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Infographic: The rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has emerged as the highest return generating asset after it scaled $58,000 milestone, appreciating 1,080% since its coronavirus lows

Mudit Kapoor | Mohsin Shaikh | February 22, 2021 | Updated 16:25 IST
Infographic: The rise of Bitcoin
The rise of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies now command more than $1.5 trillion in market capitalisation amid increased global acceptance and investor interest. Within this new class of financial asset, world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has emerged as the biggest profit-making asset, delivering more than 1,000% returns since its coronavirus lows in March 2020. This BusinessToday.In graphicle explains how Bitcoin works, tracks its journey since its inception, examines how it has performed compared to other traditional assets during the pandemic and looks into which countries in the world are game for this unregulated financial asset.

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