Once your bank or institution provider is registered, the process of sharing the data becomes easy as the institution is connected with the system of AA by way of APIs

How Account Aggregators can help you get the best loan, insurance or investment deals

Sep 02, 2021

Account Aggregator is like an exchange platform between banks and institutions sharing the data. It consolidates all the financial data in one place and act as an information custodian for a customer

The average ticket-size of loans for weddings was Rs 4.13 lakh. Photo: Reuters

Wedding loans on the rise in 2nd wave of Covid-19, shows survey

Aug 11, 2021

Wedding loans constituted 33 per cent, highest amongst other purposes, during the second wave of the pandemic as compared to 22 per cent during the first wave, shows a study conducted by IndiaLends

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AAA-rated company FDs offer over 6% returns, but consider risks

May 28, 2021

Times have changed. You have stringent regulations around which companies can float such FDs, but remember that company FDs are unsecured. In case a company goes insolvent, depositors will be the last ones to get paid. That said, invest with companies with good profitability and rating

Save lakhs on home loan! Here's what you need to do

May 17, 2021

Not just did property developers witness increase in housing sales on the back of lower interest rates last year, but they also found buyers looking for bigger homes

Harassment in fintech loan recovery: Why onus is on borrowers too

Jan 20, 2021

Fintech platforms might be taking borrowers for a ride, but onus is on the borrowers too - take loan with an intent to pay back, check the loan agreement parties, and be very alert about the data that you are sharing