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  • Plan your taxes well and you could save up to Rs 4,000 a month. Even if you aren’t a great planner, you can still save Rs 4,000 a year, thanks to the new tax exemption limits.
  • If you’re a woman earning Rs 50,000 a month, you will pay Rs 14,400 less in tax in 2008-9 without any tax planning. With investments, your income tax liability can come down dramatically.
  • You need not pay even a rupee as tax if you’re over 65, earning a monthly income of around Rs 25,000 and if you’ve invested the mandatory Rs 1 lakh in instruments that qualify for tax exemption under Section 80C.
  • Read the impact on stocks of nine sectors that are likely to be most affected by the Budget proposals. We also list out some of the stocks in each sector that you might want to consider buying or selling.
  • Service tax has come a long way from the time when it was imposed at 5% on telephone bills, stock-broking charges and general insurance premium. The tax rate has since jumped to effectively 12.36%, including the cess. This Budget has added four new services in the tax net, taking the tally to 104.
  • Cut through the clutter and confusion surrounding the Budget with this short, intelligent guide.Download existing slab rates (2007-2008)Download 12-month worksheet for calculating tax
  • Wonder how the budget will impact you? No more, read important impacts simplified.
Expert View Capability or resources?

Capability or resources?

The Budget has raised your post-tax income. How best can you invest this extra cash? The options are many and almost equally attractive—or so they seem. Our columnist takes your through the choices to prove why equities should be your first—and perhaps the best—bet.

Adding lustre to chrome

Rohit Ferro is in the right place at the right time. Ferro chrome is riding an unprecedented stainless steel rebound. The company's forward and backward integration plans make it attractive.
Stocks Stock watch as on Feb 27, 2008

Stock watch as on Feb 27, 2008

The small-cap universe is a treasure trove of bargains—provided you can spot them. Between the four stocks listed on this page and the one that Mudar Patherya analyses in detail in his column, we will track five small-cap stocks in every issue.

Essar Shipping performs well

Metal stocks gained favour due to rising global prices. Small and mid-caps are leading market recovery.

Solidity better than sexiness

Dipen Sheth lists some stocks that he would want to exit, and use the cash to buy relatively ‘safe’ stocks for the Zoom portfolio. Here are his buy and sell clues.

Divide and prosper

Demerging companies could bring a bonanza for shareholders by unlocking value. Money Today identifies 11 potential demerger stocks that could make you rich.

7 IPO sins

Initial public offerings had been veritable treasure troves for several years now. But the treasure seems to have turned into trash after the Reliance Power issue. But really, the fault was not of the IPO but of the investor.
BASICS Your own budget

Your own budget

The government’s annual budget keeps track of the country’s income and expenses. You need a family budget for the same reasons. Once you track your income and spending, you will know how much you can invest.Existing slab rates (Financial year 2007-2008)Income-tax calculator
Mutual Fund Gaining from emerging markets

Gaining from emerging markets

Tata Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund  provides two plans.  The Fund Manager's role is to generate capital appreciation by investing in stocks of infrastructure companies in India and other growing economies of the world.

New funds prosper fast

Relatively newer funds are among the best performing equity diversified and tax planning funds. In equity diversified, Reliance Regular Savings has delivered consistent returns since inception.
Brain Trust 'Invest abroad to diversify'

'Invest abroad to diversify'

Manish Bhandari, Fund Manager, ING Investment Management tells us how to act in a volatile market situation.
Insight Bargain buy: Camcorder

Bargain buy: Camcorder

Price is not the same as value. The most expensive product isn’t always the best value for your money. This section highlights the least expensive model in a product category. If price is of no consequence, check out the most expensive model. 
In this MT Issue Anywhere ATM

Anywhere ATM

You might have an account with a wellknown bank that gives you great service—but which has only a handful of ATMs in your city.  The lack of ATMs can be a limitation, especially when you see State Bank of India or ICICI Bank ATMs on almost every street.

Sculpt and earn

An art teacher in a school, Shiv Kumar, 33, sculpts to add to his income. Read his story to know how he manages it.
Portfolio Doctor In search of stable growth

In search of stable growth

This Shantiniketan-based couple must invest savings in equities for accelerating growth of their portfolio.
Real Estate Madurai: Real estate demand soars

Madurai: Real estate demand soars

Madurai, the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, is attracting IT companies. This together with investments in infrastructure has given impetus to demand for real estate in the city.
Sector Scenario Cars to the rescue

Cars to the rescue

In a new, more exhaustive version of Sector Watch, R Sree Ram examines analysts’ reports to find out why the automobile sector is no longer cruising ahead.
Technology Tech on wheels

Tech on wheels

The good news is that most of these fancy doodads are available in India. Here’s a peek at some of what’s available today.
Travel Substance over style

Substance over style

A club room is no longer just a larger space with fancier toiletries. At the same time not all business travellers need to check into one. Here’s how to decide if the executive floor is really worth it
Insurance Do non-earners need cover?

Do non-earners need cover?

All work has an economic value, which means homemakers and other non-earners also need life insurance. Here’s how to calculate the value of insurance.
New Business Opportunity in personal need

Opportunity in personal need

It was an idea ahead of its time. But Nisha Somaia's pioneering zeal helped her tailor a successful venture by creating western outfits for plus-sized women.
Financial Rights 'A company can't dishonour a contract'

'A company can't dishonour a contract'

Errabbi Bezawada tells you how he fought for his rights when a company reneged on a contracted repayment.
Now and Then Tax and income

Tax and income

Indians are among the most highly taxed in the world. But believe us, things are not as bad as they were a few years ago.
Talk Back Your story on young investors was eye-opener

Your story on young investors was eye-opener

The investment intelligence of youngsters is little known. However, as the story and the survey revealed, today’s generation is not blindly blowing up it’s runaway salaries. Instead, by investing early they have taken a jump-start in the process of wealth creation.
Editors Note From the managing editor

From the managing editor

P Chidambaram has raised your real income by cutting taxes and that will help you spend and save more in 2008-9.
Query Corner Where should I invest my retirement corpus?

Where should I invest my retirement corpus?

If you do not have any liabilities, Rs 40 lakh retirement corpus can give you a modest monthly income. If investments will be your only source of income, key concern should be preservation of capital.
Tax Will I have to pay tax if I withdraw PF money?

Will I have to pay tax if I withdraw PF money?

If you have been a part of a recognised PF for five years or more, the amount withdrawn will be exempt from tax.
Careers Soldier of fortune

Soldier of fortune

When an injury left him unfit for active duty in the Indian Army, Deependra Sengar cleared CAT to study HR practices and is now the chief executive of a hiring firm.
Books Tips for trading

Tips for trading

Understanding Stocks is an essential guide for those craving to make money in the stock markets. It acts as a tutorial for learning basic as well as sophisticated trading strategies.