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  • With the rupee buying far more than it once did abroad, more Indians are exploring home buying options overseas.
  • The $200,000 annual limit most probably includes the money Indians splurge on shopping abroad. Here’s what they spend on and where.
  • ...or an Apple or Vanguard. Foreign stocks and funds are within our grasp, if you know how to buy and where they fit in your portfolio.
  • Investing abroad is fascinating and can be rewarding too—but only if you know as much about the potential returns as about the probability and rate of taxes. Senior tax professionals of Ernst and Young take you through the procedural details and tax implications.
  • For over a decade, Indians have been global consumers. It’s time to take the first step to becoming global investors. We show you the options abroad.
  • With remittance levels going up to $200,000, a non-rupee account makes sense if you want to take advantage of overseas investments.
Jan 10, 2008
Stocks Doors that can open to profits

Doors that can open to profits

Don't scoff at this metal door fabrication company. Shakti Met-Dor supplies customised doors for use in IT, telecom, pharma and residential applications. And there’s a lot of growth in store.

Market Watch as on Dec 19, 2007

We scan dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.

Using idle cash to buy blue chips

Besides some new shares, our fund manager increases exposure to a few companies that will continue to be the engine of India’s growth story.

Oil, steel stocks perform well

Oil and steel stocks from a large chunk of high performers in the past three months.

Pick good stocks even if costly

One big lesson to be learnt from 2007 is that the market lurches from one emotional peg to another. This means you must buy with a good “margin of safety”.
Mutual Fund LICMF Children's Fund way ahead of the rest

LICMF Children's Fund way ahead of the rest

All top five balanced-equity funds posted over 50% return in 2007. LICMF Children’s Fund was way ahead of the pack among balanced-debt funds.

Contrarian view

Money Today and Plexus Management evaluate the Birla Sun Life Special Situations Fund and give you the report card.

Don't lose your balance

Your balanced fund may not be investing in equities and debt in the same ratio as you thought. It’s time you discovered its asset allocation mix.

'Stick to a simple investment plan'

Sandeep Kothari, fund manager, Fidelity Fund Management says, "In the short run, the stock market is driven by emotion; in the long run, by logic. So stay focused on the long term."
Sector Scenario A powerful story

A powerful story

Ask Securities is bullish on the power transmission and distribution sector and expects some power-packed performances in the coming years.
Portfolio Doctor Late but good start

Late but good start

Bangalore-based Anand Paladhi must invest all his savings in equities through mutual funds to maximise the earning potential of his savings.
Now and Then Public good

Public good

Let's take a closer look at how inflation affects your finances.
BASICS Financial resolutions for 2008

Financial resolutions for 2008

Follow these financial resolutions and watch your wealth grow. Money Today gives you easy-to-follow guideline.
My Idea Wealth from health

Wealth from health

A physician by profession, Tarun Sahni, 49, runs a sports academy on weekends.
Investment Learnings from 2007

Learnings from 2007

2007 proved to be the year of the investor, yet again. That’s three money-making years in a row. To give the pessimists their due, it did seem that the law of averages would catch up with the Indian investment scene.

Predictions for 2008

Here's a list of what we expect 2008 to bring for us in terms of investments, and finance in general. Take a look.
Editor's Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Combining high levels of enjoyment and income in a job is very difficult — if not impossible.
Insurance Insure your loan

Insure your loan

Structured mortgage insurance can help your dependents keep the roof over their head even if you’re not around to repay your home loan.
New Business Success on call

Success on call

From a sales executive with a directory service to the owner of one, VSS Mani’s is an instructive story of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
Your Wallet Bargain buy: Mobile phones

Bargain buy: Mobile phones

Price is not the same as value. The most expensive product isn’t always the best value for your money. This section highlights the least expensive model in a product category. If price is of no consequence, check out the most expensive model.
Expert View The shape of things to come

The shape of things to come

Vice-chairman and MD of Dawnay Day AV Financial Services tells us why investment in overseas markets makes sense and how to go about it.

Diaspora locations are good

Managing Director of Aez Group shares an interesting fact with Money Today, ever since the government allowed remittance of up to $200,000, the real estate has been the top overseas investment choice by resident Indians.

Making global investing easier and bigger

A certified financial planner tells us how diversification helps our investments?
Query Corner I wish to save Rs 20 lakh...

I wish to save Rs 20 lakh...

Congratulations to you on several counts. Firstly, you have a very clear vision of your financial goals. You will do well to start investing for these goals right away.
Real Estate Amritsar, an NRI attraction

Amritsar, an NRI attraction

The border city of Punjab has for long attracted NRIs as tourists (Golden Temple being the main draw) and as investors in housing. The 2004 trade pact with Pak has added a new appeal.
Talk Back Please suggest some good schemes for short and long term

Please suggest some good schemes for short and long term

It will be incorrect to suggest names of mutual funds without ascertaining their suitability to an individual's investor profile and financial goals.
Tax Will Esops attract fringe benefit tax?

Will Esops attract fringe benefit tax?

Yes, Esops will attract fringe benefit tax at the time you exercise your option of taking the stocks offered by your company.
Technology All that's USB

All that's USB

You may not have the whole world in your hands, but with a Universal Series Bus (USB) port you're nearly there. After all you can plug almost anything into a USB port now.
Travel On the right track

On the right track

Train journeys do not have to be noisy, cramped and dirty. Rail tourism has caught on in a big way among middle-class Indians and the Railway Ministry is now acting as a travel agent. We found over a hundred rail tour packages on offer, and culled out a few that show the better side of the Indian Railways.
Upfront Big isn't the best

Big isn't the best

Many of us have problems with our mutual fund agent — the dealer or distributor who mis-sold a fund. Can you change your fund agent without surrendering the policy you bought through him? Find out.
Books Basics of mutual fund investing

Basics of mutual fund investing

Using a simple style, this ambitious book aims to help lay investors overcome their fear of learning the basics of mutual funds. Though targeted at a US audience the book is useful to Indian readers too.