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Cover Story

  • Your response will depend on which gender you belong to. But you don't need a column to tell you that women are not as safe as you would like them to be in the workplace.
  • Organisations need to keep reminding everyone at work, including the top brass, that the office and the bedroom are distinct - and those who attempt to make the twain meet will pay the price.
  • Ads, soaps and reality shows claim to give people what they want, but they also give them what they - and certainly workplaces - don't want.
  • While women are capable of dealing with this by themselves, there is an even more formidable problem they face: Lack of an adequate legal remedy
  • Ambition can come at a cost, and it is invariably the woman in the workplace who pays the price.
Oct 17, 2010
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

Sexual harassment can be crude and overt or very subtle, but you know you are being sexually harassed when you experience it.
BT More Free as a bird

Free as a bird

There are time when you feel the overpowering urge to travel the way people used to before the advent of the all-weather road; by walking. And when you're doing this over the steep Dhauladhar range bang in the middle of the monsoon, you get much more than you bargained for.

Hirsuit pursuit

They say a man shaves some 2,000 times in a lifetime. Here's how to cut down on that effort while giving yourself a look that goes with your personality and chosen line of work even as it keeps up with fashion.

In the neck of time

As men's fashion goes the lean way, the latest victim to fall prey to the steady attack of miniaturisation is the collar. From shirts for the office to togs for a party, we show you the slimmest, sleekest and most fashionable ways to suit up.

Making scents of alchemy

Hit a tripwire of smell and let memories explode. Embark on an olfactory voyage to find the scent that suits you.

Shades that fit

From Aviators to Wayfarers, donning a pair of sunglasses is a sure way to fire up your style. Oh, and lest we forget, they also do a handy job of shielding your eyes from the sun.

Preparing to be Hercule Poirot

Besides all the heroism and adventure linked with private eyes- think fedora-wearing, suave, lady magnet-a lot of hard work and long hours go into the job. Hitani Kaur gives you the low-down on becoming a real life PI.

Social mores

One of the holiest sites in the world now has a hotel to match. We're talking about the swank new Makkah Palace.

Books that shaped my life

Rajeev Anand, VC and MD, Goodyear India, talks about the books that have made him who he is today.

No more sour grapes

India may have one of the world's smallest wine markets but it's also one of the fastest growing markets. Here's how you can help boost growth. Go hit the bottle.

Track and wield

It takes a world citizen to break the binds of time and distance, and a world timer such as this to do it in style. With a slight press on the button integrated in the crown at 2 o' clock, you can switch between two time zones.

At the end

"There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession."

Breezy style

Mercedes' cars are not just known for their sense of style. There's more to the new E-class Cabriolet than just the appeal of a drop down top.
Focus Most-watched ads in August 2010

Most-watched ads in August 2010

The churn in our Most-watched Ads rankings is a tell-tale sign of an economy in full throttle.

Numbers of note

Rs 76,544 cr The value of India's exports, which grew 22.5 per cent in August, driven by a recovery in the global economy. Imports grew 32.3 per cent to Rs 136,620 crore.

BT-Carma CEO watch

India's and the world's most talked-about CEO in September.

Can the global economy slip into a doubledip recession?

A majority believes that a double-dip recession is unlikely. And that also seems to be the dominant view across the globe even though the economic recovery remains fragile.

Well said

How to ensure easy settlement

Follow correct procedures to avoid roadblocks when making medical insurance claims.

Empowering the upright

Finally, the Central government is framing an overarching law to protect whistle-blowers. However, more needs to be done.

Say no to coercion

Land acquisition for industry through coercion by the State is not feasible in a democracy, argues Dr Amit Mitra.

Reader's forum

India's Best B-schools (BT cover, October 3) offers a credible measure of the quality of MBA education at top management institutes.


The US space research agency NASA has warned that solar flares in 2013 could wreck global satellite communication and knock out electricity grids, causing blackouts in major parts of the world.

'Customers must be retained'

Finally, an employee perspective on the Satyam debacle. Priscilla Nelson was the Global Director of People Leadership, while Ed Cohen was the chief learning officer at the beleaguered company during the crisis. The husband-wife duo spoke to BT's Shalini S. Dagar.

"Cross-border ownership issues prevent airlines consolidation"

British Airways boss Willie Walsh boarded a Kingfisher flight to India in August to solemnise a code-sharing agreement, which would allow BA customers access to Indian domestic routes using the Kingfisher network. Walsh took out time to speak to BT'S T.V. Mahalingam.

Retro: Gullible's Travels?

Retro: Gullible's Travels?

5 steps to here-The Sensex Yo-Yo

Features Battleground Lavasa

Battleground Lavasa

Is the controversy that has reared its head ahead of an IPO by India's first private-led hill station project genuine or just greenmail? Suman Layak reports from the ground.

From vadas to Forts

Vithal Kamat sells everything from vadas that bear his name to luxury heritage hospitality. This is how he did it.

Farmers in the boardroom

India's first farmer-owned private company gets ready to take its shareholders on board.

Power seekers

A rash of players - old and new, big and small - is chalking out plans to add huge capacities, but not all projects will see the light of day.

Sugar free?

A decontrolled sugar sector has a promising future. After petroleum products, will UPA-II unshackle sugar next.

Should you invest in gold?

With the highly-valued metal breaching Rs 19,000 in the domestic market, it is time to rejig your investment portfolio.

Does the money formula work?

Sameer Bhardwaj checks if celebrity investors' strategies for picking stocks are applicable to amateurs. He finds that Joel Greenblatt's approach works.

The importance of frugal engineering

Providing new goods and services to "bottom of the Pyramid" customers requires a radical rethinking of product development.

Fashion tries speed, on a bumpy road

As global brands find India both a market and a sourcing centre, the supply chain is also getting better, but very slowly.
Special The dragon rises

The dragon rises

China is no longer just a threat on the horizon for Indian IT and BPO firms - it is building scale with clinical efficiency.

Sitting pretty

IBM has an army of over 100,000 workers in India. That's only the teaser - tech MNCs today control nearly a quarter of the offshored business and they are growing fast, really fast.

The disruptors

HCL Tech and Cognizant could shake up the top five rankings in the Indian IT sweepstakes sooner than later.

The new face of IT

With outsourcing on the rebound, the Indian IT and BPO industry is in the midst of an ambitious transformation. Rahul Sachitanand joins the dots.
Jobs 320,400 and Counting...

320,400 and Counting...

That's the number of jobs created over the past three months, with health care, hospitality and real estate leading the pack.
Utility User-fee programs

User-fee programs

Kushan Mitra thinks consumers could soon be renting software instead of buying it.
Book Reading between the lines

Reading between the lines

Joint families have more young readers. And most teens would prefer a book to watching TV. Surprising nuggets from India's first youth readership survey.
Corporate Migraine, at work

Migraine, at work

You can't get rid of the condition but you can certainly keep it in check.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak with R.K.Somany

Leaderspeak with R.K.Somany

Here is a small Q&A with R.K.Somany, Chairman & Managing Director, HSIL (Hindware).
People People, places and products

People, places and products

Here is our take on people, places and products doing the rounds these days.