Indians are increasingly changing to whole bread
Updated : Jan 21, 2023

Health-conscious Indians spending over Rs 800 a month on ‘good bread’: Expert

Move over humble sliced bread, Indians now have a wide range and variety to choose from and could be spending more on buying sliced bread than flour every month. Vinay Maheshwari, founder of The Health Factory has some interesting insights.

The history of millets in India
Updated : Dec 21, 2022

Millets and the journey of the grain in Indian culinary history

PM Modi has pushed the usage of millets in midday meals. Here’s the journey of millets in the Indian national culinary practice over time.

Money in honey! Can India become the world's honey-capital?
Updated : Nov 12, 2022

Goodbye sugar! With 240% growth in 10 years, honey is fast becoming India’s FAV sweetener

EXCLUSIVE| As the health-conscious Indian fast replaces sugar with honey, there’s opportunity galore for the Indian bee farmer. The honey industry is now worth Rs 3,000 crore. India produces around 1,33,200 metric tonnes of honey annually. The Indian honey market is in a rapid expansion mode, says Deepak Jolly, Secretary General, India Honey Alliance.

The cricketer also noted that the main focus of one8 Commune was to experiment with greens and grains and to convert them into healthy and light dishes with bold flavours.
Updated : Oct 13, 2022

Kishore Kumar’s Juhu bungalow is now a restaurant! And, the credit goes to Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli's new restaurant in Mumbai's Juhu offers vegetarian friendly menu and cocktails and has a light bar snacks menu.

Holland pancakes, a new dessert on the menu
Updated : Oct 08, 2022

Once a sales boy at a Mumbai bakery, this man will soon own 100 pancake shops in India

He has 99 problems, but making pancakes isn’t one. Meet Vikesh Shah (43), founder of 99 Pancakes – from a sales boy at a baker at age 16, he has turned entrepreneur and grown his business to 45 shops across India. He is all set to expand to 100 shops by 2024.

Korean kimchi makers are hoping the government's plan will at least prevent home-grown producers from losing further ground.
Updated : Sep 30, 2022

To tackle a kimchi crisis, South Korea banks on massive cabbage warehouses

Such is the sense of crisis surrounding the spicy pickled side dish eaten daily by many Koreans and central to Korean identity, that the government recently laid out plans to construct two massive cabbage storage facilities.

The Macallan The Reach was distilled in 1940 and crafted from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask. 
Updated : Sep 27, 2022

Sotheby’s shares photos of the oldest whiskey ever to be auctioned; check here

Connoisseurs can bid for the whisky, placed for auction on Sotheby's website, at a cost of 110,000 to 200,000 GBP till October 5.

Updated : Sep 03, 2022

Sweet Surrender: Why is everyone eating French macarons in India?  

Macarons are increasingly becoming a part of Indian weddings and gift hampers and turning into a sort of ‘statement dessert’. These jewel-coloured biscuits in their current avatar go back to the 1700s when they originated in French kitchens and slowly made their way to India via the Portuguese. The original creators of the French macaron - Ladurée now plan a fast expansion across India.

Tesouro is India's top bar/PC: Tesouro Facebook page
Updated : Apr 29, 2022

Colva’s Tesouro amid top 5 bars in Asia; four more in 50 best bars

The top-ranking bar in Asia is Coa in Hong Kong, followed by Jigger & Pony in Singapore, and Argo in Hong Kong.