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Cover Story

  • You need to make a will no matter what your age, income or family size is. We tell you how.
May 31, 2007
Insight Your world

Your world

This snapshot of the rupee's performance may aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Your Wallet Own a 29" TV

Own a 29" TV

EMI is a better indicator of affordability than  the MRP. We present a new way to compute affordability.
Mutual Fund Returns rise as equity markets soar

Returns rise as equity markets soar

We take a look at how mutual funds are behaving and how it can affect you.

NFO resume

DSP Merrill Lynch has launched an equity fund after a gap of almost two years. We deconstruct the NFO.
Portfolio Doctor Well begun, (but only) half done

Well begun, (but only) half done

Rajkot-based bachelor Shabbir Patel spends little and saves a lot. But he needs to tweak his investment strategy and buy insurance cover.
Books Verbose but informative

Verbose but informative

This book will equip you with the fundamentals to make a good beginning...and perhaps make a killing.
My Story Saucerful of success

Saucerful of success

'My initial attempts at cooking were a disaster, but the family stomached the hard grace.'
Sector Scenario Fast-track growth

Fast-track growth

Here we take a look at different companies doing well in the FMCG sector. ICICI Securities is upbeat on the consumer non-durables sector.
Stocks Hold Cipla stocks, cut down on ICICI

Hold Cipla stocks, cut down on ICICI

Foreign institutional investment has been three times more than Indian investment in stock markets.

Double gain double pain

Margin trading in stocks allows you to increase your buying power with borrowed money. But it could also amplify losses.

Tata Steel, Britannia stocks on the rise

Tata Steel is due for a 40 per cent equity dilution after it issues GDRs to finance the Corus deal.
Expert View Shattering myths

Shattering myths

A will can be made on ordinary paper and can be wholly handwritten by the testator.

Smooth succession

A nominee is not entitled to be the owner of the asset to which he has been nominated.

Untaxing inheritance

Any property passed through a will is not liable to capital gains tax.

Stocks to 'die for'

The values that its founders have hardcoded into Infosys' DNA are not likely to wither for years.

The sense in online advertising

'Our goal is to help websites make as much or more than with other advertising networks.'

Supporting role

hough a new concept in India, these plans will cover the gaps in your regular policy.

Margins and the math

In case of margin trading, try not to fully use the trading limit given to you. The extra limit provided is like an unused arrow in your quiver.
Insurance Widening the safety net

Widening the safety net

With increasing health-care costs, it's time to indemnify against things such as compensation for loss of income.
Editor's Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Estate planning need not begin when you are old, but should be planned just like we plan investments.
New Business Culinary cornucopia

Culinary cornucopia

Sceptical families and juggling jobs were some of the problems Burman and Bhatia faced as they ventured into hospitality.
Brain Trust 'Focus on investing, not on trading'

'Focus on investing, not on trading'

Mihir Vora, Head of Fund Management (Equities), HSBC Mutual Fund, gives his views on investing and shares a few secrets.
Upfront Bull ride for aam admi

Bull ride for aam admi

Mutual fund industry is reaching out to the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.

Home sweet home

real estate developers cannot charge escalation fee from buyers on the pretext of delayed projects.

Mobilising masses

Priced between Rs 777 and Rs 888, Reliance's three-model range of handsets is perhaps the cheapest sold in the country.

Spend it like Beckham

If India maintains a real compounded annual growth of 7.3% between 2005 and 2025, it is likely to leapfrog into the world’s fifthlargest consumer market by 2025.
BASICS Will-check


Here's a checklist that will help both parties-the willmaker and the beneficiary-assure a smooth transfer of assets. 
Real Estate Apartment or land?

Apartment or land?

One offers convenience, the other better returns. We look at the pros and cons of investing in an apartment or a plot of land.

Chandigarh: attracting builders in droves

India's first planned city is now attracting property builders and buyers in large numbers. We take a look at what could influence prices in the future.

Home truths

Rising land prices and higher interest rates look set to cause a temporary slowdown after a year of all time high property rates which turned many middle-class Indians into crorepatis.
Travel More mileage from the weak dollar

More mileage from the weak dollar

We introduce a personal finance guide to globetrotting, starting with tips on how to make the most of the strong rupee.
Technology Chip matters

Chip matters

Here's  a quick guide to help you pick the right processor amidst confusing choices.
Tax 'What tax benefits do donations provide?'

'What tax benefits do donations provide?'

We take a look at all your tax-related queries and try to offer the best possible solution.
Talk Back Talk back

Talk back

Child plans are definitely not the best investment products for building a corpus for higher education.
Small Fortune Bring home the movies

Bring home the movies

Are you spending too much at multiplexes? Cut down and you can save nearly Rs 6.8 lakh in 25 years. Read on.