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May 20, 2018
Cover Story E-commerce Goes Rural

E-commerce Goes Rural

A new breed of marketing and distribution companies is using tech to connect brands with villages.
The Buzz Collective Burden

Collective Burden

Global indebtedness hit a high of $164 trillion in 2016, limiting governments' ability to provide support during economic downturns. The International Monetary Fund's Fiscal Monitor report red-flags this and other worrying signals.

Exit Issues Plague Small Players

The mega-consolidation in the telecom sector has started to unfold in the most gruesome way for fringe players who are finding it challenging even to wind up operations.

Social Security on Fast Track

The government has stepped up work on the draft Labour Code on Social Security.

Rising Exports

India exported $302.8 billion worth of goods during FY2017/2018, a 9.78 per cent rise over the previous year.

RSS May Disrupt Maharaja's Flight Out

When Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha invited RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) to breakfast, he was hoping to allay concerns regarding the disinvestment of India's national carrier.

VERIS: Visitor Management on the Cloud

The Gurgaon-based SaaS provider is helping companies move away from paper-based sign-in.

Oil Price Hike Could Spell Trouble

Finance ministry officials are feeling the heat and not just because of the summer. India imported 18.7 million tonne (MT) of crude oil in March at an average price of $63.8 per barrel while it was $63.54 per barrel in February.

Geopolitics of Renewables

The optimism around the "renewables-for-peace" narrative has diminished.

HRA Hike Raises CPI Inflation

When the states implement 7th pay commission recommendations, the inflationary impact could be even higher.

Law Matters

Things India's digital privacy framework should consider.
Automobiles Sharp Curve Ahead

Sharp Curve Ahead

From more stringent safety and emission norms to a bigger fundamental shift towards electric vehicles, the fast growing Indian automobile industry is staring at an unprecedented churn.

Beyond Budget

No-frills is passe. Thanks to rising incomes, Indians are now opting for more feature rich, safer and powerful cars.

Scooting Ahead

Scooters account for a third of all two-wheelers sold in India today. But how long will the resurgence last?

Picking Up Tempo Again

Commercial Vehicle makers are looking at fast-paced growth after a period of turbulence

Charged Up

Indian auto companies could be at the forefront of the global automotive industry.

Going Green

Government policy should Offer automobile customers multiple technology options.

In Top Gear

Disruptions caused by note ban and GST have moderated. The auto industry is expected to witness healthy growth
Stocks Road To Riches

Road To Riches

India is making new records in road construction. This makes some companies good investments.
Banking Snippets


Although the recent currency shortage and ATMs running dry, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, have created a furore, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has assured there is no crisis.
Mutual Funds Money Matters

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries, and top-notch industry leaders will help you resolve any issue.
Investment Bigger Gains

Bigger Gains

P2P lending promises high yields in a low-interest-rate environment. But credit risk is a problem.
Expert Speak Build Growth Assets To Reach Your Goals

Build Growth Assets To Reach Your Goals

Equity investments should be the staple of the Ghosh family's portfolio instead of relatively illiquid real estate assets, says Financial Planner Pankaaj Maalde
LATEST No Easy Fix

No Easy Fix

Its now largely up to the court to facilitate the sale of Essar Steel.
The Break-Out Zone Crowd-pleaser


The new iPad (6th gen) with the 9.7-inch display has something for everyone - whether you are a gamer, student, artist or a video buff.

Not so Silent Thoughts

A wearable is in the making to reach into your thoughts and pull them out into the open.

Perilous Postures

Sitting at work for long hours may affect body muscles. Here is what you can do to ward off long-term ill effects.

Trend Spotting

The latest buzz in fashion, art, jewellery and food.

Future Speak

From offering verbal assistance to understanding human emotions, the smart speaker is evolving.

'Good funding can help us catch up with advanced AI world'

Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting life and work, prompting governments and policymakers to take note of its potential and formulate ways to harness its power for greater common good. Last August, the Centre set up a task force to explore the possibilities of using AI for India's economic transformation.
FROM THE MAG Monster Camera

Monster Camera

Huawei's P-series phones have been redefining the smartphone camera.

India's Coming Productivity Crisis

The Challenge lies in creating opportunities for workforce.
The Hub Tipping Point for Healthcare

Tipping Point for Healthcare

Payment should be based on value, not activities.

We must have short term solution, long term vision: Suresh Prabhu

Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu talks to Anilesh S. Mahajan about the strategy to make exports a big part of the plan to make India a $5 trillion economy and how India is resetting trade ties with China and other big powers.

In Abeyance

The new GST return filing mechanism continues to be delayed as authorities find it difficult to strike a balance between revenue considerations and taxpayer convenience.

Fixing MSP

The government would do well to fix flaws in the basic MSP structure before rolling it out for all crops.

Indian Pharma's Big Leap

Drug companies are moving up the value chain, transforming into complex generic manufacturers with high end R&D facilities.

Happy Hour

Free-standing restaurants are on a roll. But tough regulations couldspoil the party.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


"Put purpose ahead of profits. Go after a bigger cause; it provides the energy and motivation to succeed"
Editors note The Rural E-Com Shop

The Rural E-Com Shop

Inthree, StoreKing, eHaat and RubanBridge. They are not household names like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or ShopClues, say. But these are e-commerce companies nonetheless, which are trying to build significant businesses by tapping rural demand in India.