Business Today Archive October 7, 2018 Issue

Edition: October 7, 2018

Cover Story

Billions to Bust

Billions to Bust

Lessons from the failure of some of India's biggest business names.

Editor's Note
Over the next few years, a number of entrepreneurs, who had shot to prominence over the past decade and a half, will either have lost their entire businesses or will see their empires shrink dramatically in size, after losing many of their companies.
Leadership Spotlight
"The determination to challenge a paradigm is crucial. It has helped us create a benchmark for the aviation industry."

BT honours women who made a mark in business and created a social impact

The Buzz
After the rupee plunged to new lows against the dollar, having depreciated to close to 73, the government has finally acted by announcing a slew of measures to prop up the currency.
Money Today

Insurers are sharpening their focus on the speed of claim processes to enhance customer experience.

The Hub

India stands out on the global stage for fund raising through IPOs. The future looks promising too.

The Break-Out Zone
The sound output is great for the compact size and is good enough for a small indoor or outdoor gathering.
Sector Report

The aviation sector is facing headwinds as some airlines grapple to cut costs and others struggle to stay afloat.

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