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  • At Bajaj Capital, employees have a chance to get rich along with the promoters and clients.
  • Being largely owned and managed by employees, any professional on the shopfloor can aspire to be a director.
  • The Aditya Birla Group company innovates to fulfill the needs and dreams of its talent.
  • BHEL retains skilled talent with a mix of work satisfaction and a content family front. It was a pioneer in HR practices.
  • There is a need for better remuneration for managers and better engagement from the top leadership.
  • While ONGC is in a high-risk business, its main attraction remains a low-risk, high-return PSU lifestyle.
  • You can't go wrong with a motto like that: after all, the efficiency of a power plant depends on its people.
  • Two things offered by IOC that even money cannot buy in the private sector's dog-eats-dog world.
  • The bloated behemoth has shrinking revenues and ritzy private rivals. Yet, it's the first choice for telecom jobs.
  • RCom delivers employee value with its Intranet portal. That differentiator could be its trump card in the tough times ahead.
  • Filling up this simple scorecard will help you find how important and comprehensive HR is in your company — and if it is really delivering effective solutions. Developed by business advisory platform Corporate Executive Board, the 20-point evaluation form deals with issues ranging from rewards to relations and assessments to succession, to give you a quick yet complete assessment of your HR. 
  • Some regional, demographic and occupation-specific HR trends from the survey.
  • More companies, sector champions and fresh insights into HR — the 9th annual study breaks new ground. There has been a vast shift in the methodology as BT decides to make it the most comprehensive survey ever. Watch photos
  • Number one on all survey parameters, the Infosys brand strongly resonates in the Indian job market. Making it echo globally is the company's next milestone.
  • Five years after planting its flag in India, Google has just Infosys ahead of it as a dream office. Yawn...
  • The career of each of TCS' 1.25 lakh employees is monitored closely to ensure job rotation, exposure and development of skills. Phew!
  • The freedom and flexibility are addictive: after working here, it is tough adjusting elsewhere.
  • The company has slipped 4 ranks because new entrants have stolen a march on it.
  • Wipro is seen as a secure and flexible employer. So what if salaries are lower by a fifth than at global rivals?
  • SBI is pulling out all stops to bring about attitudinal changes in its 2.05 lakh employees.
  • Bharti Airtel's employee-first strategy seems to be working for it. The firm makes a debut on this listing.
  • At HP India, you could move from hardware to software, or even from engineering to environment management.
  • A culture of meritocracy has helped HDFC Bank gain the confidence of its employees.
  • Reliance's obsession with thinking big entices the brightest to India's largest private sector conglomerate.
  • For the past eight years Business Today, along with survey and knowledge partners, have been bringing you an annual listing of India's Best Companies To Work For.
  • At ICICI Bank, employees get an opportunity to have knowledge and skills uploaded into their brains—as long as they have the right mindset.
Feb 07, 2010
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

Features Opening up of Indian legal service sector: Vasani

Opening up of Indian legal service sector: Vasani

The legal profession in India fails to catch-up with the globalisation efforts and has been operating under the protectionist provisions of the Advocates Act, 1961.

Allow foreign legal firms in India: Salve

Foreign law firms have clients who need advice on Indian law issues, on structuring transactions, and also help in litigation in India.

Various models of opening up: JETCO Report, 2006

The UK-India Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) was set up in pursuance of the UK-India Joint Declaration made at London by the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and India on September 20, 2004.

Gadget Mecca

If there is one pilgrimage all gadget aficionados must make, it is to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held every January in Las Vegas. Sulabh Puri made the trip this year.

Back door is legal here

The Bombay High Court has stalled the entry of foreign law firms--for now. But it was acting on a case 15 years old. And times have changed.

Made-in-India Windows?

Over the last two decades, the Indian IT industry has been propelled to $64.5 billion in size, primarily because of its success in services.

Solid foundations

With his mother as mentor, Rajeev Piramal has driven growth at Peninsula Land and shielded it from the carnage in the real estate sector.

Property's new pashas

But, as they go about raising funds from the public, will these promoters veer around the mistakes made by many of the earlier lot who tapped the primary market?

The art of self-evaluation

... begins with self-appraisal and goes much beyond the next promotion and pay hike.

Future in my hands

A micro-pension scheme that is helping millions of Indians build a future, brick-by-brick as they go through the daily grind, touches Delhi's autorickshaw drivers. BT sees if the drivers like it.
Focus Mahindra Satyam: Well begun, but only half-done

Mahindra Satyam: Well begun, but only half-done

It's now a year since the Satyam scandal rocked corporate India. The company's new owners (Tech Mahindra) are busy restoring credibility and turning around its fortunes.

PE investments at a 4-year low

The year 2009 was another challenging year for private equity (PE) investments in India thanks largely to the aftershock of the credit crisis and mirroring a global trend.

Soon, you could own BSE and NSE

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) could soon be given the go-ahead to list their shares on the respective bourses.

Avatar's lesson for Bollywood

A good business plan, smart marketing skills and a great story line can easily break the language barrier, reach out to larger audiences and reap in the riches, even if it is a Hollywood film fighting for the spoils with a Bollywood blockbuster.

BT-TAM most watched ads in December 2009

The dust has finally settled after the festive season and several categories are making a comeback in the Business Today-TAM People Meter System's monthly ranking of "India's Most Watched Ads".

BT-Carma CEO watch

India's and the world's most talked-about CEOs in December.

The economics of unique identity

There is a lot the Unique Identiy (UID) number will do. And a lot that it can't.

Highways to prosperity

If Highways Minister Kamal Nath walks the talk of building 20 km of road per day, he will create economic value and improve the lot of the aam aadmi.

How Indian MNCs brought the credit crisis home

A new study suggests Indian MNCs were responsible for the rapid transmission of the Lehman bankruptcy impact into the Indian financial markets.

Growth's back, consumer confidence isn't

The Indian economy has staged a spectacular recovery, but the Indian consumer is still battling the blues.

The future of Dollar

The dollar will not lose its preeminent status as the global reserve currency in the foreseeable future, but there will be greater exchange rate volatility.
BT More Emotions accessorised

Emotions accessorised

Artist Anju Dodiya uses accessories as extensions of the characters depicted.

Indrani Dasgupta 20s

A model who is being touted as the supermodel of the decade is attracted to men with a sense of humour.

Two gems

Soon, India and bad roads will not be synonymous, as these great drives show.

The books that shaped my life

Every issue we ask a prominent business person about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Michael Whitaker, Group CEO, InterGlobe Enterprises.


February 1-28. What's new and what's happening this month.

Entertain and more

Devices that are music to your ears. And guide you home.

Drive away the blues

Recovered from the party season but have yet to get started on your fitness regime? There are ways to ease into the workout routine.

Bangalore: Pan-Asian pretender

A new restaurant in town is trying to create its own niche.

Mumbai: Melting pot

A new family eatery makes the most of its ample space and serves up some good food.


The great and comic Quentin Tarantino comes out of his slump with a wilfully strange movie that celebrates quirky behaviour.

Call of the Konyak

Home to 16 tribes, animistic beliefs, lush green hills and pristine rivers, Nagaland is a fascinating land that time has forgotten.

"The Ghost who walks"

After a long wait, the grandfather of luxury automobiles delivers its swank new baby.

The best buys

From limited edition pens to handmade handsets, there's plenty out there to surprise your loved ones with this February.

The great debate

BMW and Land Rover. One is a topless sportscar. The other a dune-bashing SUV. Which one should you buy?

Generation next

The new generation E-class is finally here. And it's certainly been worth the wait.

An android year?

Google's Mobile operating system is winning plaudits and has some amazing devices running it, though there are some niggles.

Vintage passion

What marks Nitin Dossa as a true connoisseur of vintage cars is his undiminished passion for acquiring and restoring these beauties.

Wines for all reasons

When you go out for an Indian meal, or have kebabs as appetisers, don't hesitate to order a bottle of wine. Here are some suggestions.
Letters The Carousing's Just Begun

The Carousing's Just Begun

For years our automobile industry did not have much to offer in the way of fresh air (Watch Out For Volkswagen, BT cover, Jan. 24). But now, India's fast-whirring economic engine is proving to be the lightening rod for car makers from around the world as they go about turning the country into a crowded corner of the automotive universe.
Columns This inflation has nothing to do with monetary policy

This inflation has nothing to do with monetary policy

By tightening monetary policy, we won't solve inflation. But we will succeed in shackling growth.

HR and the CEO...HR and Employees...HR and the Bottom Line...

PeopleStrong CEO and Founder Pankaj Bansal answers five critical questions regarding human resource function.
People The Tweeting Boss

The Tweeting Boss

Anand Mahindra is by far the most active CEO (and possibly the only promoter) of a large Indian conglomerate to participate on Twitter.

A new calling

Sanjay Kapoor, Deputy CEO of Bharti Airtel, is taking over the company's hot seat from April 1 as Manoj Kohli gets set to plot the company's global expansion.

ISB's Man Friday

There is, perhaps, a good reason why the new Dean of the Indian School of Business (ISB) prefers to bank on ancient wisdom.
Money The early bird guide to planning

The early bird guide to planning

We conclude our series on financial planning by telling you how life after hanging up your boots can be bliss or a bane.

Mistakes to avoid

Every middle-class Indian family has four major financial planning goals—buying a house, child's education, child's marriage and retirement.
Careers Power postings

Power postings

Jobs with attractive benefits in the power sector make up for the lack of buzz about it.
Book Did China create the crisis?

Did China create the crisis?

Giles Chance adds a new dimension to our understanding of the financial meltdown by highlighting the role of China in precipitating the credit crisis.
60 minutes "Indian companies need to develop a pool of leaders"

"Indian companies need to develop a pool of leaders"

In New Delhi to coach salespersons at India's largest foreign-owned business, Nokia, among other engagements, the 70-something Charan took time out for an interview with Business Today's JOSEY PULIYENTHURUTHEL AND SAUMYA BHATTACHARYA.