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  • Yes, but you need to be more choosy about the shares you pick than ever before. If you can't, let a fund manager do it for you.
  • The days of heady returns on most assets are over for now. We advise you on where to invest.
  • Yes, and regularly, to ensure that your investment portfolio stays in sync with your timeline, investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Yes if you understand correlations between various investments you have made and how each asset moves in relation to others.
  • Volatile stock markets and high interest rates have made fixed income instruments attractive. Make most of this opportunity.
Mutual Fund Balanced funds stand out in market decline

Balanced funds stand out in market decline

Floating rate funds are well-equipped to handle interest volatility, but even they are not completely safe.

NFO resume

Prasunjit Mukherjee, CEO of Plexus Management, a Kolkata-based fund tracker, deconstructs the NFO.
Expert View Taking Interest

Taking Interest

In the current scenario the debt and fixed return instruments look very attractive and interest rates on bank deposits are still above 10% is indicative of good times.

Ulips don't lie

Ulips give flexibility to decrease or increase protection over the term of the plan. One can also add health insurance cover by adding critical illness riders.

Engage early with the market

The entrepreneur should be willing to stay the course in spite of the inevitable initial hiccups and hurdles.

Enigma of returns

The question is not which sector looks good. It is where MFS and FIIS will be pumping in liquidity.

Riding volatility

Investors with a long-term perspective can take the systematic route to investing. Systematic investment and transfer plans operate on the principle of rupee cost averaging.

Hype defused

The rupee could further strengthen against the dollar to about Rs 38-39. But dipping exports, noise by exporters and low inflation could prompt the RBI to intervene and push it back to the Rs 40-42 range. Investors will just have to live with currency volatility.
Query Corner Why a Rs 10 fund is as costly as a Rs 20 fund?

Why a Rs 10 fund is as costly as a Rs 20 fund?

We introduce a new interactive section for investors. Write to us and we will give a detailed answer.
BASICS SARAL but not short

SARAL but not short

If small is beautiful, taxpayers can say goodbye to Saral forms. The new income tax return forms are substantially lengthier than various Saral variants used till now.
Insurance Are Ulips the right choice?

Are Ulips the right choice?

Yes. If you invest for at least 10 years and review allocation, it will give you the best combo of insurance and mutual funds.
Talk Back Talk Back: Letters to the editor

Talk Back: Letters to the editor

It is a misconceived notion that wills must be made only in old age. A will should be written as soon as an individual has reasonable wealth that may be useful to the person it is bequeathed to.
Tax 'Go for liquid funds'

'Go for liquid funds'

This will allow you to get the money in your credit on one day's notice, though at a minor interest loss.
Portfolio Doctor Early bird advantage

Early bird advantage

Chennai-based U.N. Subhash has been wise to start investing early but must increase his exposure to equity and insure himself adequately.
My Story Master of memory

Master of memory

Here's how Mahavir Jain, 32, used his power of mind to build a business. He had spare time to develop vocabulary building modules using mnemonics.
Small Fortune Walk your way to wealth

Walk your way to wealth

Joining a gym can hurt your financial health. Instead, jogging or walking in the neighbourhood park can help you save Rs 6.15 lakh.
Sector Scenario Cementing Gains

Cementing Gains

Valuations of cement stocks seem to be reasonably priced. Companies are upgrading their recommendation to ‘reduce’ from ‘sell’.
Stocks 'Buy' recommendation

'Buy' recommendation

Foreign institutional investors continue to be heavy buyers of Indian stocks, benefiting from a strong rupee that translates into higher returns in US dollars. Indian mutual funds too have turned buyers.

Cheers! UB Group buyout gets stocks on a high

Reliance Capital has attracted the interest of many foreign financial institutions. An expected sale of cross-holdings in its own group concerns should boost profits.
New Business Make or break

Make or break

Manoj worked on an idea for six years before turning full time entrepreneur. His payback time may be about to begin.
Editors Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

There are too many investors who could have avoided trouble and losses had they asked basic questions before investing their money. So “Ask Questions” is the best advice we can give you about how to invest wisely.
Real Estate Home abroad

Home abroad

More and more Indians are now looking at buying a house abroad, be it as a second home or a holiday base. Here’s a look at the available options.

Nagpur:changing landscape rapidly

The number of new houses in Nagpur have almost doubled in the past four years. But the heavy demand for housing has ensured capital appreciation despite such robust supply.
Upfront Untaxing Returns

Untaxing Returns

The Saral was an omnibus form to be used by all taxpayers with all types of taxable income.  The single-page form is the outgoing Saral and the multi-page variants are the new income tax return (ITR) forms.
Travel Earn wings without flying

Earn wings without flying

You need to know about how airline frequent flyer programmes stack up, from collecting reward miles to redeeming those slippery points.
Technology Home Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi

Wireless networks are no longer out of your reach. By spending less than Rs 10,000 you can surf the Net, print documents and pictures and listen to music.
Careers Make most of job boom

Make most of job boom

India Inc is all set to create 8.2 lakh jobs this year. Before you update your CV and look for a new opportunity, analyse your goals and the need to change.
Brain Trust 'Don't time the markets'

'Don't time the markets'

A seasoned fund manager shares his investment strategy, his best moments and mistakes, and advice for small investors with MONEY TODAY.