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Jul 01, 2018
The Buzz Rain Cheer

Rain Cheer

The country is expected to have a normal monsoon for the third consecutive year. This is good news for the economy and the farming sector

Pricey Prescription

Indian pharma is on edge with an expected pharma pricing overhaul, but nothing is known yet on the shape of things to come.

Compounding Confusion

After the early hiccups in implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the new indirect tax regime has graduated to new levels of complexities - interpretation of the law.

Low-cost Long-haul Flights Soon

The domestic aviation sector seems to be rushing to begin long-haul international flights.

Inadequate Bailout

The government's bailout package for sugarcane farmers is a disappointing short-term measure. It came right after the BJP's defeat in the Kairana Lok Sabha bypoll in Uttar Pradesh.

Branding Matters Most

According to a recent report by brand valuation company, Brand Finance, the brand value of IPL has increased by 37 per cent to $5.3 billion in 2018.

Myopic Handling

India's insistence on using artificial intelligence (AI) as an application, rather than budgeting for AI advancement technology, could well mean that the country will be left behind in another key sector.

Changing Schools

The government should allow private companies to set up schools.

Playing Cupid

What Facebook's entry into the dating space means for other players.

Custom Software Built on Assembly Line

The man-machine collaborative platform offers a build-insure-operate model for SMBs.

Fuelling Hope

facing heat for its failure to cope with increasing crude oil prices, the government finally has some respite in the form of its GST collections for April.

Adding a Fourth Wheel

The government has given its nod to a new category of vehicles called quadricycles that will finally see homegrown auto major Bajaj Auto's Qute hit the road in India.

The End

RBI has signalled the end of soft interest rates. This will impact capex and economic recovery.
The Break-Out Zone Cinematic Thrills

Cinematic Thrills

How to get the perfect surround sound, theatre experience in your living room.

The Rules Have Changed

A thought-provoking book that will compel HR leaders to revisit the way talent is managed.

Class Apart

The latest from the world of luxury.

No Room For Privacy

As smart hotel rooms promise to offer utmost convenience, privacy will become elusive.

Better Than Real

Augmented reality is set to take the tech world by storm in the wake of new announcements from Apple and Google.
The Hub "GST has been good for the compliant textile players"

"GST has been good for the compliant textile players"

In a freewheeling interview with Prosenjit Datta, he talks about how GST has helped his textile business, the philosophy behind the brand strategy, why he did not diversify into newer areas, the future of textiles and the Arvind Group, and finally, what he sees as the role of the promoter of a business vis-a-vis the role of professionals.

Testing Times

Delhi HC denying Monsanto's patent right over a gm cotton seed has triggered a debate on the path ahead for innovation-led seed companies.

Vedanta's Green Woes

Tuticorin is just one of the many instances of alleged environmental law violation by the group.

A Losing Battle

The scale of value destruction in the telecom sector has been huge. Only sensible policies and practices can save it now.

Counting Their Losses

The bankruptcy proceedings would force Indian banks to book heavy losses. They are now focussed on mini- mising the damage

Stress Reliever

He has been buying stressed assets across the world for the last five years. Now NRI Sanjeev Gupta has turned to India. Who is this man and will he succeed?
Clean Technology Operation Cleanup

Operation Cleanup

While the focus on renewable energy has helped, it's time to tackle air and water pollution in a big way.

Sun Burnt

Indian solar equipment makers are being squeezed out of the market by global players.

Nature's Fuel

With the Cabinet approving the National Policy on Biofuels, there is renewed hope for a cleaner environment in the not-too-distant future.

Cleaner Diesel Ahead

India will need a bouquet of technologies and fuel diversity to make growth sustainable.

Losing The War

The uses of plastic are manifold, but as it is almost indestructible, it is time to find ways to get rid of it.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


"We're here because others trusted us. Give the team the liberty to work independently and learn from mistakes."
Editors note Stocking Up

Stocking Up

Warehouses lack the sex appeal of the slick, consumer-facing showrooms, though, they are probably as important, if not even more, for any consumer products company that wants to win in the marketplace.
Sector Report Going Electric

Going Electric

India has drawn up ambitious electric mobility plans to reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels but the country's electric grid will need a massive overhaul�€‹ for the plan to succeed.