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  • Senior professionals are heading back to campuses to turbo-charge their careers.
  • Most of the CEOs of India's top 30 companies that constitute the benchmark index on the Bombay Stock Exchange do not boast of MBA degrees.
  • Specialised MBAs are in vogue, but only the top-flight institutes offer quality and campus placements.
  • There are too few women managers to choose from. Will this change anytime soon?
  • With bank loans diffi cult to come by, lack of funds is proving to be a big hurdle between talent and aspiration - especially for economically weak students.
  • Indian B-schools are just about waking up to the imperative of doing research.
  • IIMs and other B-schools still gravitate towards engineers - contrary to the trend in MBA admissions globally.
  • BT and Nielsen listen in as B-school aspirants, students and graduates turn to the Internet in droves for counselling, sharing their experiences and improving prospects.
  • As the growing band of politicians with business degrees swells, the big question is: can B-schools contribute to the quality of governance in India?
  • The eighth BT-Nielsen marquee B-school rankings. And the story of the churn Indian management education is going through.
  • We listened to more people, increased the number of cities covered, asked more questions in this year's B-school survey.
  • It's been a big jump for this pioneer.
  • What ranking? This institute does not even have plaster on its walls. But its faculty and students sure have fire in their bellies.
Oct 03, 2010
Focus In whose interest?

In whose interest?

SEBI’s ban on the entry load has forced distributors to abandon mutual funds, triggering an exodus of investors from equity schemes.

The more the merrier

More private banks will go a long way in promoting inclusive growth, argues Sunil Godhwani.

The GDP blooper

The controversy over the government's GDP growth estimates has raised many questions about the reliability of India's macroeconomic data.

Review and technology

An innoavative phone, a fascinating web site and Apple's latest piece of software.

Well said

"Today we are thought of as people who can indeed do something worthwhile... thanks to at least one industry (IT)"- N.R. Narayana Murthy

DD's moment of reckoning

The Commonwealth Games is a golden opportunity for public broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) to move on to centrestage once again.

Numbers of note

2nd The ranking of NSE in Asia-Pacific, according to a survey of bourses by Celent based on trading volumes

Retro: Southward Ho

Marketers have known for sometime now the southern market's penchant for mosquito repellents, coffee, detergents and talcum powder.

We'll bring more creative capability into India: Alan Herrick

Alan Herrick, Chief Executive Officer of Sapient, the world's largest interactive marketing firm, spoke to BT's Kushan Mitra about how online marketing is changing its India growth plans.

'Our message is conveyed through marketing and branding'

Tom Kilroy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Intel Corporation, is a 20-year veteran at the world's largest maker of semiconductors.

BT-Ernst and Young deal watch

Biggest deals in the past 30 days as on August 30, 2010.


With Indian swimmers and weightlifters racking up more positives on the drug test results even before the medal count has started at the Commonwealth Games, the question that everybody is asking is: How does doping work?
Letters Readers' forum

Readers' forum

Here is what our readers had to say on our stories.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak with Wim Elfrink

Leaderspeak with Wim Elfrink

Here is a small Q&A with Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice President, Cisco Services, and Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco.
People People, places and products

People, places and products

Here is our take on people, places and products doing the rounds these days.
Careers How to get an offer you can't refuse

How to get an offer you can't refuse

Peer comparison is the biggest mistake executives make when negotiating pay packets with potential employers.
Book Perfect timing

Perfect timing

The book addresses the gaps in B-school education and provokes thoughtful discussions, says Bala V. Balachandran.
Technology One D too many

One D too many

3D TV will become standard over the next few years - in itself a good reason to hold out, particularly as goggle-less TV is also being developed. Should you buy a 3D TV?
Money Investing against the market

Investing against the market

Given their ability to balance risk and reward and contain losses during a downside, contrarian funds can be a good pick for investors.
Jobs What is worrying Indian CEOs

What is worrying Indian CEOs

Business heads in India are not yet ready to splurge on new markets, reveals a survey.
Features Affordable luxury

Affordable luxury

Members-only fashion websites are doing brisk business by offering deep discounts on high-end products.

Intensive scare

Hospital-acquired infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria are the latest target of drug makers and medical suppliers.
Columns An exercise in futility

An exercise in futility

There is no purpose in having a new code whose shelf life is going to be very limited. We are better off with the old Act, despite its frequently amended provisions

The Indian way of management

There is a downside to jugaad — it often leads to solutions which do not create lasting improvements.

Times of innovation

Solving India's problems presents management aspirants an exciting opportunity.

India has much to teach

Leading schools from around the world come to India to learn.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

We do not have enough teachers or engineers, but we produce so many management graduates that "MBA Pass" is becoming the lowest common denominator.