Mutual Fund

Insight Your world

Your world

This snapshot of the rupee's performance will aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Your Wallet Own a camcorder

Own a camcorder

EMI is a better indicator of affordability than the MRP. We present a new way to compute affordability.

Secure your home

Those high-tech gizmos that keep your home safe do not cost as much as you think.
Stocks Cement stocks holding firm

Cement stocks holding firm

Cement plays (Madras Cement, India Cement, Birla Corp) have been in focus in the past three months.

Sit back and earn

With volatility ebbing from the markets, it is time to stay put with our pickings, but with minor changes.

Tyre industry: On a roll

The Indian tyre industry generates roughly Rs 18,800 crore in revenues with an aggregate installed capacity of 12-13 lakh tonnes.
Real Estate Bhopal: big opportunity in store

Bhopal: big opportunity in store

With half the projects under 'Destination Madhya Pradesh' to be implemented in and around Bhopal, the city is drawing developers in hordes.
Small Fortune Work @ home

Work @ home

Work out of home just once a week and you will be able to save about Rs 4.9 lakh.
Technology Free web apps

Free web apps

There's a whole world of undiscovered sites offering amazingly useful tools and information. Take a look.
In this MT Issue Wealthy & wise

Wealthy & wise

Clearly, the investment distribution has changed, and for better. But is this shuffle driven by market conditions or investor attitudes or both?
Travel Reserving Holidays: Is it for you?

Reserving Holidays: Is it for you?

Money Today tells you whether timeshare is a suitable holiday option for you.
Tax How is PPF different from RPF?

How is PPF different from RPF?

The tenure of the PPF is usually 15 years, while an RPF continues as long as you are employed.
Talk Back Talk Back

Talk Back

The proposal to scrap entry load for investors who approach mutual fund companies directly is laudable. (
My Story On the wings of fortune

On the wings of fortune

The purchase of one aeroplane has opened several business possibilities for Bahadur C Gupta who risked millions to earn much more.
BASICS Are you investing in career

Are you investing in career

A successful entrepreneur must have a clear plan followed by continuous reassessment of growth before reaping profits. Building a winning career demands a similar approach. Your returns depend on the quantity and quality of investment you make in your career.
Investment Interest rate & bank stocks

Interest rate & bank stocks

The profitability of the banking sector falls when interest rates rise and vice-versa. Here’s what this implies for banking shares.
Insurance Cover your mistakes

Cover your mistakes

An error or omission can land a professional in trouble if the client drags the matter to court.
Banking How to get quick and good deal

How to get quick and good deal

With banks getting more cautious-yet-flexible in approving home loans, getting a quick and good deal isn’t very straightforward. We offer some tips.
Editors Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Make career planning an essential part — or perhaps the starting point — of your financial planning. You will save and invest better if you earn better.
New Business Reel-life success

Reel-life success

From a sales executive to a producer of 11 feature films, Bobby Bedi’s success stems from doing things differently.
Expert View How mentoring spells success

How mentoring spells success

A mentor's actions that bring out his intentions to be on the side of the mentee are probably the most critical step to creating trust.

Lead, don't just manage

Lead your career and invest in it, instead of just managing it.

If at first you don't succeed...

When careers get derailed, the failure is not in falling down, but in staying down.

Your job as wealth creator

Career asset values are literally going through the roof, much like other indices in India, e.g. stock markets and real estate.

Don't be 'F' in money matters

We grasp the principles of finance, and earn career qualifications… but cannot put finance to enrich our own lives with the things we love.

How to make career an asset

Unlike yesterday, the key to this asset lies with us and we have a fair chance of unlocking our own value. We can make things happen and chart the course of our lives.
Careers The career orkut

The career orkut

Looking for new job opportunities? Need to cross-check a reference? Want advice on a work-related issue? Join a business networking site.

Work through retirement

When your investments mature, you reinvest. Likewise, retirement is not the end of your working life, but the beginning of a different career.

Recovering from losses

A job loss need not put you permanently out of action. With some planning and care, you can emerge intact and solvent.

How to maximise career returns

A good career needs understanding of the emerging trends and capturing them—within or across several careers.

Finding the right adviser

Mentoring can provide direction to your career and add value to your networth.

When to churn your career

When your career stops generating positive returns, it is time to reinvest in a more paying job; just like you would do with your money.

Career as your biggest asset

Managing a career was never so important or so daunting. But take heart. That's what we are here for — to act as counsellor if need be.
Brain Trust Asset allocation must guide investments

Asset allocation must guide investments

R Srinivasan, a portfolio manager, tells us his investment mantra and advises on which stocks to go for and which to avoid.
Books For the true understanding of shares

For the true understanding of shares

Written in a simple format for the lay person, this book tells us why reading a company’s financial statement is important before investing in its stocks.