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  • Given inside is a range of washing machines which can be yours at easy instalments, ranging from as low as Rs 666 to Rs 2,549.
Mutual Fund Balanced funds fading out

Balanced funds fading out

Balanced funds are out of favour, understandably so with markets doing well and most investors seeking maximum equity exposure in their portfolios.

Why and how to go global

Mutual funds that invest your money abroad add a new dimension to your investment strategy. Here’s what they are and how you could benefit from them.

All that's gold may not gliter

Money Today and Plexus Management evaluate the Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund and bring you the report card.

'Have a plan and stay focused'

Chetan Sehgal, Director (Research), Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, shares with us his investment mantra.
Stocks Power, infrastructure stocks on a high

Power, infrastructure stocks on a high

Here we take a look at how different stocks have been performing over different time periods and which ones are worth investing in. Take a look.

P-notes: cause for a pause not a crash

Here's what the stir over participatory notes is all about, and why it won't derail inflow of funds into Indian stocks.

Stock of the economy

That when you are investing in a stock, you are actually investing in a business. As the business grows, so will the value of your stock.

Sensible buying

Sticking to our mandate, our fund manager remains conservative in Safe Wealth while buying five new stocks for the Wealth Zoom portfolio.

Ashok Leyland, Aban Offshore make a good buy

MONEY TODAY scans dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.
My Story Penalised for pre-payment

Penalised for pre-payment

Starting this fortnight, we present a new series on people fighting for financial rights. This issue features the story of Sudarshan Vaid, who fought when a bank charged him pre-payment penalty.
Technology After click

After click

Here are some really cool online albums which, apart from the usual uploading of images, let you print your picture on coffee mugs and T-shirts, and place bulk orders and even get a home delivery.
Books First lessons in financial education

First lessons in financial education

Targeted at the financial neophyte, Gerald Krefetz’s jargon-free book helps a reader know the basic rules of saving and investing for a long-term, secured future.
New Business Zooming in on success

Zooming in on success

When his first venture failed, Soumo Ganguly saw opportunity in making films for corporates. Today he runs a media company that is likely to touch a turnover of Rs 10 crore.
Real Estate Nashik: IT industry's next choice?

Nashik: IT industry's next choice?

Located strategically between the established economic and real estate hotspots of Mumbai and Pune, Nashik is turning out to be the IT and real estate industry's next choice.
Small Fortune Free holiday every five years

Free holiday every five years

Don't throw away the promotional leaflets and discount coupons that come with your newspaper. There could be a free holiday hidden in them.
BASICS Risk calculator

Risk calculator

Your risk appetite is seen in every facet of life. So, what is your risk profile? Take this test and find out.

The right choice

You invest to finance future expenditure. But have you chosen the right investment option for your goals? Here's a simple match-the-following quiz for you.
Expert View Oil to pump up returns

Oil to pump up returns

India has 26 identified sedimentary basins of which only seven are under production. Around 81% of the acreage with potential remains unexplored.

19 mistakes people (including this writer!) make

We are over-researched in buying opportunities but selling expertise...well, our official stance is that we are invested for the longterm, so why bother?
Investment Invest smart and stay happy

Invest smart and stay happy

When you are investing in a stock, you are investing in a business. Investors from across the country tell you how to build wealth through stock investing and what to do during volatility.

Profit booking: when & how much

Averaging out your selling reduces the risk that randomly fluctuating markets impose on your profits. Ditto for buying. Unless you are sure, don't buy your entire quota of stocks in one day.
Banking Premium plastic

Premium plastic

Beyond being status symbols, do exclusive credit cards offer tangible benefits? We find out for you.
Insurance Cover you need but didn't know

Cover you need but didn't know

We hunted down five policies you might never have heard of. These are not for everyone, but if you have special needs then these might work for you.
Tax How not to gift-wrap a tax

How not to gift-wrap a tax

We tell you how to ensure that your gifts do not push up the recipient's tax liability.

I'm leaving India forever? When should I file returns?

This income is taxable in the same financial year. And you are eligible for tax cuts on investments that allow deductions.
Portfolio Doctor Scope for better returns

Scope for better returns

Delhi-based Pramod and Anshul Sharma must invest more and increase their equity exposure to maximise returns and build a sizeable corpus.
Query Corner How much of house rent allowance is exempt from income tax?

How much of house rent allowance is exempt from income tax?

This is an interactive section for investors. Read on to find out simple answers to common questions that trouble investors. Do you have a query regarding your investments? Write to us.
Sector Scenario Ringing in growth

Ringing in growth

Emkay Research is very bullish about the prospects of the Indian mobile telephony sector.
In this MT Issue The invisible hole

The invisible hole

Even if you are the most careful, canny and aware investor, there’s a silent erosion of your wealth and there’s really nothing you can do about it. It’s called inflation.
Talk Back What is the benchmark index of your model portfolios?

What is the benchmark index of your model portfolios?

The benchmark index for the portfolios is Nifty, and we do factor in brokerage costs in our transactions.
Editors Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Our past issues on life insurance, real estate, mutual funds, financial rights (to name just a few) are as relevant today as they were during their issue cycle. And now you can catch all of them on the website for free.