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  • Regulators hate it, investors love it. The great tussle to find the middle ground for cryptocurrencies...
Apr 08, 2018
Features Malicious intent

Malicious intent

Although possible job losses from automation are discussed on an everyday basis, there are more catastrophic threats that are yet to get the spotlight.

Conditions Apply

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus India has expressed its willingness to set up a manufacturing plant here, but officials hint that this would be contingent on getting a defence deal requiring Make in India.


Despite troubles, the private sector and foreign banks stole the show.

Don't stifle innovation

Cryptocurrencies have to be distinguished from their underlying technology.


Google's optimised version of Android Oreo, the Go Edition, gives a new lease of life to entry-level Android smartphones.


Books to look out for this spring.

Go easy on your eyes

Staring at lighted screens for long or exposure to air pollution or toxic substances may cause a range of eye ailments.


Despite troubles, the private sector and foreign banks stole the show.

Multitasking Mania

It's clever, sometimes, but ultimately stressful.

Latest Buzz

what made news in the world of luxury

Better rewards, fewer risks

Forget jugaad or risk-aversion; the wave of discovery-driven disruption will help India Inc. stay relevant in uncertain times.

Bouncing back

Financial assets of households are growing again after taking a body blow in the post demonetisation phase, reveals a Reserve Bank of India study.

'On climate action, India, China are main driving forces'

"So far, the US hasn't damaged the agreement at all. You may even argue to the contrary because it galvanised every other nation into immediate action. Remember PM Modi said the same day that it will be a crime against future generations if you don't act on climate and if you don't act now"


"Integrity is crucial, and it is the most important quality to retain in personal and corporate relationships"

Testing Times

The go-go years of growth might be well behind the Indian it sector, but it still had plenty of steam left.

The Public Sector Jumble

Working with the government is a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges for IT companies despite the Digital India initiatives.

BPO 3.0

The industry has evolved from wage arbitrage to aiding digital transformation.

Battleground WTO

While the first move will raise a tariff barrier and, thereby, make steel and aluminium imports (including from India) less competitive, the second is aimed at attacking all the key incentives that India provides to help its exporters remain competitive in global markets.

Travesty Of Justice

The economic cost of judicial delays is colossal. But the problem is not unsolvable.

In thick of action

PE players have become extremely active of late. The exuberance is here to stay for some time.

Mall Mania

An investment splurge by private equity majors and international wealth funds has breathed fresh life into sluggish traditional retail.

Photographer's Delight


The year 2017 was challenging for the Indian IT industry in the backdrop of an uncertain policy environment in its biggest market, the United States. However, 2018 is expected to be better as an improving global economy could give a significant boost to IT spending.
FROM THE MAG Turning sour?

Turning sour?

The sugar industry is being weighted down by political considerations that primarily drive the sector.

Darkness at noon

As a power-surplus India chases renewables, power equipment JVs are struggling to get fresh orders from mainstream coal-fired plants.
The Buzz Global business

Global business

The U.S. firm announced a $1 billion cost-cutting initiative and demotion of former CEO Paul Jacobs from the role of executive chairman.


A event guide in April

FlexiLoans loans made easy for SMEs

The Mumbai-based start-up uses tech and data to assess creditworthiness and provides quick business loans.

India's record in start-ups

What ails the start-up ecosystem in India

Free trade cannot be one sided

Lower import barriers work only if others also play fair

The Ownership dilemma

The RBI lacks teeth to act against PSBs and doesn't bother to flag irregularities. the result is a blame game.

Social good

Working towards a cause makes a lasting brand impression.
Editors note The bitcoin tussle

The bitcoin tussle

Many have explicitly stated that Bitcoins have no legal status as currency, but allow its trading and tax gains out of it. They also allow it to be converted into the country's currency through mutual consent between two parties, without giving an official standing to it. In a sense, it is treated like other precious commodities like gold, silver or diamonds.