker

The Pune-based company is working to build a world without queues by giving access to crucial data.

The Economic Reformer

While Vajpayee is known for his dignity, his unfailing courtesy, his wit and oratorical skills and ability to take opposition parties along, the economic contribution of his government is often overlooked.

Time To Push Exports

For three consecutive months, India's merchandise exports have shown double-digit growth.

Third Successive Quarterly Loss

In the first quarter (April-June) of 2018/19, the bank has reported a loss of Rs 4,875 crore.

Can the Rupee Fall Aid Exports?

In Q1FY19, the total oil import stood at $32.85 billion, while export was $9.1 billion.

Potential Minefield

India's declining savings rate could well pose a serious challenge to overall growth and macroeconomic stability.

Golden Tale

Stories and status have become popular across Facebook platforms; will it be the social networking giant's next big money-churner?
Investment Add Debt To Balance The Portfolio

Add Debt To Balance The Portfolio

The Kushvaha family bets big on equity, but debt assets are a must to ward off volatility, says Suresh Sadagopan, Founder of Ladder 7 Financial Advisories.

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries, and top-notch industry leaders will help you resolve any issue.


Land Title  Disputes Come Under Insurance Cover

Online Wills

Individuals with straightforward asset holdings and simple family structure can opt for an online Will. Heres how.
Stocks Honest Bet

Honest Bet

Look at the corporate governance theme to pick winning stocks.
Expert Speak Markets Choppy, But There Lies The Opportunity

Markets Choppy, But There Lies The Opportunity

Swarup Mohanty, CEO of Mirae Asset Global Investment (India), talks about market conditions, impact of SEBI mandates, his company's growing focus on debt products and massive digitisation of mutual fund transactions in a freewheeling chat with Renu Yadav. Edited excerpts:
The Hub "I want people coming to stay longer in India"

"I want people coming to stay longer in India"

Less than a year after taking charge, K.J. Alphons, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Tourism, launched a revamped Incredible India campaign. Alphons, who is candid about the issues facing India's tourism sector and wants to reduce the role of the government to just promoting tourism, speaks about efforts to make tourism hip again in a conversation with Business Today's Manu Kaushik and Joe C. Mathew. Edited excerpts:

The Baba, Singh Brothers and the Squandered Rs 225,00,00,00,000

How Malvinder and Shivinder Singh blew Rs 22,500 crore in less than a decade and lost control over Fortis Healthcare and Religare Enterprises.

Farm Fresh

Agritech companies are revamping the farm-to-fork supply chain. The big gainers are farmers.

Dozing Doorkeepers?

With recent frauds shaking investors' trust in corporate governance standards, we look at role, limitations and accountability of independent directors who are custodians of these standards.

Glimmer Of Hope

The first quarter results have been fairly robust. A revival seems round the corner.
Infrastructure Roads to Wherewithal

Roads to Wherewithal

Five ways to revitalise infrastructure financing in India.

Risk On

Despite huge strides, the risk of stressed and stranded projects is keeping investors jittery about India's infrastructure building strategy.

The Giant Leap

The Sagarmala project has made huge progress in the last three years, but funding is a big constraint.

High On Highway

India is building roads at a frenetic pace. The dream of building 40 kilometres a day is within the realm of possibility now.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


"Understand the why..and the work becomes amazingly enjoyable."
Editors note JLR Woes for Tata

JLR Woes for Tata

When Ratan Tata picked up Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford, he was on an acquisition spree.