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Edition: October 31, 2010

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GE learns new tricks in India

GE learns new tricks in India

General Electric adds booster fuel to an aggressive India strategy with new ideas and a new structure.
Listen to GE CEO Jeff Immelt interview
Senior citizens can use their homes to fund their retirement years through the reverse mortgage scheme.
Ever since the liberalisation of 1991, and especially over the past decade, many big Indian groups have made big-ticket acquisitions abroad in diverse sectors.
Editor's Note
Jeff Immelt stepped into Jack Welch's shoes four days before 9/11. Even more than the legendary Welch, he has GE blood in his veins - his father worked for the company and he met his wife at the company.
Hamish McDonald's latest book on the Ambanis is engrossing fare but, at the core, it is an updated version of the banned 'The Polyester Prince', says Rishi Joshi.
Starring Tarun Shah, CEO of Sharekhan; Gaurang Gandhi, Founder of Pinc Group; Sanjeev Kapoor, Master Chef; Darshan Mehta, CEO of Reliance Brands; Tusshar Kapoor, Director of Balaji Telefilms Ltd; Giovanni Bisignani, CEO of IATA; U.K. Sinha, Chairman of AMFI; and Nishchae Suri, MD of Mercer
Leadership Spotlight
Here is a small Q&A with Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM.
Coming soon to a showroom near you.
The Vodafone decision, as expected, was appealed to the SC where the Attorney General reportedly wanted Vodafone to deposit 50 per cent of the tax demand of Rs 12,000 crore.
Retail and FMCG join the hiring rush, as ITES slips, reveals a BT-TeamLease survey.
The former film giant reinvents itself.
How Research In Motion plans to change the image of its devices.
In the latest Rajinikanth flick Robot, the Tamil superstar plays an Android robot called Chitti which looks, walks and talks like a human being.

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