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  • Amit Tripathi, 35, had a passion for music as a young man and is still ready to sing if there is someone to listen. Ashwani Kumar, 41, on the other hand, likes to travel abroad and harbours a secret desire to explore every nook and corner of the world.
  • Given that Indian markets had gone through a boom-and- bust cycle in the past three years, find out how India's mutual fund pros manage your money - and deliver the goodies.
  • Soft spoken and calm. These are the two characteristics that best describe Apoorva Shah.
  • Meet Prashant Jain, the 42-yearold Chief Investment Officer with HDFC Mutual Fund. Jain keeps it simple and adheres to the golden rules of investing.
  • He is fanatical about waking up at 5:30 a.m. and hitting either the gym or the jogging track.
  • He loves squash. Half an hour of the strenuous game every day relaxes the 35-year-old Anand Shah, Canara Robeco Asset Management Company's Head of Equities, and fund manager for Canara Robeco Infrastructure Fund.
  • He is a Bollywood buff and loves to watch films. He brings the same keenness to his job as a fund manager.
  • Arpit Malaviya has been a sportsman - he represented Rajasthan in sub-junior hockey - and is not daunted by a punishing schedule that begins well before daybreak.
  • Ritesh Jain is an avid half-marathoner. But the 35-year-old Head of Fixed Income and fund manager with Canara Robeco seems to prefer the 100-metre dash as a touchstone for his investment philosophy.
  • If you thought fund managers were stodgy, obsessed with number crunching and poring through balance sheets, think again!
  • An adventure sports enthusiast, speed thrills Devesh Thacker. Supersonic jets, he says, fascinate him. Well, in his profession, too, Thacker has lived life in the fast lane.
Aug 22, 2010
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

Have you heard the story about Warren Buffett, the 215 millionaires, and the coin-flipping orangutans? It takes some telling and you will have to buy a biography of the Sage of Omaha to read it.
BT More My stuff

My stuff

Jean-Frederic Dufour, CEO, Zenith

The ties that bind

The knotty affair between a man and his tie started way back in the 17th century. Since then, men have collared their way to sartorial elegance with the help of the natty necktie. We take a look at the evolution of ties over time.

Inspired paring

A bread bar with an excellent wine cellar and a great Pan Indian restaurant to boot, Baluchi celebrates the diverse flavours of India in its own unique style.

Tables of content

Whether you're a serious collector or not, it pays to know your way around the world of furniture. There are some simple, but golden, rules that you should follow when assessing antiques. Irrespective of whether you're buying at auction or from a dealer, the same watchwords apply: provenance, condition and rarity.

Speed racing around the world

Fast cars, bikes and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.

Macro management

Madonna and Tom Cruise swear by it. So do a whole lot of healthy people around the world. For macrobiotics is not the latest hot diet fad, but a fundamental way of eating sensibly.

Do it yourself guide

Learn how to do daily things on your own.

Land of the snow queen

Often called the most beautiful sea voyage in the world, the Hurtigruten cruise lets you explore the fjords, the fishing villages and the food of Norway.

Private practice

It's about private passions in public spaces. As top restaurants entice epicureans with an intimate gourmet experience-the reclusively exclusive private dining room-we pick the hosts with the most.

Track and wield

Check the desirability quotient
Reviews Call me the breeze

Call me the breeze

If you're looking for the quintessential Harley-Davidson experience, the Super Glide Custom from the Dyna family is the motorcycle to have.
Letters Readers' forum

Readers' forum

Fortune in Farms Betting on Farms (BT cover, August 8) points to the shift in agriculture.
Utility Burning the candle at both ends

Burning the candle at both ends

It's time to get a grip on when your workday begins and when it ends, especially if you keep erratic hours.

People, places and products

Here is a take on people, places and products doing the round these days.

Leaderspeak with N. Srinivasan

Here is a small Q&A with N. Srinivasan, Vice Chairman and MD, India Cements
Book A creative mind on social issues

A creative mind on social issues

Out of the four volumes that are now available, this is the one that will be of most interest to the non-economist, says Bibek Debroy.
News End of the pixel war

End of the pixel war

Megapixels no longer count in a digital camera, image processors do.
Company Stock The money makers

The money makers

High dividend stocks have also outperformed the Sensex, making them sound picks.
Banking A new benchmark for lending

A new benchmark for lending

The new base rate will make lending more transparent, but it is unlikely to change the interest rates for borrowers immediately and will benefit them only in the long term.
Jobs Dial out for the specialist

Dial out for the specialist

Working from the outside is more fun, some HR veterans find.
Features Dentsu's expanding girth

Dentsu's expanding girth

He's the man the ad world loves to hate but Sandeep Goyal knows how to grab attention.

The immunity bug bites

India becomes a hot market for optional vaccines.

See how green we are

A small set of hotel chains shows that eco-friendly practices help boost profits, not just a caring image.
Columns Mumbai as an IFC? Think Again!

Mumbai as an IFC? Think Again!

Our governance systems are the relics of an era long abandoned - something I call "Sovietism". We are littered with 'para-stratal' organisations and undemocratic practices.
Special Living in a pipe dream

Living in a pipe dream

Mumbai is the country's commercial capital, but for the city to become an international fulcrum for finance will take a lot of doing.


You can buy into quality stocks and work for quality corporations in Mumbai, but what you can't get for love or money is quality of life.

Cities of gold

There's nothing wrong in aspiring to be a London or a New York, but Mumbai should first try to get close to a Dubai or a Beijing.
Mutual Funds Can you spot the retail investor?

Can you spot the retail investor?

Companies and institutions dwarf retail investors in the Indian mutual funds arena and there's unlikely to be a trend reversal soon.
Focus Rebooting Inflation

Rebooting Inflation

To better capture the price swings in the economy, the government will soon migrate to a new index to measure inflation.

In the Spotlight

Infosys co-founder and chief software architect N.R. Narayana Murthy has given his backing to the ascension of S.D. Shibulal, the current Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder, to the CEO's job sometime in the middle of next year.


Blimps are the latest addition to sporting events in India. The IPL contests featured blimps; the Commonwealth Games is getting a similar showpiece equipped with cameras and lights. So, how do these fish objects fly?
Interviews "We want to focus on user experience"

"We want to focus on user experience"

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist and Head of Yahoo! Labs, was in Bangalore in late July.
Reviews Review and technology

Review and technology

An ultra-light laptop with heavy-duty performance and an iPad competitor.
Insurance The cashless insurance row

The cashless insurance row

The spat between public sector insurers and big hospital chains has serious implications for over 30 million policyholders.
Policy Indulging the Big Fish

Indulging the Big Fish

Securities and Exchange Board of India's proposed new takeover code could skew the regulatory framework in favour of big companies, argues Uday Kotak.