Microsoft thinks Teams could use some games, because why not

Microsoft thinks Teams could use some games, because why not

Microsoft has started testing casual games inside Teams.

(Photo: Microsoft) (Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft thinks its Teams platform could use some livening up and has started working on bringing in some casual games to it. Sources familiar with the development and Microsoft’s plans have told The Verge that the company has started testing games like Connect 4, Solitaire, and Wordament on Microsoft Teams. The games are designed in such a way that colleagues can play against each other during meetings, and yes, Microsoft thinks this is a good idea.

Microsoft is looking at including games on Teams as a way to improve the experience and most companies continue to balance hybrid and remote work. These Casual Games are being tested internally for now, and it is possible the Microsoft might not roll it out to consumers and businesses.

Alongside these casual games that Microsoft is testing on Teams, Microsoft is also working on virtual spaces inside Teams where colleagues can socialise and network with games. These virtual spaces are a part of the company’s bigger metaverse plans and Microsoft has already shared some details about its ambitions regarding 3D avatars and immersive meetings that should arrive on Teams this year.

The company has also been adding new features to Teams keeping the remote work situation in mind, including the Together Mode it added two-years ago. The company has also rolled out remote-friendly views features, along with improvements on mobile.

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