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  • Volkswagen, already top dog in Europe, China and South America, is ready for its big India push. Now that it has an indirect stake in Maruti Suzuki, here's why Indian carmakers ought to be worried.
  • An estimated Rs 100,000 crore might be invested in the coming five years to expand production capacity in India.
  • This year will see a slew of car launches, and not just at the top end.
  • In the rarefied air of Rs 30-lakh plus cars, a new king has been crowned.
  • The misfiring auto parts giant is counting on India to prime it back to growth.
  • Six months after India's auto wonder rolled out, BT asked some of the first buyers what made them buy it. Love at first sight, with no tiffs so far? Well, minor ones…
Jan 24, 2010
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

The age-old debate on the separation between the church and the state is of special significance to us.
Features How India is changing PepsiCo

How India is changing PepsiCo

Under Indra Nooyi PepsiCo wants to become a smarter and healthier food and beverages company. Here's the story on how India is at the vanguard of that transition.

PepsiCo's India talent factory

The number of Indians rotated through the Indian offices of PepsiCo to the rest of the enterprise and other companies is spectacular.

"India is going to be our biggest learning lab"

Indira Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo, took time to speak with BT's Rohit Saran and Shamni Pande on why PepsiCo India holds the key to the transformation that PepsiCo is unleashing upon itself globally.

Early morning blues

Why adding 55 minutes to trading hours has become such a big issue between the stock exchange administrators and the brokers.

Divide and grow

Political calculations may have spurred the recent demand for new states but a study shows that states perform better economically after they break up into smaller entities.

A CAT exam a day?

Should the once-a-year CAT be made flexible like the GMAT, with multiple attempts in a year, dates of choice and bankable scores? Most experts say yes—but in due course.

The swelling cloud in the blue sky

Cloud computing is expected to be a $42-billion opportunity by 2012, and Indian IT services' top tier doesn't want to lose out on this great white hope.

Get a handle on your regrets

The negative emotion, if managed effectively, can bolster success.

Capitalising on Kadle

Eight years after Tata Finance came apart, the Tata Group is ready with the first phase of its second wind in financial services with a former group company CFO at the helm.

Gaining rural currency (and remitting it)

India is the largest recipient of remittances in the world, and roughly 60 per cent of those go into rural areas. That's one reason why Western Union has spread deep and wide into the countryside.

MapmyIndia mobile maps

There is no doubt that MapmyIndia has some of the best maps, but Rs 2,490 for the software is a bit pricey, considering Google Maps (far from perfect, admittedly) is free.
Technology Online death

Online death

Dealing with death on the Internet is almost as tough as real life.
Money Investment outlook for 2010

Investment outlook for 2010

When a year has been as unbelievably good as 2009 was for the market, the New Year brings with it not just hope but also uncertainty. To quell investor anxiety, BT gets financial market experts to foretell how the different asset classes will fare in 2010.
Letters Letters


The economic headwinds set off by the downturn did take businesses for a rough-knuckled ride.
Jobs On firm footing

On firm footing

The job market is stable as infrastructure, manufacturing gain ground.
Focus TFC's magic wand

TFC's magic wand

The Thirteenth Finance Commission makes some radical—but highly desirable and doable—prescriptions.

India Inc. tops the leadership charts

The resilience of India Inc. during the economic downturn has won it the top position in a global survey of confidence in corporate leadership.

'Cohort' Joins IIM-A Placement Jargon

There will no longer be a 'day zero' at IIM-Ahmedabad, when top firms come calling to recruit some of the brightest young management graduates.

"I'm Fine, Thank You"

When problems between Paramount Airways and its lessor surfaced recently, many wondered whether another airline had hit a bad patch. Speaking to N. Madhavan, the Paramount Airways MD, M. Thiagarajan, though, strikes a defiant note.

Why WorldSpace crashed

WorldSpace had filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 of the US laws in 2008 after incurring debts of over $2.9 billion. The shutting of Indian operations, therefore, was imminent.

Indians splurge on luxury without guilt

The economic slowdown has seemingly not affected the Indian consumers as much as their counterparts in Hong Kong, France or U.K. At least, their appetite for luxury remains healthy as ever.

Lalu vs Mamata: Who's right?

Railways. A white paper tabled by Banerjee in Parliament trashes Lalu's track record at the helm of the Railways Ministry asserting that his performance was actually "below par".

DSE's Second Coming

The Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) is all set to begin its new innings from February.

The recovery map

Data trickling in from around the world indicates that most major economies have returned to positive growth in the second half of 2009. So, 2010 is certain to be the year of global economic recovery.

The best-performing CEOs

Mukesh Ambani and K.V. Kamath get a place at the high table in an HBR study of long-term performance.

Eating wisely for a greener world

A study shows how changing food habits of Indians will slow down the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the country by 2020.

Well said

"I can only say that those who didn't give Zoozoos an award at Cannes are first-class idiots"
Event Has Scientific Research in India Kept Pace with the Country's Economic Progress?

Has Scientific Research in India Kept Pace with the Country's Economic Progress?

An elite panel attempts to answer this question, and more, in this discussion on Securing India's Scientific Future.
Columns Of bold investors and multi-asset-class products

Of bold investors and multi-asset-class products

Once full convertibility is in place and the 2011 Tax Code ends the distinction between domestic and global products, there is likely to be greater demand for global investment products.

More for less for more

We should learn to do "More with Less" resources so that "More" people can participate in growth... India doesn't have a "forgetting curve" to worry about.
Book Simply superb

Simply superb

Captain Gopinath's autobiography is a treasure trove of real life lessons in starting a business.
Deal Watch BT-Ernst and Young deal watch

BT-Ernst and Young deal watch

The Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Hospira Inc. deal for the purchase of the former's generic injectable pharmaceuticals business will benefit both parties.
Leadership Spotlight My leadership style

My leadership style

The leadership lesson I remember best "Be fiscally conservative so that you can be creatively reckless" a quote by Peter Chernin that has inspired me.
People "He knew how to nurture talent"

"He knew how to nurture talent"

Remembering R. Ravimohan, By Roopa Kudva, MD and CEO, CRISIL