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  • Will 3G and wireless broadband services change India like mobile phones did over the past decade? The answer, the telecom ecosystem tells us, is yes.
Sep 05, 2010
Letters Readers' forum

Readers' forum

Here is what our readers had to say.
Utility People, places and products

People, places and products

Here is a look at people, places and products doing the round these days.
Jobs Walking softly and carrying a big stick

Walking softly and carrying a big stick

America's move to hike H-1B and L-1 visa fees may push Indian tech majors to hire more locals abroad.

Resigning from your job?

The way you quit is as important to your career as your new job.
Book The reclusive brand

The reclusive brand

This book offers plenty of clues to the sort of person Ratan Tata would like as his successor, writes Gita Piramal.
Technology Binge on bargains

Binge on bargains

The highly competitive telecom market throws up a good deal a day, but picking the best can be tricky. KAMYA JAISWAL shortlists some tempting offers for you.
Money Look for the PE pedigree

Look for the PE pedigree

A small- or a mid-cap firm backed by private equity can be a good bet if you are considering long-term investment.

Short on success

Despite reduced risk in short selling and benefits to all participants, the Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme has failed to take off.
Features The writing on the wall

The writing on the wall

Education becomes the bridge to a higher class, as high-income households outnumber poor ones.

Rural dreams, urban reality

Urban residents are the most educated: around 51 per cent of households in the top 20 cities have at least one graduate in a household, against just 15 per cent in the villages.

Renuka Ramnath's giant leap of faith

The spellbinding tale of how the former head of India's largest private equity firm quit and started out on her own, against all odds.

India inc.'s rope trick

Less than two years after some of India Inc.'s biggest overseas acquisitions ran into the recession, the investments have expanded scale and scope at the country's top businesses like never before.

Bull Charge or Bear Hug?

After being range-bound for the past 10 months, the markets seem poised for a big move-but could go either way.

Jungle City

Will India's first planned capital in 50 years be another urban sprawl or a city of the future? Kushan Mitra and Money Sharma travel to the heart of India to take a look.

"Naya Raipur will be What Navi Mumbai is to Mumbai"

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Raman Singh, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons thanks to the deadly Naxal attacks in Dantewada and elsewhere in the state.

"We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation transformation"

Over the past four decades, SAP established itself as the proverbial 800-pound gorilla of the enterprise software market, despite competition from the likes of Microsoft and Oracle.

Game for growth

This mobile entertainment company and its young promoter want to keep doubling their score every year.

Spacation anyone?

India's wellness market is booming as international spa chains come calling and home-grown brands get ready for expansion.
Case Study Guest Star: The Oberoi

Guest Star: The Oberoi

The challenge now for India's leading hotel chain is to surpass the exacting standards that it has set for itself.
Corporate The elephant learns to dance

The elephant learns to dance

How the founders of Emami are ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation across two families.

Jindal vs Jindal... or Jindal plus Jindal?

Sajjan and Naveen Jindal are making similar moves in steel and power and may end up competing.

The TeNeT conundrum

The incubating arm of IIT-Madras is a clear favourite among wannabe entrepreneurs despite the fact that the firms it has hand-held so far have not made it big.
Columns Apps, services key to 3G success

Apps, services key to 3G success

Charging for services delivered on the network makes for lasting premiums even if it is a slightly more complex business model to execute
Focus Look beyond the family

Look beyond the family

Asian family businesses have to separate governance and management responsibilities, argues Kavil Ramachandran.

Man in the hot seat

In a rare interview, Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandrasekhar spoke to BT's Puja Mehra on making ministries accountable, e-governance initiatives and the Commonwealth Games.

Price triggers

The factors that affect the price or premium of an option are crucial to a trader's success in the futures and options market.

Review and technology

We check out a tiny Android device from SonyEricsson and Samsung's mint-fresh camera.

In the spotlight

HSBC'S Country Head and Padma Shri winner Naina Lal Kidwai, 53, joins the illustrious list of Indian professionals rising to the top in global corporations.


Here's how the colour filter glasses that ushers hand out at movie halls create the 3D illusion for you.
News Hello, tomorrow!

Hello, tomorrow!

The answer, the telecom ecosystem tells us, is yes. In India access to a phone service, 3G and BWA services promise millions and millions of Indians their first high-speed Internet and data experience.

Future confusing

What will the mobile device of tomorrow look like? Actually, no one really knows.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

I had my epiphany on a Seoul subway in 2004. All around me, young men and women rode to work silently, mesmerised by television programmes streaming live into their handsets.