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  • The demand for top talent to manage change in a tech- and data-led world remains strong. Our top B-schools lend India Inc. a helping hand to grow in a fast-changing world.
Dec 02, 2018
India's Best B-Schools 2018 India's best B-schools 2018: Full List

India's best B-schools 2018: Full List

Check out a complete list of India's best management schools based on different parameters.

Making The Cut

A quick look at salary and other key trends across India's Best B-schools.

Pooled Resources

More conglomerates are tapping leading business schools to build their corporate leadership development programmes, and groom young talent.

Credit Worthy

Many management graduates from leading business schools begin their careers burdened by debt, owing to the high fees they had to pay. What is the way out?

Time To Rely More On Experiential Learning

"Management schools must, therefore, in his view, "rely more than before on projects, experiential learning and internships."

Key, Not Bulk, Job Creators

Management graduates account for a small percentage, 5-10%, of hires for some big sectors, but more than double that in terms of value.

How We Did It

BT-MDRA Best B-School Ranking 2018

Domain Dons

Traditionally strong recruiters are recalibrating their talent needs and hiring parameters. Other than from B-schools, some are laterally hiring specialists as well.

B-Schools Go Tech

In sync with industry demand, business schools are offering electives to give students a feel of some new technologies they may work with.

Perform Or Perish

Look beyond the high performers and it is a do-or-die world for many business schools, where supply of seats is overtaking demand. For their students, the attraction of an MBA may be fading.

Winning Algorithm

Online giants, now regulars at B-school campuses, are redefining the yardstick for hunting talent.

Time For Reality Check

A dual-examination system may lead to standardisation in PG management courses.

A Case For A Relook

The need of the hour is designing a curriculum for students operating in industry 4.0.

What MBA Schools Must Deliver

Do not narrowcast an MBA into a polytechnic; focus on problem-solving skills and augment with specialised programmes.
The Buzz Liquidity Stress

Liquidity Stress

The RBI recently allowed banks to give partial credit support to NBFC bonds.

Pay to Stay Subscribed

Airtel has recently moved to a new prepaid recharge mechanism where subscribers are required to pay a minimum amount - Rs 35 - every month.

JLR Feels the Squeeze

The slowdown in China, falling sale of diesel vehicles in Europe and concerns on Brexit has hammered the luxury car-makers' profitability.

New Collection Benchmark

Monthly GST collections crossed Rs 1 lakh crore in October this year.

Over-dependence on TCS

Tata Sons is gearing up to pay a major chunk of the Rs 10,000 crore dues of Tata Teleservices to the government.

Clutter-free FB Messenger

Facebook has revamped its Messenger app and introduced a widely awaited simplified version.

Virtual Politicking

Spending by political parties on social media could more than double in the run-up to the 2019 polls.

Fighting Counterfeits

The Pune-based company uses algorithm, AI and heuristic cloud technology to spot fake products and provide business intelligence.

Insufficiently Easier

India has moved up 23 positions in the annual Ease of Doing Business (EDB) ranking of the World Bank to become 77th in a list of 190 countries.

Claim Game

Both Amazon and Flipkart claimed to have outdone each other when this round of festive sales ended.

Surplus Fight

Reserves help RBI tide over tough times and should be managed accordingly.

Sharp rise in bank credit growth

Bank credit, an indicator of economic activity, rose 11.30 per cent in September this year.
The Break-Out Zone The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Tech addiction tends to get obsessive nowadays, but there are ways to gain control and make technology a true enabler.

Festive Fusion

A holistic wellness store, unique objets d'art, men's couture anda first-ever fragrance make our offerings a festive potpourri.

Tap The Tab Power

From media consumption devices to computer alternatives, tablets have come a long way.

Live Forever, Digitally

With a little help from technology, people can create digital versions of themselves who will always be around.

When Silence Hurts

Hepatitis B and C are known as silent ailments with no early symptoms, but timely tests can prevent long-term damage.

The AAA+ Future of Manufacturing

Digitisation of manufacturing is a reality that some have adjusted to quickly while others face challenges.

Now AI Turns Artist

Tech behemoth IBM is the one who put the idea into an AI system.

Smart Lighting

The two-metre light strip, which can be stretched up to 10m if you purchase extension strips, houses 48 multicoloured LEDs.

Sturdy and Useful

The latest version is a small, round dongle with an HDMI connector and gets power via a microUSB port that connects either to a USB slot on the TV or the included power adapter.

Rebuilding an Icon

How a young inheritor changed the face of a dwindling business group.
The Hub Why Personas Drive Success

Why Personas Drive Success

Creating personas or fictional representations of customers gives clarity to user needs as early as the product blueprinting stage.
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Under his leadership, Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare combines IT with healthcare services to manage 300 remote health centres in India.
Editors note Managers For Tomorrow

Managers For Tomorrow

The B-school universe in India is very big - there are well over 300 institutes offering MBA degrees or PGDBM. But there is a strict pecking order among them.