Business Today Archive June 17, 2018 Issue

Edition: June 17, 2018

Cover Story

Retail Battlezone

Retail Battlezone

With e-commerce poised for exponential growth in India, the country is fast emerging as the new battleground for global retail giants. Can local players withstand the onslaught?

Editor's Note
The US-based retail giant Walmart is paying $16 billion to take a 77 per cent stake in Indian online retailer Flipkart.
Leadership Spotlight
"Work hard and never give up. That is the way to realise your vision. Self-initiative is the key to make changes happen."
Water-resistant smartphone cameras with 4k and superslow-motion video capabilities are strong contenders in the action camera space, although staunch adventure enthusiasts will disagree
The Buzz
The Narendra Modi-led NDA government has completed four years. Let's evaluate its performance on some key parameters.
Money Today

How to build a portfolio to match your age, lifestyle and income

The Hub

The RBI's move to clean up bank balance sheets has made close to half a dozen banks nearly dysfunctional. There is little hope of their recovery in the near term.

The Break-Out Zone
Interacting with humans, cobots will save time and money.
Sector Report

As banks and financial institutions integrate fintech solutions with their core banking platform, it's a win for both.

Special Reports

Public sector banks have a lot of catching up to do to engage with fintech players.

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