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  • The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code can lead to huge job losses in the short to medium term as many companies, including some big names, face liquidation.
  • It has not given bankers the realisations they had hoped for. Now the government has unveiled a new approach even while they are modifying the act.
  • The government has given signal to banks to try out yet another resolution approach, including AMC-AIF, for dealing with growing stressed assets. Will it work?
Aug 26, 2018
The Break-Out Zone A No-notch, All-screen Visual Delight

A No-notch, All-screen Visual Delight

It works in the panorama and face beauty modes, captures photos and videos and also provides AR stickers.

Breathe Better

Pure Cool detects particles, gases and even odours present in the air with the help of the laser sensors under the thin cut-outs on the body.

A Wake-Up Call

Manipulative technologies, products of a digital dystopia, could destroy ideological strengths even in advanced democracies.

Striking and Fabulous

From unique sparklers to evolved speed machine and landmark camera, here is a look at the latest show-off pieces.

Tap An App To Learn a Language

From bite-sized sessions to gaming formats, learning languages online has become a convenient, fun-filled exercise.

Shift Into The Fast Lane

With special radios fitted in vehicles, commute time could be significantly reduced, especially during rush hours.

Right Steps

Wrong footwear and common foot problems may lead to severe health hazards.
The Buzz Rate Cut Optics

Rate Cut Optics

Another round of Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate cuts have been effected by the governing body GST Council, which met recently in Delhi for the 28th time.

Oxytocin Ban

A hormone to facilitate safe childbirth and lactation in women has been rampantly misused by the dairy industry to increase milk production in livestock.

Harley gets Smaller

Struggling to find new buyers, Harley Davidson, the quintessential American motorcycling brand is changing.

FDCs Get The Chop

6,000 medicine brands worth about Rs 2,500-odd crore are likely to be banned soon.

Brace Up For More Rate Hikes

After a four-year easing cycle, interest rates are now gradually increasing.

Skewed Precipitation

Three of the four weeks of June witnessed rains that were between 14 and 38 per cent less than the long period average (LPA).

Debt Cost

In the first quarter, RIL's financing cost has risen by 217 per cent year-on-year to Rs3,550 crore.

Gocomet: Bringing Transparency To Cargo-Moving

The Mumbai-based company's enterprise software is helping businesses reduce international freight costs.

Fiscal Credibility During Poll Years

Historical precedents do not support the popular belief that governments turn profligate in poll years.

The Bankrupt Maharaja

After months of unsuccessful attempts at selling the ailing national carrier, the government decided to pump in additional money.

Low Interest Rates a Booster

How much does the monetary policy affect demand, especially at the state level?

Policy Vacuum

Lack of timely decisions and delay in putting in regulatory safeguards may turn India into a GM food junkyard.

A Star In Decline?

Twitter in India has more to worry besides the bots purge.
The Hub 'We are changing gears and leveraging the Make in India policy'

'We are changing gears and leveraging the Make in India policy'

Thales India, part of the Thales Group - one of the world's largest defence suppliers - is betting big on India along with China and the US. Of late, Thales has acquired a few companies in the digital space to expand in data analytics and cybersecurity. Patrice Caine, Chairman and CEO of the Thales Group, speaks to Business Today's Prosenjit Datta and Manu Kaushik on the next big areas and what makes India attractive. Edited excerpts:

Pakistan's Hope

Imran Khan's priority will be to get the economy back on track.

The Currency Risk

India's macroeconomic parameters are sliding at a time when the world is staring at a full-blown trade and currency war.

Data Privacy Defanged

The Srikrishna Committee report has too many loose strings that need to be fixed before it becomes law.

Born Again

India's refurbished goods market is flourishing on a smartphone boom, changing consumer attitudes and business models.
Real Estate No Room For Delay

No Room For Delay

RERA implementation should be taken up swiftly across all states as slow execution defeats its broad purpose of helping homebuyers.

Cloudy With Chances Of Sunshine

The investment climate looks gloomy, but there are rays of hope.

A House For Every Indian

Affordable housing is picking up pace, thanks to proactive policies and savvy investors/developers. But sustaining the momentum is a tall order.

A Buyer's Market

Green shoots emerge for residential real estate, but it isn't out of the woods.
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"Taking risks need not be blind bets in a casino; it is more about following your gut with self-belief and inner security."
Editors note In Search Of a Solution

In Search Of a Solution

The bad loan problem for Indian banks has defied solutions despite multiple efforts by the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) over the years.