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  • Companies of all hues, including old warhorses, are now betting on stock options to ensure employee loyalty
  • What needs to change in Indian CEOs' compensation structure.
  • Performance distribution does not follow the normal curve - fewer people contribute far more to overall performance
  • Both sides should take the long-term view because this is more than a transaction
  • Y.C. Deveshwar at ITC and A.M. Naik at L&T have built a legacy any corporate leader would be proud of. Then there are others whose initiatives are still in the process of bearing fruit.
  • E-commerce companies are now more conscious than ever about employee benefits.
  • Professional CEOs have been generously rewarded for creating enormous wealth for their companies.
  • Indian promoters take home fat pay cheques but their compensation is, in most cases, linked to company performance.
Jul 15, 2018
The Buzz Sunshine At Halol

Sunshine At Halol

Officials at Sun Pharmaceutical Industries heaved a sigh of relief in mid-June after the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)pronounced that the firm's plant in Halol, Gujarat was cleared.

Bond Trouble

In the face of widespread criticism over its decision to tax petroleum products heavily, interim finance minister, Piyush Goyal blamed the UPA and its mismanagement of finances.

Sebi's Reforms Push

The financial disclosure requirement for companies going for IPOs has been reduced from five years to three years.

Deeper In The Red

In the recently-concluded disinvestment process, the government could not find a single buyer for the national carrier.

India Not Calling

In May, foreign tourist arrivals in India fell for the first time since June 2013. Here are some quick trends.

Bobble Keyboard: A Holistic Input App

This Indic keyboard app also converts selfies into GIFs and comic stickers.

The Rupee Toll

The list of negatives for rupee value against the US dollar is increasing by the day.

Trade War Escalates

India raised duties on 29 products from the US, including American apples, almonds, walnuts and stainless steel products after the US hiked import duties on steel (25 per cent) and aluminium (10 per cent).

The ICICI Succession

Even as a former Supreme Court judge examines allegations of impropriety, the bank has to return to normal functioning.

Rise Of The 'Dark Social'

The new holy grail of marketing
The Break-Out Zone Big On Bass

Big On Bass

SUPA comes with an elegant, straight-line design that blends well with any interior, be it home or office. It has a solid front grill, a swivel dial on top and a power button at the rear.

Top Notch

Another USP of Vivo X21 is the dual-camera set-up at the back - a 12 MP primary lens and a 5 MP secondary shooter - easily capturing images in the bokeh mode

World's Not Getting Worse

A critical insight into why we assume things will get worse even though data says otherwise.

Fit For Connoisseurs

Fine art, classy brands, craft whisky and a tailored tour.

No Window To The World

Claustrophobics, brace yourselves; Emirates is experimenting with windowless aircraft.

Boosting Online Privacy

A host of browser extensions can help you keep away sites tracking you.

It's All in the Blood

Know what thalassaemia is and learn how to avoid future complications.
The Hub Rise Of The Robo-Banker

Rise Of The Robo-Banker

How financial technology companies are transforming the banking sector.

A Digital Conundrum

Is digital advertising really effective?

Drawing The Digital Curtains

The clear and present danger of personal data being leaked or stolen has been recognised. But India's proposed law to prevent it needs to work out several issues before it can be finalised.

"We have to regain the credibility the industry lost"

It was Dr. Volkmar Denners second visit to India since he became the top boss at Bosch, the world's biggest automotive component manufacturer. It could not have come at a more remarkable time. The Dieselgate scandal of 2015 has just taken a turn for the worse with the arrest of Audi CEO Rupert Stadler last week. For a staunch proponent of the technology, there is much at stake for Bosch on how this controversy plays out. While Denner is concerned with the loss of credibility of the industry, he is also looking beyond the immediate. Taking an hour out of his three-day India tour, Denner shares with Sumant Banerji his vision on electric mobility, the need to straddle various technologies and Bosch's big plans in India that include a Rs 1,700 crore investment roadmap over the next three years. Edited excerpts:

Dry Run

Despite government initiatives, India's exports have remained below the 2013/14 levels. Exporters' GST problems and rising trade barriers suggest fast growth is unlikely to materialise.
FROM THE MAG Leaderspeak


"Every challenge presents an opportunity. How you respond and what you learn from it will define your path to progress."
Editors note The Corner Room Pay

The Corner Room Pay

CEO compensation debates in India and abroad are always contentious and have grown more contentious over the past couple of decades as better reporting norms of executive pay have come into effect, as have newer ways of compensating CEOs.