Cover Story

  • Most problems relating to plastic money stem from the user’s lack of knowledge of rules and procedures. 
  • Credit card usage is growing but not the awareness about the rights and obligations of users. How to avoid the pitfalls that lurk in the fine print .
  • Turn over for the complete story about credit cards—the good, the bad and the ugly. So that the next time you extract your card from your wallet, it is with flourish and intelligence.
Insight Automatic wealth

Automatic wealth

A one-week delay in depositing a Rs 60,000 salary cheque can cost you up to Rs 1.11 lakh in over 25 years. Read on to find how.
Insurance Cover for sale

Cover for sale

A recent court judgement might help investors buy out somebody else's life insurance policy and reap rich dividends.

Cover for sale

A recent court judgement might help investors buy out somebody else’s life insurance policy and reap rich dividends.
Investment Partnering Angel

Partnering Angel

My observation is that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India is very new and quite a few entrepreneurs need more than mentoring and money.

Matters of interest

Continuously rising interest rates make FDs attractive, but still consider at least two more options.
In this MT Issue Card Trouble

Card Trouble

Don’t know what to do with a credit card related problem? Sachin Khandelwal, head of cards product group, ICICI Bank, tells you how to deal with some common ones

Swipe to Conquer

Credit cards offer tremendous convenience at a very marginal price. The onus is on the consumer to find out how he can make the most of it.
Real Estate Emerging suburbs in real estate

Emerging suburbs in real estate

A MONEY TODAY guide to bargain hunting for houses in India's 19 emerging suburbs.

Pune: no more second to Mumbai

In the last five years, partly due to its high-quality educational infrastructure, Pune has emerged as a favourite destination for IT-ITeS related real estate developments.
New Business Screen test

Screen test

There was no original DVD rental service in the country. This made Sameer start one.
BASICS Card primer

Card primer

Most urban Indians find credit cards necessary — a necessary evil though. That need not be if users understand what the plastic money really is and how it works. We explain.
Banking Net Profit or Loss

Net Profit or Loss

They make you click and pay…through your nose. Cyber scamsters use different tactics to trap victims.
Stocks IPO: Treasure or trash?

IPO: Treasure or trash?

Doubts have been raised if initial public offerings are still creating wealth of the kind and surety they did till a few months ago.
Books How to win the financial match

How to win the financial match

Though at times stretched, the cricketing analogy may lure cricket-loving financial neophytes to the intricacies of financial planning, says Devangshu Datta.
My Story Sweet taste of success

Sweet taste of success

Take a look at how Anju Agarwal transformed gifting into a business enterprise.
Technology Apple not forbidden

Apple not forbidden

We showcase some Apple accessories and gadgets which will appeal to all PC enthusiasts.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Journalists are communicators. Their job is to convey news to people. Often that news gets wrapped with the views—of experts and of the journalist writing it.
Tax Some tips for NRI investors

Some tips for NRI investors

Money brought into India as an NRI doesn't attract tax. But if invested, the income from it will be taxed.
Upfront Riding volatility

Riding volatility

When markets get volatile — as they have been in the recent weeks — even seasoned investors find it difficult to understand equity investments.
Expert View Betting the future on smart cards

Betting the future on smart cards

Plastic money comes with a bewildering variety of features and facilities.
Portfolio Doctor Good Saver, Bad Investor

Good Saver, Bad Investor

Navsari-based Hemant Chauhan needs to leverage his high risk-taking capability and invest aggressively in equity and debt markets to build a sizeable financial portfolio.
Sector Scenario Betting on oil

Betting on oil

Refining hit a 12-month high led by surging global fuel prices that hurt retail and petrochem margins.