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  • The BT 500 listings for 2010 have had their share of surprises - pleasant or otherwise. Companies and sectors that were out on a limb till last year have bounced back.
  • Companies with unique business models got listed in 2009-10 and made investors rich.
  • It is a record year for IPOs but for how long can the party last?
  • CEO salaries grew in line with profits in fiscal 2010.
  • Eighteen years ago, the year in which Business Today got started, the first BT 500 came into being. It has a been a long - and consistent - ride since then, with value being added to the listings year after year.
  • The average Joes and Jyotsnas would have made a killing if they had bought shares worth just Rs 10,000 in any of these companies and held them for the long term.
  • How some of India's biggest and oldest business groups kept the home fires burning in 2009-10.
  • The brothers Ambani who have been an investor's delight for decades have lost the plot - for now.
  • Overseas buys that are beginning to work have helped create value in key companies.
Nov 14, 2010
BT More The eat feats

The eat feats

On the extreme fringe of concept dining are these three restaurants that ply you not only with great food, but also the most thrilling experiences.

The best whisky bars of India

Sandeep Arora goes walkabout in North India, and hunts out the best watering holes for discerning tipplers. The first in a series.

At the end

"There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession."

Pack em-right

It is no secret that much of the fun of travelling depends on the fine art of packing. No two places are alike, so what you pack should be appropriate, stylish and useful.

Travel as you like

The places that you would like to visit completely depend on the kind of traveller you are. Keeping this in mind, R Pallavi puts together a pick of the best places to go to for.

Track and wield

When it comes to buying watches, some people look for functionality, while others want style.

Social mores

Lamborghini's bid to cut down on supercar emissions are centred around a cunning ploy to fight fire with fire. Happily, looks alone can't kill.

Books that shaped my life

Sharat Dhall, MD, Tripadvisor India, talks about the books that have made him what he is today.

The Yak trail

One good road connects Sikkim to the rest of the country. This beautiful state and its people are enveloped in an air of content isolation, and are yet fairly cosmopolitan.


Is your 'better half' something of a man-magnet? Despair not, help is on its way.

Surround sound

The Leela Group's new Delhi property wants to strike the right note with its guests. So it's roped in Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan to create special music for it that's contemporary as much as it's classic.

Service with a smile

Four Points in Navi Mumbai targets leisure and business travellers with good room rates, free high-speed internet access and a spa.

Gyms bond

There are several obvious advantages to setting up a home gym. It's cheaper, the music is under your control, and most importantly, you're in charge! We bring you the ultimate guide to set up the home gym of your choice.

Fine tuning

Finishing schools are no longer the domain of brides-to-be and beauty pageant contestants. Corporates across the country are enrolling for etiquette training. Here's why.

Taking the high road

Long, dark, winding tunnels, high trestles spanning acres of virgin cedar and aspen forests and the beautiful Bitterroot mountains make this cornerof Idaho a biker's paradise
Food Flavours of India

Flavours of India

Oberoi Mumbai's Indian restaurant Ziya tweaks tradition, and experiments with cuisines from several regions of the subcontinent. Generous portions and a relaxed ambience make the restaurant a must-try.
Columns Faultlines and fortunes

Faultlines and fortunes

India has massive expansion plans for the nuclear sector over the next four decades along with 470,000 Mw by 2050. The enormity of the 2050 target can be appreciated by the fact that the total global capacity across 30 nations is around 400,000 MW at present.
Features Missing numbers

Missing numbers

Some financial sector reforms are yet to be cleared by Parliament, so don't expect any immediate action.

Green-collar jobs, the next wave

Obama's promised moves towards a more environment-friendly United States will shift jobs to India and create new ones.

Nuclear energy: N(o) deal

A virgin market in India presents the next frontier for nuclear plant makers but they have to deal with India's nuclear liability laws first.

Let's deal, Mr President

There's enough on the table before the US and India to transact on but don't hold your breath on any crackers during the Barack Obama visit this Diwali. Read more on Obama

Politics over business

Concerns over job losses caused by outsourcing could cloud long-term business plans for the US economy.

Handholding the hopefuls

Admission consultants are becoming popular in India among MBA aspirants.

E-Governance: Innovation rules

Village entrepreneurs thrive as governments falter on the digital promise.

A slow quick estimate

An inelegantly constructed index results in big swings in the Index of Industrial Production, making it not the ideal basis for swift policy responses.
Focus Etcetera


Recently, Google's official blog declared that the company best-known for its search engine is now working on self-driving cars or driverless cars.

'Flexible production lines are our strength'

Harald Krueger, Member of the Board for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, BMW AG, was in India recently. He spoke to BT's Kushan Mitra on how the company dealt with the economic meltdown.

'Leaders will need to be team builders'

Asia's new model of growth will require a new leadership style, believes Indranil Roy, Managing Director (Leadership and Talent Consulting) for Asia Pacific at Korn/Ferry International, the world's largest executive search firm.

Do VCs really add value?

The SKS spat

Former Barclays retail banking head Suresh Gurumani joins SKS Microfinance as CEO.

Most-watched Ads in September 2010

Numbers of note

38.63 mn The number of mobile phone devices shipped into India in the second quarter of 2010, according to IDC. It was an all-time quarterly high, having grown 6.3% quarter on quarter.

CEO Watch

India's and the world's most talked about CEO in October

Should microfinance institutions be allowed to set up banks?

Most respondents believe that microfinance institutions (MFIs) should not be allowed to set up banks.

Well said

"The manpower that we get, even if they have an MBA degree or an engineering degree, unless they come from the top schools, is not as qualified as needed" Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's Chairperson and CEO, on the lack of skilled manpower in India, in SiliconIndia

A mixed bag

We find out if Nokia N8 is worth it, camera and also test-drive Audi's big, bad SUV.

Betting on the future

While both forward and futures derivative contracts help reduce losses, the latter are preferable as they carry lower risk and are more liquid.

Decoding the Companies Bill

The Bill is expected to be passed by Parliament during the coming winter session. Here's a look at its broad contours.

BT 500 in 2030

A host of Indian companies, led by technology and FMCG firms, will be among the most-valued globally by 2030, argues Nirmal Jain.

The Global Wealth Pool

The last decade was tumultuous for the global economy with several equity bear markets and the collapse of housing bubbles.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

Nothing matches the rush of blood to the brain when you read super-sized success stories. Nothing tells the story of the Milky Way of densely-packed stars across India's business sky as vividly as our annual BT500 rankings.
Letters Readers' forum

Readers' forum

Here is what our readers have to say on our stories.
Interviews 'No change in governance structure'

'No change in governance structure'

The National Knowledge Commission chairman Sam Pitroda says the government has pursued e-governance exactly as it was told not to.
Special Bhagavathi Ana Labs: Never down and out

Bhagavathi Ana Labs: Never down and out

His dream is to build a self-sustainable hostel for at least 400 people afflicted with Down's syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes mental disabilities.

Intercontinental consultants and technocrat: Roads to success

Back in 1985, after becoming a Deputy Director at the International Airports Authority of India, K.K. Kapila decided to use his engineering and project management skills for own good, doing big government projects.

Veeda Clinical Research: A bridge too good

In just five years, Apurva Shah (left) and Binoy Gardi have created a bridge between pharmaceutical giants in the West and India's expertise in carrying out clinical research. And not by claiming to be cheap.

Gelixer CollagenPep: Bounty out of bone

The brand was new, the ingredient was not: many drug makers had been buying it from Nitta Gelatin India for their brands.

GKB Ophthalmics: A clear vision

Krishna Gopal Gupta, Chairman and CEO of GKB Ophthalmics is determined to become the preferred supplier to global ophthalmic companies.

Quick Heal Technologies: The virus hunters

Quick Heal today has revenues of Rs 100 crore, while its market is worth at least Rs 350 crore.

Camson Bio Technologies: Killer apps

Dhirendra Kumar's Camson Bio Technologies has a portfolio of 27 biocides, seven biofertilisers and 45 hybrid seeds including one for a watermelon that fits into middle class refrigerators.

Shree R.N. Metals: Balls of fortune

Jaipur-based Shree R.N. Metals (India) is on a roll. Its revenues have doubled from Rs 21 crore in 2007-08 to Rs 42 crore in 2009-10.

Aarvi Encon: Engineers on call

Today, Aarvi Encon has 2,200 engineers on its rolls, and only five per cent of its turnover comes from consultancy.

The methodology

It is not easy to handle 64,000 applications for 13 awards.

Sizzling hot

There is plenty of life in India's indomitable SME sector.

Assam Hospitals: Where doctors can be doctors

Excellence is often a product of disappointment. The birth of Assam Hospitals can be traced back to the frustration of a talented professor at the Guwahati Medical College.

Man Structurals: Education for all

As business has grown, so has the 40-year-old company's contribution to its CSR, or corporate social responsibility, activities. "In the last 10 years, the focus has got stronger due to the higher business growth," says Gaurav Rungta, Joint Managing Director.
Utility Breaking your fast

Breaking your fast

It is important to have a breakfast which is filling as well as wholesome.

A healthy spread

Stand-alone health insurers are making a mark, writing novel policies that cover everything from joint families to a visit to the dentist.
Jobs Looking alive

Looking alive

The animation industry is in good shape and hiring in a big way.
Money How not to lose interest

How not to lose interest

Deposit rates are poised to go up. tanvi varma tells you what this means for your debt investments and how you can get the best returns without much risk.

Picking tomorrow's winners today

In the second part of the series on celebrity investors' strategies, Sameer Bhardwaj tests Joseph Piotroski's method of picking unpopular stocks that have a high growth potential.
Technology A time for tablets

A time for tablets

So, should you think of buying one?
Book Pop goes the professor

Pop goes the professor

The IIM Ahmedabad faculty's wisdom is now available in good-to-read paperbacks.
People People business

People business

Starring Jay Singh, Co-founder of JSM Corp; Fashion Designer Ritu Beri; Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times; Actor Priyanka Chopra; Wilfried Aulbur, MD, Mercedez-Benz India; Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Kingfisher; and Cricketer Adam Gilchrist
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak with Vandana Luthra

Leaderspeak with Vandana Luthra

Here is a small Q&A with Vandana Luthra, Founder & Mentor, VLCC Healthcare.