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  • With a tight rein on costs, low cost airlines IndiGo and SpiceJet show their full service rivals how to make money in the airline business. Is this model sustainable?
  • Most of India's smaller cities remain on the fringes of the aviation boom. Regional airlines have been non-starters in India, unlike in Europe, the United States and even China.
  • Despite some marquee projects in the big cities, airports still stand for poor infrastructure. And that is changing far too slowly.
  • It is difficult to imagine India as an aviation factory destination. But if its civil and defence aircraft needs continue to grow, that could soon be reality.
  • The industry can grow by over 20 per cent a year-if key infrastructure projects are done in time.
Jul 11, 2010
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

You won't get the lounges with pile carpeting, deep sofas, canapes and laptop docks. You don't have the noise and to-do of Mamatadi's Duronto non-stop trains either.
Utility Big slip-up at work?

Big slip-up at work?

Acknowledge your mistake, learn and don't let it hurt your confidence. When you acknowledge a mistake, you are also sending out a signal: Not only are you aware of what you did, but are also equipped to deal with it.

People, places and products

Here is a take on people, place and products doing the round these days.
Features First the chicken, then the egg

First the chicken, then the egg

After successfully reinventing the chicken in the form of the Kuroiler, Vinod Kapur has developed a new type of egg— the Kegg. Will he succeed the second time?

Gumption or gamble?

After dominating the Indian market, this value-added services upstart wants to go global. But the transition could be costly and it will need to brave a fragmented and cut-throat market.

Waste king wants more

Ramky has emerged as a leading waste management company. Will a global footprint help it achieve its ambition of being a billion-dollar player?

But where's the growth?

The life insurance sector begins the task of wiping out losses that piled up over almost 10 years. But the focus on profits comes at a cost.

A big premium for India

Businesses — both domestic and global — are forking out big bucks for Indian assets. Could this be the silly season for valuations?

The importance of being No.1

The STAR Network of channels says it has emerged the largest in India, for the first time. But the big breakthrough will be if Rupert Murdoch's Indian operations can lead the country's media and entertainment pack. He's getting there, fast.

The workless worthies

Meet some ministers of state who are brimming with ideas and initiative - but could do with more on their table.
Technology How Google searches

How Google searches

Internet search has come a long way. And, it is just the beginning of a long journey for all; even Google.
Money Overlooking a bad show

Overlooking a bad show

Kamya Jaiswal considers if she should sell the three poor performers in her portfolio. Find out why she holds back two...

Black holes that gobbled up Rs 7,000 crore

Several funds have earned less than a savings bank account in the past three years. If you own such lemons, get rid of them.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak with Mallika Srinivasan

Leaderspeak with Mallika Srinivasan

Here is a small Q&A with Mallika Srinivasan, Vice Chairman, TAFE.
Focus The other Maran

The other Maran

Kalanithi Maran's ambitions have taken wing. The Chairman and Managing Director of Sun TV Network breezed into the aviation business recently, acquiring a 37.75 per cent stake in low-cost carrier SpiceJet for about Rs 750 crore, in his personal capacity.

Well Said

This 3G auction is a bonanza… a good part of it will go to trim the deficit and fiscal consolidation.

BT-TAM Most-watched Ads in May 2010

When a hardcore technology brand decides to rope in television soap bahus and their respective beaus to promote its family of processors, it had to have effect.

Review and Technology

This issue we check out the latest Thinkpad, and a great way to watch digital content on your TV.

Good idea, bad timing

Mandating listed companies to have a minimum public float of 25 per cent is the right step, but should it be done in the middle of a global downturn, asks Motilal Oswal.

Fission over N-Bill

The Nuclear Liability Bill has become a hot potato for the UPA government. We zero in on the key issues.

Tracking the 'green' stocks

Now for those investors who feel strongly about eco-friendly business practices, here's an initiative to help them track the performance of green companies on Indian stock markets.

Make volatility work for you

A new tool—derivative trading on the volatility index—for investors to reduce their portfolio risk.

Mukesh logs in

The peace pipe of the Ambani brothers is still warm, and Mukesh enters the telecom space.

"Huge potential in Indian Tier-II towns"

Mark Hoplamazian, Global President and CEO, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, spoke to BT's Dhiman Chattopadhyay about why it took Hyatt nearly three decades to put its India plans on the fast track.

"We are open to acquisitions"

The global CEO of market research company Synovate, Robert Philpott, spoke to BT's Shamni Pande on how it emerged as one of the leading players in India within six years.

How things work

Nobody could predict that an innocuous-looking plastic trumpet would evoke such strong reactions at the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Smoke Up, e-style

With smoking getting outlawed in most public places across the planet, no puffing in open country.

Mumbai drained out

The monsoon hit Mumbai last fortnight and Mumbaikars are not sure if they should laugh or cry.

Japanese Whisky

In 1924, Shinjiro Torii, a Japanese wine merchant hired Masataka Taketsuru, who had recently returned from Scotland and had become well versed in manufacturing its top product, whisky.
Case Study Haunted by the past

Haunted by the past

Ponni Sugars is desperate to grow and has the cash to do so. But the management needs to think big and change its mindset.
Careers Idea engineers, anyone?

Idea engineers, anyone?

Technology product and services companies seek out creators of user experience.
Special L.N. Mittal's Multibillion Dollar India gambit

L.N. Mittal's Multibillion Dollar India gambit

He's made tentative investments in the energy and steel sectors, via joint ventures and acquisitions, but the big bang will clearly come when the chairman of the world's largest steel company freezes his plans to set up a mega-steel unit in the country. So, what's stopping him?
Book Put this on your checklist

Put this on your checklist

A must-read for everybody—from surgeons to housekeeping staff—involved in patient care, feels Dr Naresh Trehan.