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Feb 20, 2022
Leadership Spotlight Grant Thornton Bharat CEO Vishesh Chandiok on doing what's right

Grant Thornton Bharat CEO Vishesh Chandiok on doing what's right

Vishesh Chandiok, CEO of Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
Briefings Taxing Times

Taxing Times

Cryptocurrencies are going through tough times.

Recently Listed Tech Start-ups Erode Investors' Wealth

Data shows that shares of recently-listed One97 Communications, which operates Paytm, have eroded over half of the investors’ wealth against the issue price of Rs 2,150.

An Artificial Intelligence-Themed Fund for Investors

The recent past has seen Indian MF houses file draft documents to launch funds based on themes such as semiconductors, electric vehicles and blockchain, among others.

PTC India Financial Services Hit by Governance Issues

There is serious drama playing out at PTC India Financial Services.

Spurt in Cyber Attacks with Rise in Digitalisation

Advances in digitalisation and work from home have led to a sudden uptick in the number of cyber attacks that are costly and damaging.

LIC Races Against Time to List in FY22

Even as the tenure of LIC Chairman M.R. Kumar was extended by a year, FM Nirmala Sitharaman announced in her Budget speech that LIC’s IPO is “expected shortly”.

Reliance Posts Highest Ever Quarterly Net Profit

CMD Mukesh Ambani said, “Retail and digital services have recorded the highest ever revenues and EBITDA.”

Dolo Sales Surge in India

The routine antifever medicine Dolo 650 has gained huge popularity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic—starting with the second wave and continuing well into the third wave.

Rural Market Leaves FMCG Makers High and Dry

After carrying the growth momentum for over a year, the country’s rural market has left India’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) makers high and dry.

Now, 5G Battle in Airspace

Rollout of 5G for broadband cellular networks in the US led to flight cancellations over warnings that frequencies could hamper navigation equipment.

By 2025, India to Have 200 Unicorns

The Indian start-up ecosystem’s growth has quickened over the past one year, thanks to a combination of domestic and international factors.

India's Path to Becoming Electronics Manufacturing Powerhouse

The plan is to boost electronics exports from $10.1 billion in FY21, to $105-130 billion by FY26.
Spotlight N. Chandrasekaran: Chandra's AI Odyssey

N. Chandrasekaran: Chandra's AI Odyssey

For N. Chandrasekaran, the buyout of Air India must rank as one of the high points in his tenure as Tata Sons' Chairman.

V. Anantha Nageswaran: India's Chief Economist

V. Anantha Nageswaran, dean of Chennai-based IFMR Graduate School of Business, is the new chief economic advisor (CEA) in the finance ministry.

Tim Cook: Apple's Big Bite

Despite logistics constraints and supply shortages, Apple recorded revenue of $123.9 billion, 11 per cent up YoY in the October-December quarter of 2021.

Vijay Mallya: More Bad News

There seems to be no end to Vijay Mallya's woes.

Piyush Goyal: Exports, Yes, but Imports?

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal says $650 billion of exports for both goods and services within the current financial year is possible to achieve.

Reed Hastings: Netflix's 'frustration'

Netflix Co-CEO Reed Hastings has called the firm's lack of success in India "frustrating".
30th Anniversary Special How India Is Set to Make Strides Towards Holistic Learning

How India Is Set to Make Strides Towards Holistic Learning

The pandemic-induced education divide and learning crisis have highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in the way education is structured and delivered. with the national education policy outlining fundamental changes to existing models, india is poised to make significant strides towards holistic learning.

How the Real Estate Sector Is Set to Gain, Despite Covid-19

In spite of the pandemic rattling the economy, the real estate sector is expected to gain from remote working and a better regulatory framework.

What Needs to Be Done to Strengthen MSMEs, the Economy's 'Backbone'

MSMEs have been lionised as the ‘backbone’ of India’s economy. Yet they are always the hardest hit in a crisis. A series of concrete steps is needed to make the country’s spine much stronger than it is now.

After the Frenzied Fundraising of 2021, What's in Store for Start-ups?

In the midst of the pandemic’s woes, India’s start-up ecosystem shone bright in 2021. The frenzied fundraising, IPO euphoria, and landmark exits helped it smash all previous records. But now, it is time to look beyond.

Why the Next Decade is Crucial for India to Fulfil Its Emission Goals

India has committed to difficult targets for reducing carbon emissions despite not being amongst the top emitters. While that is praiseworthy, the next decade will test the path to reach that promise.

What Next for Smart Manufacturing?

Large companies have already got on to the smart manufacturing bandwagon. If that was 4.0, they are now gearing up for the 5.0 story.

How Tech is Disrupting the Stock Market

A few years from now, investors could use voice commands to trade in the stock market. Or, all investment advisory could be powered by AI/ML with zero or minimal human element. Technology and product innovation will be the constants, but what would these mean for investors and the markets at large?

How Covid-19 Has Opened up New Opportunities for Pharma Firms

Covid-19 has opened up new opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, private hospitals and medical device manufacturers in India, among others. India’s healthcare industry looks set for high growth momentum in the near future.

The Path to a $5-trillion Economy

Attaining the much-hyped GDP size is taking longer than anticipated. With several policy levers now in place, the target should be snared soon.

How Large Companies are Rewiring their Supply Chains

How large companies are putting together a robust supply chain to ensure business is not affected and also readying themselves for the future

How Blockchain Will Help India Take a Digital Leap

The emergence of blockchain technology is expected to boost innovation in many aspects of our lives through decentralisation and removal of intermediaries, providing India a unique opportunity to take a digital leap.

Electric Vehicles: Will Challenges Outweigh Opportunities in the Long Run?

All indications point towards large-scale EV adoption in the country in the near future. But will the challenges outweigh opportunities in the long run?

Welcome to the Augmented Reality Universe

Powered by state-of-the-art hardware and software, augmented reality will create a new, parallel universe of virtual objects, convenience and efficiency in the coming years

The Era of Super Apps

'Collaborate or die' is basically the mantra that the apps of tomorrow will follow. Is India ready for a China-like super app influx?

The Booster Budget for 2022-23

Despite being tabled just days before assembly elections in five states, the Union Budget of 2022-23 was shorn of big-bang, populist announcements, focussing instead on creating a framework for long-term growth. It is not about doling out largesse, but developing a robust roadmap to deliver on economic growth, demand creation and jobs

How Covid-19 Has Changed the Concept of Work, Workplace and Workforce

The pandemic has changed the concept of work, workplace and the workforce. As employers spruce up their USPs, hybrid and flexible work, mental health focus, and hiring from smaller cities and towns are here to stay.
Editors Note Trends that Will Power a New India

Trends that Will Power a New India

As we bring you this second, and final, volume of our 30th Anniversary special issues, we have chosen to take a close look at 15 of the top trends which would help power India to the global centre stage.
Luxury & Lifestyle How NFTs are Disrupting the Art World

How NFTs are Disrupting the Art World

The physical art world—from auction houses, galleries, museums to artists—wants a part of the NFT universe