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  • A pre-hire orientation lets new bies know the company well even before they join.
  • New initiatives include mentors at the plant, and evaluation every three months.
  • Youngsters are lapping up two-minute learning modules
  • Following the success of a skit presentation by trainees, it will now be used for training frontline staff.
  • More than observing work patterns, evaluating output is important.
  • Questions are encouraged, job rotation is a norm.
  • Youngsters are allowed to spend time during working hours on pet projects.
  • Thirtysomethings at IBM India will soon be trained on how to deal with twentysomethings
  • Youngsters will soon start mentoring their seniors. The objective: How to listen to GenY.
  • Youngsters have been roped into managing and imparting agility to the company.
Sep 19, 2010
BT More My stuff

My stuff

Raynald Aeschlimann, VP & International Director of Sales, Retail & Distribution, Omega.

Bridging divides

The architectural excellence of these bridges expresses their creators' abstract ideas in a language of concrete and steel. Knowing which bridge to cross and which to burn was never easier. Here's shining a spotlight on their anatomy.

The best greens

Whether you are a diehard golf junkie or a rookie, teeing-off at India's most unique golf courses with vast stretches of pristine green is something to die for.

Do it yourself guide

Learn how to do daily things on your own.

Social mores

The things that are nice to know.

Track and wield

Check the desirability quotient.

Curious case of the 5 GT

BMW is renowned for clubbing disparate cars together, but the 5-series Gran Turismo really pushes the envelope with its large size, smooth handling and oodles of power. Check it out.

A cuppa in your food

Is tea the new wine? A quirky new phenomena is emerging in the culinary arts with tea playing a crucial part in the preparation of some truly fine food. We take a look at how its done.

Tock of the town

A BT Special on watches of all times.

Classic watches

There was a return to elegance this year. Complications were cleanly hidden underneath dials that were smart and sparse. Here's a look at chronographs that will become an instant classic.

Complicated watches

From flying tourbillons to movements that offset gravitational effects, these timepieces promise precision powered by the complex dynamics of technology. Brace yourself for a whole different level of mechanical ingenuity.

Watches: More for less

Time to get skinted-minted. Amped up with just the right amount of style and substance, here are some watches that are trendy, souped up with technical-finesse and, yet, don't burn a hole in your wallet.

Rugged watches

From gold to titanium, moon dust to ceramic, watches have gotten bigger, stronger and better. Going diving or flying a plane, these timepieces will show you the way.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak with A. Vellayan

Leaderspeak with A. Vellayan

Here is a amall Q&A with A. Vellayan, Chairman, Murugappa Group
Utility Frozen shoulder? Don't shrug it off

Frozen shoulder? Don't shrug it off

A sedentary lifestyle and zero exercise of shoulder muscles are the triggers.

People, places and products

Here is a look at people, places and products doing the rounds these days.
Book 'I'm Yet to Find a Company with a Perfect DNA for Innovation'

'I'm Yet to Find a Company with a Perfect DNA for Innovation'

In their book The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble - both faculty at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth - have questioned many established views on innovation.
Technology Run, jump, twist and turn

Run, jump, twist and turn

Microsoft's Kinect system for the Xbox 360 game console is fun, and also gives you an idea of the future.
Money More bang for your penny

More bang for your penny

You can make money in micro-cap stocks, but you've got to be cautious, patient-and lucky.

Choose the right option

Your retirement plan should be a mix of different investments. We analyse the various instruments and tell you how they can fit into your plan.
Jobs Resolving conflict at work

Resolving conflict at work

Differences at the workplace are inevitable, but there are fixes before they start harming people and productivity.
Features Static on the FM channel

Static on the FM channel

Pranab Mukherjee's stewardship is missed at the North Block, 18 months into his tenure. He's been busy but not as the country's finance minister.

How Mudra got its groove back

Yes, Mudra can be creative, and it now wants to set itself apart from the rest of the agency pack by focusing on the consumer rather than the client.

Indian BPOs fading voice

The Philippines' ascent in call centres could serve as a pointer to wider troubles for India.

Biosimilars beckon

Indian pharma companies are targeting generic versions of biotech-based drugs, which can slash treatment costs for killer diseases like cancer.

Your hazardous waste, my fuel

Many countries have embraced co-processing as an effective means of waste disposal, but India is just about waking up to its potential.

Home sick

Poorly skilled construction workers and world-class home fitting brands make for an odd match in India.

Still game

Despite the gloom surrounding the Commonwealth Games, there are some projects that shine and promise to change the face of Delhi forever.

Second Life

The used car market in India is growing faster than the new car market and a clutch of companies is gearing up to take advantage of it.
60 minutes "We will have five more cities like Gurgaon, but won't repeat its mistakes"

"We will have five more cities like Gurgaon, but won't repeat its mistakes"

Haryana's only chief minister to have returned to office after a five-year term, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, says he will not only fix Gurgaon's problems but also create five such cities minus its woes.
Corporate Don't look, we're changing

Don't look, we're changing

In the post-Kamath era, the ICICI Group has a new game plan for growth and a new team to execute it - but will it miss the old guard?
Columns Define expectations for 'why' generation

Define expectations for 'why' generation

Last month, I was asked to provide career counselling to a client's daughter, a bright and qualified young lady who had dabbled in communications and research and now was considering a career in recruiting.

Define expectations for 'why' generation

Last month, I was asked to provide career counselling to a client's daughter, a bright and qualified young lady. But, I was left wondering what India Inc. needs to do to manage GenY.
Focus A bumpy ride ahead

A bumpy ride ahead

The global economic recovery remains fragile, but a double-dip recession is unlikely, argues Azim Premji.

Monitoring BlackBerry

The government crackdown on BlackBerry services might not go down well with its over one million users in India and may adversely impact its sales.

Take stock of risks

We all pay margin money to stock exchanges when buying stocks but do we all really know how it is calculated and the rationale for it? Here's a primer.

Review and technology

We try out the latest entrant in the small car segment and Samsung's new superphone.

In the Spotlight

A global leader in metals and mining, Anil Agarwal surprised everyone with his proposed takeover of Cairn Energy's India business recently.

India Inc.'s tryst with social media

Companies are promoting brands through social networks but it's early days yet.

Strong demand for economy hotels in India

Gilles C. Pelisson, Chairman and CEO of Accor, one of the world's leading hotel chains, spoke to BT's Anumeha Chaturvedi about his India plans.

"Global investors remain bullish on India"

Rahul Bajoria, Regional Economist at Barclays Capital, one of the world's largest investment banks, was in India recently on a whistle-stop business tour.


Here is out take on technology and projects around the world.
Executives Born to Rule @ Work

Born to Rule @ Work

Organisations are bending over backwards to accommodate the "brat generation" that sticks to no rules but its own. Twentysomethings are changing the Indian workplace - mostly for the better.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

India's demographic dividend is not just about the "age bulge" that is propelling us into No. 3 position in the global economy.